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Frequently asked questions around Feedback
What must I execute if I have actually a difficulty via a buyer? How do I protect myself from buyers that do not follow neurosoup.org policies, and what is neurosoup.org doing to protect me? Now that Mutual Feedearlier Withdrawal no longer exists, is it still feasible for buyers to adjust or withattract their Feedback? I received unfair Feedago. Will you rerelocate it? When need to I leave Feedback? Buyers and sellers have to leave Feedago within 60 days after the listing ends. Sellers are urged to leave Feedago as soon as payment is obtained (or has actually cleared). That will certainly start the Feedearlier procedure off on a great note. Buyers must wait to leave Feedago for sellers until after they obtain the item. If the item doesn"t arrive, the buyer must double-inspect the shipping time in the item description and contact the seller if the package is clearly late. If the seller sent out a tracking number, the buyer need to check with the carrier to view once the item have to arrive. It"s necessary to take these actions prior to leaving Feedearlier. What need to I consider before rating a seller"s performance? In basic, here"s what you have to be reasoning around as soon as leaving Feedearlier for a seller: Did you acquire what you were expecting, based on the item description? Was the item packaged as necessary (to proccasion damages in the time of shipping)? Did the seller ship the item within the timeframework suggested in the listing? (Remember that international shipments may be topic to added delays.) Were the shipping and managing expenses reasonable? If you connected with the seller, were your questions or comes to addressed? Did the seller respond within a reasonable amount of time? Why are buyers that receive unphelp item strikes allowed to leave Feedback? Because we don"t recognize once a buyer has actually phelp, buyers are allowed to proceed utilizing neurosoup.org as they normally would, and also that consists of leaving Feedearlier. However before, neurosoup.org will rerelocate any neutral or negative Feedback left by the buyer in any of these cases: The buyer does not respond to the unphelp item procedure. The response shows that the buyer isn"t complying with neurosoup.org guidelines (for example, the buyer ended up purchasing the item somewhere else). The buyer ends up getting suspended for the unpassist item or a various policy violation. Back to top
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