Ever wonder just how long your Digital watch battery will last? as someone v an unhealthy variety of digital watches, this is definitely critical question for me. Well, I’ve done my research, and this is what I uncovered out.

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How lengthy does a Digital clock battery last? A battery in a Digital Watch will last on mean 4 come 6 years, but can be together low as 2 years and also as high together 10 years, depending generally on the model of Digital Watch, and the lot the ago light and alarm is used.

You’ll discover that countless Digital Watches will advertise a details battery life, and also while that’s a handy general guide to occupational with, there are actually fairly a couple of factors connected in how long your watch battery will certainly last i m sorry are past the control of the manufacturers.

Factors effecting Battery Life the a Digital Watch

Let’s go into a bit much more detail about the various determinants that impact your watch battery life.

Model / design of the Digital Watch

As eluded come in the above section, no all Digital Watches sell the exact same battery life. The intricacy of the circuitry and the type of attributes on offer can have an impact on battery life.

For example, if a Digital Watch has actually a fantastically strong back light, then as beneficial as the is, the will virtually definitely use up an ext battery power 보다 a weaker ago light.

Another instance would be a watch that has complicated circuitry to facilitate a much more feature well-off Digital Watch. The added circuitry deserve to potentially use an ext battery power than a much easier design, and also sometimes require much more than 1 battery to power it.

In addition, there are some watch making manufacturers that simply do a better job of building Digital the town hall with lengthy battery life. The most obvious manufacturer gift Casio. This Digital clock making behemoth have actually a range of watches that boast a 10 year battery!

Back Light and also Alarm usage

The earlier light and also the alarm space two the the biggest energy draining functions you’ll uncover on the majority of Digital Watches. Together such, it makes sense the the an ext you usage those features, the shorter the the town hall battery life will be. The effect can be fairly dramatic. If you’re a heavy back light and also alarm user, you might potentially lower the battery life of her watch by a issue of years.

Battery age

When a battery is sit on the shelf (or sit in a brand brand-new watch prior to being bought), it will certainly slowly however surely lose power. Granted, it’s not a fast process. The takes as much as 10 years because that the clock battery to shed all it’s power. However, if friend inadvertently buy a 5 year old battery, it’s obviously going to die a lot much faster than a 1 year old battery would. Batteries come with “Best Before” dates, so store an eye ~ above them.

Watch age

A brand brand-new watch has actually fresh new parts and also fresh brand-new circuits, all performing at optimal efficiency, but as your watch ages the parts and also circuits gradually degrade and also tend to drain more power from the battery. In older Digital Watches friend can often see a diminish in battery life that anywhere form 25% come 40%.

Water damage and also corrosion

Water damages is never great for a watch. Water in the watch and also subsequent corrosion will certainly most definitely effect battery life, not to mention the correct functioning of her watch in general. A quick tip if you obtain water damages in your watch is to placed the clock in a closeup of the door container full of salt that uncooked rice overnight. The salt or uncooked rice absorbs the moisture out of the watch very efficiently. After ~ that, it’s also a an excellent idea to have your friendly community watch repairer take a look come make certain there’s no lasting damage.

Do Digital watches last longer than Analog watches on the exact same battery?

So allows say you have precisely the same type of battery in two different watches – one Analog Watch and also a Digital Watch. The batteries are the same age and the watches space both in an excellent condition. Which watch is walk to critical longer? The basic answer right here is that the Digital watch is more likely to last much longer than the Analog watch. When an Analog Watch has actually gears and also moving parts that execute a good job that draining the battery, a Digital Watch generally has no relocating parts in ~ all, and also therefore uses less battery strength for simple operation.

To get in a little much more detail, the biggest battery drainer because that a Digital Watch tends to it is in the crystal oscillator – i.e. The component of the watch the vibrates the quartz crystal to control the time. The other parts that the watch require minimal battery power to operate. Analog Watches additionally have a decision oscillator which outcomes in the same far-reaching drain on battery power, however as I stated above, they also come v battery draining gears and moving parts. So you can see that at a basic design level, Analog city hall are developed to require an ext battery to run than Digital Watches.

However, once again, if we take into account the other variables the can effect battery life, like how frequently the user operates the ago light or alert on a Digital Watch, the an outcome can readjust significantly. So if we have a Digital Watch through a heavily used ago light, it could easily end up with a much shorter battery life than an Analog clock that’s no overused.

In the end though, that does tend to it is in the Analog Watch selection that will lose battery power much faster than Digital Watches, however you’ll just need to be aware of exactly how the method you use your watch can effect battery life.

Which Digital Watches have the longest battery life?

As I’ve mentioned, Digital city hall in basic are quite effective in their use of battery power. However, part Digital the town hall are an ext efficient than others.

Casio have a large range that Digital Watches that boast a 10 year battery life through normal use. That’s pretty spectacular, and definitely worth a look.

The Casio AE1200WHD-1A – otherwise recognized as the “Casio Royale” due to it’s similarities to the Digital clock worn by James bond in Octopussy – is one of the much more interesting Casio 10 Year Battery watches you’ll find.

There’s likewise the hugely well-known Casio W-800H-1AV Digital Watch, i m sorry is rumored to it is in the most popular watch ~ above Amazon.

There’s also an Analog Digital Watch, the Casio AW-80-7AV which, even with it’s analog moving parts still comes v a 10 year battery life! Casio definitely know what they’re law in this arena. I’ve really just scratched the surface ar with the selection of 10 year battery Casio’s, so carry out yourself a favor and also research what they have on offer.

You additionally have the option of completely skipping the totality “battery life” conflict by walking out and also buying a solar powered digital watch. You’ll still ultimately have to adjust the rechargeable cell in her solar watch as well, but that can potentially no be compelled for decades, so you’ll have time to prepare yourself!

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How long does a digital watch last? Depending top top the develop quality, a fairly well looked after Digital Watch can last for years with minimal servicing required past the sometimes battery change.

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Does preventing a watch conserve the battery? Stopping an Analog clock by pulling the end the crown will conserve battery power. Digital the town hall don’t have actually a crown or something equivalent and also therefore this battery saving method wouldn’t be possible on a Digital Watch.