When girlfriend can′t to trust nobody approximately youAnd your paranoid cause fed"s constantly surround youWatching every relocate you make cause the next could be lastCan′t look come the future cause you"re too stuck in the pastI role late nights puff ... And causeSo lot pain in my heart that i can"t seem to let goHow have the right to I keep seeing all my homies gone?How deserve to I be solid when I′m out below all aloneThey can′t feeling me, feeling like my days is numberedGot me not offering a posesthe till I"m 6 feet underToo deep to pull earlier so my straps remain cockedIt harms knowing the your own human being want you to fallHow I survived in this cold streets, should be a godLiving life day to day up versus all of mine oddsIt′s therefore hard, every day however I gotta stay realWalk in mine shoes and tell me how you feel, yeahTell me how does the feel?Tell me how does that feel?Tell me just how does the feel?Tell me how does it feel?Come on, waking increase every night in a cold sweat, peeking outsideI think I check out some undercovers the end there peeping my rideI gained the work buried in the garden pits in the backYou action one foot inside that fence my young the pits gonna attackI think my phone tapped for this reason I only talk face to faceAnd never at the same spot various day different placeSee I currently caught the case, a couple in factAnd I currently been to prison bitch, ns ain"t walk backI obtained a camera on the porch 2 an ext on the backSo I could see the police coming or the guys try′n come jackSee my whole team strapped talk choppers and shitIn situation you acquire popped and wanna walk to talking the shitSee us exterminate the rats prefer pest controlI"ll find out how many bullets your chest deserve to holdNo snitches, simply real g′sNo artificial, only obtaining real cheeseTell me just how does the feel?Tell me exactly how does the feel?Tell me exactly how does it feel?Tell me exactly how does it feel?Real nigger shit, peep me the end lookI to speak tell me exactly how it feel, all my niggers dead and also gone orLocked increase behind the cell, castle ain"t never coming homeAll I perform is spit facts, i don"t ever spit falseAnd girlfriend ain′t a real nigger if you never ever took a lossI don′t create these raps I perform this shit up in my headSo don"t hit mine phone if that ain′t around no breadStill me young Thai ain"t a cursed thing′s changed2- 4"s on my reigns, bad bitches give me brainAnd my dude Jackie Chain obtained the web buzzingI was out hustling once you fake niggers wasn′tGot a execute it because that my children gotta make certain they thrive up straightMan, I"m in the money race and also I ain"t never ever running latePlus I do this because that the hood, fake niggers great they couldThe young niggers the I′m with, ain′t as much as no goodI"m a represent this block until a nigger top top topAnd hit the block every week and also going cop a brand-new drop niggers feelTell me just how does it feel?Tell me how does that feel?Tell me how does the feel?Tell me just how does that feel?