They’re no the easiest pet come own, and they do need details care depending upon their distinct needs.

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Piranhas deserve to live for 5–15 years, so maintaining them is a commitment, and you must be well conscious of the responsibility and also costs.

This article will cover all the expenses you may confront so that you won’t be shocked by the numbers along the way and can make an educated decision around keeping piranhas.


How much Do Piranhas Cost?



A piranha’s price have the right to vary commonly from $5 to $650 or more depending on their species, size, and also seller.

On average, however, a piranha costs in between $10 and $70.

You have the right to usually buy a group of 10 piranhas for approximately $100–$200.

If you want to construct an aquarium native scratch, you’ll have to account because that the tank’s early stage cost, decorations, plants, and other equipment.

Plus, there will certainly be ongoing food costs, which count on the variety of fish you have and what you’ll feed them.

Shipping costs, permits, and some various other things may rise your bill, too.


1. Red-Bellied Piranha



The Red-Bellied Piranha has a voracious appetite and loves fresh meat.

They hunting in large groups, and they have actually sharp teeth.

Sometimes, they make sounds comparable to dog barks!

Depending ~ above the piranha’s breed, your price may range from as low together $5 come as much as $70.

A juvenile piranha that’s about three-quarters of one inch deserve to cost in between $10 to $30.

As lock grow, the price go up.

For example, a five- or six-inch piranha is approximately $90.

Red-bellied piranhas space schooling fish, and also they like to live in groups.

A institution of 10 tiny piranhas will cost about $80–$120.


2. Black Piranha



The black Piranha, also known together the Red-Eye piranha, is another range you’ll frequently find in aquariums.

Unlike the Red-Bellied Piranha, the black Piranha is a solitary fish, so preferably, you must buy simply one.

Baby black piranhas that have grown one or two inches cost approximately $30. Bigger people will expense more, v a 10-inch black color piranha walking for roughly $650.


3. Hollandi Piranha



The Hollandi piranha is one more solo piranha frequently kept together a pet.

They’re quite aggressive, and also they mainly eat live or frozen food.

A 2.5-inch Hollandi piranha is marketed for $30.


4. Wimple Piranha



Wimple piranhas are beautiful fish the don’t grow very large, making them perfect for smaller sized aquariums.

They prosper up to four inches, and also they live in schools.

You have the right to buy a Wimple piranha that’s approximately two inches for $20–$30.


5. Marginatus Piranha



The Marginatus piranha is just one of the many expensive varieties on this list.

You need to pay $100 for a two- or three-inch Marginatus piranha.

They’re omnivorous fish who favor to eat plants, and they love to continue to be in the dark.


6. Ternetzi Piranha



The Ternetzi Piranha is a rare, beautiful, and also tough species.

The babies are really hard to catch, for this reason you most likely can’t to buy a small one.

A four-inch Ternetzi costs around $60.

They’re active schooling fish, and they thrive up to seven inches.


Factors that affect the expense of a Piranha



Here room the many important components that determine a piranha’s price tag:


1. Size

Piranhas often tend to cost much more when they’re fully grown.

Some that them thrive up to 20 inches, however it’s rare to find such big fish for sale.

They flourish rapidly once they’re tho young, however their growth slows under after around seven months.

Although it may be nice to obtain a big and beautiful fish ready for display, elevating a fry and also watching it thrive can be a wonderful experience.

This way, you’ll acquire a chance to bond with your fish and also enjoy having actually it because that a really long time.

Plus, you’ll pay much less!


2. Species

There are approximately 50 species of piranhas in the wild.

Some of the varieties, favor the Red-Bellied piranhas, are an extremely common and, therefore, cheap.

However, part rare, hard-to-catch species can be expensive.

A three- or four-inch Piraya piranha and also the Ruby Red Spilo, a highly aggressive fish, are offered at roughly $150–200.

The Black, Blue, and Gold Diamond piranhas expense the same.

The Geri Piranha, which is very rare, costs almost $250.

The rare san Francisco Piranha can price up come $1500 if it’s completely grown.


3. Store

General pets stores greatly sell your fish at a reduced cost, conversely, exclusive breeders deserve to charge more.

Plus, if the save is remote, you have the right to expect the price to be higher.


The price of a Set-Up because that Piranhas



To make your piranhas feel at home and also keep castle from obtaining stressed or sick, you’ll have actually to carry out them with proper living conditions.


1. Tank



Most piranhas obtain too huge too fast, and also you’ll have actually to provide them v enough an are to protect against stress and territorial conflicts.

Some fish keepers decide to obtain bigger tanks when they see the fish outgrow their present tank.

However, that’s just an unnecessary price you can avoid by gaining a big enough tank from the start.

If you want to keep a institution of piranhas, you should have actually at the very least 60 gallons of water because that the first two and include 20 gallons for each added fish.

Of course, this room is because that adult piranhas.

You’ll have the ability to house a group of three to 6 juveniles in a 60-gallon tank because that a while.

A 60-gallon tank can expense $300 and also more, relying on the quality and features.


2. Substrate



The best substrate for piranhas is gravel.

It’s recommended to get one lb of gravel for every gallon of water.

You have the right to get five pounds that premium gravel for $10 or so.


3. Decorations



You’ll have actually to try your ideal to mimic the piranha’s organic habitat with many rocks, plants, and driftwood for the best results.

Piranhas choose to remain out that light, and also they’ll need plenty of spaces come hide.

Depending on her tank’s size and the variety of piranhas, decorations will collection you ago around $50–$100.


4. Filtration System



Keeping the water clean is essential, and also you can’t go without a filter because that a tank as large as 60 gallons.

A suitable filter for such a tank will cost about $50 or more.

It’s ideal if the filter produces slight streams of water and simulates slow-moving rivers.


5. Heater



Since piranhas come from south America, you deserve to guess they choose warmer temperatures.

You need to keep the temperature between 75 and 80°F, with a heater you can buy for about $30.


6. Lighting System



Piranhas i will not ~ tolerate a bright tank, for this reason lights no necessary.

If you execute decide to install a lighting system, obtain one that can be adjusted.

They cost approximately $50.


7. Ancillaries



You might also want tank monitors or pH test kits, gravel vacuums, nitrogen fertilizer, or Amazon Blackwater treatment.


The Ongoing price of Piranhas



1. Food

None of the piranha arrays is completely carnivorous, though some favor meaty snacks more.

As their owner, you should plan a balanced diet, including shrimps, worms, insects, pellets, frozen meat, flakes, and also vegetables prefer potatoes.

Once they’re grown, girlfriend won’t have to feed them more than as soon as a day.

You’ll have to spend $30–$50 every month for feeding each piranha.


2. Electricity

The cost of electricity isn’t noticeable compared to food, yet it’s quiet there.

The filter, pump, and also lighting device will every consume electricity, depending on their usage.


Other Costs



1. License and Permit

Piranhas space classified as dangerous animals in countless US claims such as While some states just ban specific varieties the piranhas, others prohibit buying and also selling castle altogether.

You’ll need to do her research very first and watch if you can get a license to own piranhas for house use.

If you violate any type of laws, you may need to pay $500 in fines.

The reason behind this ban is that releasing piranhas in rivers, lakes, and other regional water bodies, either by accident or on purpose, can be harmful come the ecosystem.

They’re wild fish that deserve to survive on your own and also wipe out essential species in a habitat.


2. Shipping Costs

If friend order her piranhas online, depending on the variety of fish and also the distance, the shipping price can differ from $20 come $30.

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3. Veterinarian Care

If you notice any sort of strange behavior, you’ll have to arrange for a vet to check out your piranhas.