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Dedotated Wam is a mispronunciation of the expression "dedicated RAM," which was originally mispronounced by a young fan throughout a panel at the Minecon 2013 Minecraft conference. The video clip of the mispronunciation inspired many remixes on YouTube.

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On November 2nd, 2013, YouTuber ZodiaxEU<1> uploaded a video clip titled "Dedotated Wam?" which functions a young boy, figured out as Superkai64<2>, attfinishing Minecon 2013 on November 2nd, 2013. He asks a panel what the "dedotated wam" is required for his Minecraft server, obviously mispronouncing "dedicated RAM." As of July 2014, the video has gained over 51,000 views.


On December 13th, 2013, YouTuber "kettleonwater"<3> uploaded a video titled "The Horrors of Dedotated Wam" which attributes the original clip edited so Superkai64 appears demonic. Below is a 2016 re-uppack of the video as the uploader"s previous account was terminated. The original video garnered over 44,000 views as of July 2014 (mirror presented below)

On February 22nd, 2014, a Facebook page<4> titled Dedotated Wam was created.

On March second, 2014, YouTuber Will Murray<5> uploaded a video clip titled Dedotated Wam Dubstep Remix. As of July 2014, the video has actually got over 18,000 views.

On June 2first, 2014, YouTuber PancakePvP<6> uploaded a video clip featuring an intercheck out with Superkai64. Within a month the video gained over 6,000 views. The video has actually since been no longer easily accessible because of unwell-known reasons. However before, many kind of interviews via SuperKai64 have been performed since.

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