I"ve paid the blood fee: the $30, for a factivity readjust on among my toons. Been waiting for... virtually 3 hours currently. Logged in, no token yet for adjust. Checked Bnet account, still states it"s queued.How long does it usually for a faction change to actually happen?

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took about 15 mins earlier on this evening, sorted it out, cooked some food, and as soon as I gained ago to comp was factivity / realm readjusted.
Really? This evening? And yet, I"m at 3 hours of queued now? Jeesh. Must"ve been a ton of world paying for solutions prior to I gained in line.
Depends on as soon as you did the swap. I recognize it all relies on how backlogged the mechanism is with requests. Mine have actually ranged from 15mins to nearly fifty percent a day prior to.
Really? This evening? And yet, I"m at 3 hours of queued now? Jeesh. Must"ve been a ton of civilization paying for solutions before I obtained in line.
Depends on payment business.I once waited a week for my iDeal business and also then i heard iDeal have the right to bug occasionally and you have to take call through Blizzard.
Depends on payment service.I when waited a week for my iDeal business and also then i heard iDeal deserve to bug periodically and also you have to take contact through Blizzard.
Yeah this as well. When I pay for WoW stuff (WoW time, factivity swap, transfers, etc) through PayPal it takes a little much longer than if I simply usage the PayPal delittle card. Go figure.

I"ve had it take everywhere from 5 minutes as much as almost 24 hrs once the mechanism was busy (proactivity, complimentary transfers, etc).
I"ve transferred and also faction readjusted a ton of times over the years and also it"s constantly been within 15-20 minutes for me. I constantly thought it was based on payment method bereason the moment I acquired the alert from my bank that a transactivity took location, I gained the notice email from Blizzard that it was complete (always provided my individual bank, no external payment methods)
There"s a delay on ALL character services at the minute. This cannot be accelerated or expedited by GMs unfortunately, I already tried yesterday.Just have to wait it out.
My wife simply moved and faction changed her 2nd priest to our various other guild and also it took 18 minutes, possibly it"s a regional thing? We"re in QC.
The hold up might be your payment approach. In concept it relies on how many kind of researches in queue tright here are, however I"ve never had a passist business take longer than 15 minutes.
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When I factivity adjusted prior to, it was literally Pay -> Go on WoW -> Option available.But I do not recognize around the current ones, because this was a year or 2 back I did my last factivity change.
I"d assume anywhere from a couple minutes to 24 hrs. It most likely counts on your payment technique, and just how many kind of there are going on, but many likely the payment technique, more than anypoint else.
Are you transferring to Horde or to Alliance? Blizzard favoritism being what it is, transfers to Horde are always encountered much quicker than transfers to Alliance.

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Go amethod.It definitely depends on your payment approach, in my situation Paypal takes longer to process than a debit/credit card or pre-loaded balance. Also, apparently earlier this week bereason of the Bnet maintenance worries plus a power outage, they are still a little sluggish in certain phelp features.