For those that are new to world of Warcraft, or those who have returned after a far-reaching break, you may be wondering just how to disable your helm. Yes sir a most reasons as to why you’d desire to, because of the aesthetic nature of her gear, or the you merely don’t choose your personality wearing one. One of two people way, we have actually you covered. Whether you’re playing sleeve or classic, review on come learn just how to hide her helm in WoW.

Retail players


If you a sleeve WoW player, hiding your helm is a little much more effort 보다 it once was. If you played a couple of years ago, you will do remember that there was a pair of choices in the settings that would disable your helm and also cloak.

However, this days, those options are currently tied in through the transmog NPC. These NPCs space scattered across the world, and are found in most significant cities. Because that a little price, you deserve to not only hide her helm and cloak, but adjust the figure of your totality gear completely.

When in a major city, speak come a guard and select the option for the transmogrifier. A tiny waypoint will certainly be put on your map, leading you to it. The questest means to get to a transmog NPC is to use your Legion Dalaran Hearthstone, and also visit the NPC there, close to the Enchanting trainer. This is what I carry out personally, particularly as a Horde player.

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However, if you desire a rapid reference because that the main transmog NPCs, we have actually compiled a list of castle below.

Warpweaver HashomStormwind CityA
Warpweaver DusharOrgrimmarH
Warpweaver HayriDazar’alorA H
Warpweaver TuvissDalaranA H
Mystic BirdhatKun-Lai SummitA H
Warpweaver TuvissLunarfallA
Warpweaver EzilBoralusA
Warpweaver JasorWarspearH
Warpweaver ShafieeShrine of 2 Moons, Vale of Eternal BlossomsH
Warpweaver ShalStormshieldA
Warpweaver FarshlahFrostwallH
Warpweaver RamaheshShrine of seven Stars, Vale that Eternal BlossomsA H
Netherguard TransmogrifierTelogrus RiftA

If you have a the majority of excess gold, and also wish to have actually an easier solution than running come the transmog NPC every time you gain a new helmet, then take into consideration purchasing the mount that has the transmog NPC attached to it.

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Classic players


For those who play on classic or Vanilla servers, you have actually a much much easier time. Every little thing you have to do is appropriate in the settings, and also can be done at any kind of time.

Simply do the following:

Press EscInterface OptionsDisplayShow Helm (or coat too)

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Personally, i quite regularly disable mine helmet, as I don’t prefer the watch of most of them. I prefer to see my personalities face, together I typically bond v my characters quite a lot, and it renders me feel much more connected to them. I also feel choose real heroes nothing wear anything to cover your face. The main exemption to this rule, for me, is if I achieve a really rare or awesome spring helmet. Because that the majority of the player base, I’d assume that they disable their helm just because they think the looks bad. There are fairly a lot of of disastrous looking models in WoW, but there are also lots of an extremely epic spring ones.

For Shadowlands, that looks favor the exact same transmog system will be used to hide equipment, just as it has been for the last couple of years. It’s unlikely to change, but with Blizzard’s track record for swapping things out for no reason, who knows. If the technique to hide your helm does adjust in the future, us will upgrade this article accordingly.