As time goes on, a when tight and also youthful buttocks can start to sag and also age, which may cause someone to desire to turn ago the clock and revitalize the appearance of their butt. A Brazilian target lift (BBL) is a plastic surgical treatment procedure that helps change the size and shape that the buttocks. In some cases, the procedure may also use liposuction to extract fat indigenous a difficulty area (such as your thighs or stomach) come inject right into the target to provide the desired results.

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Patients interested in a Brazilian target lift may be worried about the restore process. The backside is prominently connected in both sitting and laying down, leading numerous patients to question “When have the right to I sit down after a BBL?” review on to discover the price to the question, and other BBL restore tips.

Brazilian butt Lift Recovery

Immediately after surgery, patients will certainly wear a compression garment come help help the heal process. There will most likely be part swelling and bruising near the affected region, but they will certainly subside through time. Brazilian butt lift recovery can be a little bit of a sluggish process, as most patients room not able to return to occupational until somewhere in between two to three weeks after the procedure. You have to expect the entire recovery process to take about three months, as it will certainly take time for your body to totally adjust come the brand-new shape and size of her butt.

When can I Sit under After a BBL?

For best results, you should try to avoid sitting for about two to 3 weeks after the procedure. While this might seem prefer a lengthy time, the recovery time is to permit for the best possible fat grafting to occur. Part patients are able to sit down after only two weeks, yet most experienced surgeons imply that patients protect against sitting down for 6 weeks after surgery.

In the meantime, friend will have to lie down on her stomach or stay standing. The score is to avoid putting straight pressure top top the butt until it has totally healed, together too much pressure deserve to lead to unpredictable results. 

When can I Sleep ~ above My ago After a BBL?

While sleeping on your ago puts less pressure on your butt 보다 sitting, it is still recommend to protect against lying on your ago for 6 weeks after the procedure. In the meantime, you will have to sleep on your stomach or on your side. Individual cases vary, therefore make certain to speak to your plastic surgeon and also follow your recovery directions exactly in stimulate to attain the best possible results.

BBL restore Tips

You may not realize how frequently you sit every single day until you space told to prevent doing so. Right here are our BBL recovery tips to assist your recovery walk smoothly:

Be strategic about your toilet use
. Shot to avoid sitting under on the toilet whenever possible. While utilizing the toilet is unavoidable, try to limit the amount of time you invest sitting ~ above it.

Wear a backpack with a tennis ball in the while sleeping. If you role over ~ above your ago while you are asleep, you will get a nudge in your back from the tennis round that will certainly hopefully wake you up.

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Find a comfortable Brazilian butt lift pillow. As soon as you room cleared to sit down, you will require to uncover a pillow to assist you remain comfortable when sitting down. Make sure to discover a comfortable pillow the is portable and also is perfectly suitable to the dimensions of her backside.Get an innovative with your sitting positions. Over there are countless different ways you have the right to sit down without putting pressure on her butt. While many of these positions might look and feel silly, you should put her ego beside and try to obtain comfortable. Whether it’s sitting with a cushion under your thighs or placing paper towel roll under her knees and also along your earlier to store your buttocks elevated, experiment with various seating location in stimulate to discover the best means to relax there is no putting any unneeded stress, overload on your Brazilian target lift recovery. 

Schedule a Brazilian target Lift Consultation with Dr. Lapuerta

If you space curious about learning an ext about the Brazilian target lift restore process, you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Leo Lapuerta. Dr. Lapuerta is a triple-board-certified plastic surgeon with over two decades of experience serving patient in Houston, Pearland, and Katy, Texas. Throughout that time, Dr. Lapuerta has emerged a reputation as a Brazilian butt lift specialist, helping patients augment the figure of their buttocks and also successfully guiding them with Brazilian butt lift recovery.

During the consultation, Dr. Lapuerta will be happy to answer any type of questions you may have, together his goal is come make sure every patient is well-informed and also comfortable prior to agreeing to undergo a procedure. Contact Dr. Lapuerta come schedule a consultation today!