PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has finally come to Xbox One, and players can dive into the fast-paced action of the 100-man fight royale starting today. The course, there space a lot of controls to come to terms with, and also we’ve placed together this short article to assist players figure out two of the most vital controls you’ll need in the game. If you’re having actually trouble figuring out exactly how to reload in PUBG ~ above Xbox One, or also how come aim under sights (ADS) on Xbox One, climate this write-up will call you everything you need to know.

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How come Reload

Making sure your weapons are always reloading is walk to it is in extremely crucial if you expect to make it through any kind of conflict from other players. Now, many thanks to the complicated nature that PUBG’s main point mechanics, few of the controls that the developer have had actually to collection up will take rather a bit of getting used to, even for experience FPS football player on the Xbox One.


To reload any weapon that you’re holding, you’re walking to desire to press and also hold down the X button. This will certainly reload the total with any ammunition that you have actually in your inventory. Store in mind that no weapons spawn with ammo in them, for this reason if friend didn’t pick up any kind of ammunition as soon as you grabbed the gun, then possibilities are you aren’t walk to have actually much to occupational with appropriate away.

How to Aim down Sights

Now the you know how to reload in PUBG top top Xbox One, let’s talk around aiming under sights. Frequently shortened come ADS, this means of aiming offers much more precise aiming for players, and can often allow you to hit targets the you couldn’t fight in the third-person mode.

Once you have actually your hands on a ranged weapon, such as a pistol or assault rifle, you deserve to tap the Left trigger to go into ADS. This will permit you a much better precision because that shots, permitting you to pursue headshots and other precision-based strike types. Friend can also use scopes once using this mode, and also you have the right to press increase or under on the D-Pad to readjust the selection of the scope, permitting you come hit longer or much shorter distance shots with more precision.

While aiming down sights girlfriend can likewise hold down the Left Bumper (just over the Left Trigger) to organize your breath, permitting you to more easily center your shots.

There room a many benefits come aiming under sights, and also now that you know just how to aim down sights, and also how come reload, friend should be able to stand on your very own a bit far better as girlfriend fight your way to it is in the last man standing in PUBG top top Xbox One.

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