I can not discover a pause button in Terraria, is tright here one? If I push the escape vital, it simply brings up my inventory - I tried pushing different tricks, yet none of them seem to perform anypoint.

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You deserve to Alt-Tab out of the home window, or simply click out of it if playing in windowed mode, and it will certainly pausage gameplay. It"s hackish, yet it does pausage (you can likewise do this throughout loading, and also it will certainly keep loading).

As James has actually mentioned, this is single-player just. There is presently (and also I doubt tbelow ever will certainly be) no multiplayer pause.



Video Game paoffers automatically if you ALT+TAB to one more regime.

UPDATE: In Terraria 1.0.4 devs included the adhering to option pertained to pausing:

Added an choice that will certainly pause the game while talking to an NCOMPUTER or opening your inventory in single player. It defaults to off.



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