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Frequently request questions about Feedback
What must I perform if I have actually a difficulty with a buyer? exactly how do I defend myself from buyers that don"t follow neurosoup.org policies, and also what is neurosoup.org act to protect me? currently that mutual Feedback withdrawal no much longer exists, is it still feasible for buyers to change or retract their Feedback? I received unfair Feedback. Will certainly you eliminate it? When have to I leaving Feedback? Buyers and also sellers should leave Feedback in ~ 60 job after the listing ends. Sellers are motivated to leaving Feedback as soon as payment is got (or has actually cleared). That will begin the Feedback process off top top a great note. Buyers need to wait to leaving Feedback because that sellers until after they receive the item. If the item doesn"t arrive, the buyer have to double-check the shipping time in the items description and contact the seller if the parcel is plainly late. If the seller sent a tracking number, the the person who lives should examine with the transport to see when the item need to arrive. It"s important to take these steps before leaving Feedback. What need to I consider prior to rating a seller"s performance? In general, here"s what you should be thinking about when leave Feedback for a seller: did you get what you were expecting, based on the article description? to be the item packaged as necessary (to prevent damage during shipping)? did the seller delivery the item in ~ the timeframe shown in the listing? (Remember that international shipments might be topic to extr delays.) were the shipping and handling costs reasonable? If you connected with the seller, were your concerns or concerns addressed? walk the seller respond within a reasonable lot of time? Why are buyers who obtain unpaid items strikes allowed to leaving Feedback? because we don"t understand when a buyer has actually actually paid, buyers are allowed to continue using neurosoup.org as they typically would, and also that has leaving Feedback. However, neurosoup.org will remove any kind of neutral or negative Feedback left through the the person who lives in any kind of of these cases: The buyer doesn"t respond to the unpaid article process. The solution indicates that the buyer isn"t following neurosoup.org indict (for example, the buyer ended up purchasing the item somewhere else). The the person who lives ends up gaining suspended for the unpaid items or a various policy violation. back to top
Feedback basics
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Feedback tools
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Read a keep in mind from neurosoup.org"s founder, Pierre Omidyar, outlining the philosophy, values, and also benefits the the Feedback Forum.