Among the arrays of muskmelons, cantaloupes space undoubtedly amongst the most popular ones.

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They are not just delicious but extremely nutritious and also healthy.

Cantaloupes are among the juiciest fruits. They room usually orange in color, comparable to persimmons.

Cantaloupes are readily available in grocery stores. You can also grow castle in your kitchen garden conveniently.


If you’ve ever come throughout cantaloupes or room a first-time cantaloupe buyer, you might wonder: just how long does cantaloupe last?

Or, probably you’ve get an impression a ton that cantaloupes in your kitchen garden. And also now you’re wondering just how to store them well so you deserve to enjoy the fruit as long as friend can.

If these situations sound comparable to you, you have landed top top the appropriate page.

In this article, we’ll talk about everything around the shelf life the cantaloupes.

If you desire to learn much more about the right ways to keep cantaloupes, just how long they last, and how to tell if your cantaloupes have turned bad, check out on.

How lengthy Does Cantaloupe Last? walk Cantaloupe walk Bad?

The shelf life of cantaloupe relies on various factors, together as exactly how they were stored when they to be picked or exactly how they were grown.

If you flourish your very own cantaloupes, that’s an included benefit.

However, if you acquisition cantaloupes from the grocery store, look the end for the people with vast cracks, bruises, or discolorations.


It is ideal to protect against such cantaloupes if you want to maintain longer shelf life.

Just like any kind of other food product, cantaloupes also turn poor at some allude in time.

However, due to the fact that they nothing come with best prior to dates, you might use the day of acquisition to identify their shelf lives.

To comment on the shelf life that cantaloupes more precisely, let’s very first talk around whole cantaloupes.

Whole cantaloupes usually have a longer shelf life as contrasted to chopped/ sliced cantaloupes.

It is so since whole cantaloupes continue to be covered by your protective outer skin.

Whole cantaloupes usually have a shelf life of approximately five to seven days once kept outside the refrigerator.

If girlfriend refrigerate her cantaloupe, it may extend its shelf life approximately twelve days.

When it involves sliced cantaloupe, it have the right to last just for about three to 4 hours end the counter.

Thus, if you want to rise the shelf life, constantly make sure to store sliced cantaloupes in the refrigerator. Sliced cantaloupes in the fridge might last as much as a week.

You can additionally choose to freeze her cantaloupes to further expand their shelf lives.

Cantaloupes have the right to retain your optimal high quality in the freezer up to a year. Because that freezing her cantaloupes, make sure to reduced them right into smaller pieces.

Place the sliced cantaloupes in an airtight container or freezer bags to save them in the freezer.

But remember, s cantaloupe will certainly be darker in shade and additionally softer than regular cantaloupes. However, your taste will remain the same.

How to Tell if Cantaloupe Is Bad? Cantaloupe Shelf Life!

Signs of poor cantaloupe room pretty obvious. Friend don’t even need to taste it.

You have the right to simply call by the looks and also smell of the if her cantaloupe has turned bad.

As claimed earlier, do not to buy cantaloupes with bruises from the store.

These space usually indications of overripe cantaloupes. Overripe cantaloupes will have a shorter shelf life 보다 ripe cantaloupes.


Bad cantaloupes develop signs the spoilage both inside and also out. Let’s an initial discuss the spoilage of entirety cantaloupes.

Then move on to sliced cantaloupes.

When it concerns whole cantaloupes, it establishes bruises and also discoloration during the at an early stage stage of transforming bad.

These bruises keep dispersing until the totality cantaloupe turns bad. One more sign the spoilage is the cantaloupe losing its shape and also becomes also soft.

Also, friend may notice the juice the the fruit leaking exterior its outer layer. Friend may also look the end for a readjust in color and smell.

Bad cantaloupe becomes darker in color and additionally gives turn off a foul odor.

Sliced cantaloupes additionally turn extremely mushy and also soft as soon as they revolve bad.

If did you do it come across bad avocados and kiwi with molds top top them, you can expect the same sight on bad cantaloupes.

Sliced cantaloupes develop some kind of fungal growth, i beg your pardon is normally fuzzy and also white in color.

These room clear signs that you must discard the sliced cantaloupes. Sliced cantaloupes that have turned negative will additionally develop a foul, tart odor.

On the other hand, if you discover a cantaloupe the is past its prime, but there space no clear indicators of spoilage, you nothing necessarily have to discard it.

Just double-check the cantaloupe thoroughly, and also you can try turning it into a puree and delicious smoothies.


Cantaloupes space members that the gourd family, similar to pumpkins, cucumbers or squashes.

They are extremely versatile and also can be supplied in various recipes.

Whether you desire to snack top top cantaloupe bread or slurp part delicious cantaloupe smoothies and soup, you can never run out of choices with this juicy fruit.

However, once you purchase them native the keep or choose them up from her garden, make certain to keep them well.

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You can store whole cantaloupes in the kitchen cabinet in ~ room temperature or cut them and also store them increase in the refrigerator.