Grilling and also backyard barbecues are hugely well-known pastimes in the unified States. Friend can’t quite enhance the extreme flavors discovered in grilled meats and also vegetables, and it’s something the everyone loves to eat in the summertime. However, it can be expensive. So, you might be wanting to learn how to attach a propane tank to your gas grill.

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Traditionally, charcoal would be offered to light up the barbecue pit and also keep that hot. However, that’s one expensive and time consuming method to reap a tiny summer barbecue. Charcoal has to be repurchased practically every time you light up the grill, and it can take as lengthy as fifty percent an hour to acquire the charcoal appropriately prepared because that grilling.

Today, we have actually a much much better alternative. A bbq grill propane tank is much less expensive, faster, and also longer lasting 보다 charcoal. A solitary tank can last whole summer if you don’t barbecue everyday. Also if friend do, friend shouldn’t need to replace it much more than once or twice, and also it only costs a tiny bit much more than a good bag the charcoal.

With propane, all you have to do is ignite the grill, preheat it for a couple of minutes, slap her meat top top the grill, and also enjoy a delicious meal. For the finest results, us recommend purchase a ThermoPro Food Thermometer come accurately gauge the temperature of your grilled meats.

It’s also a more eco-friendly way to grill. Rather of burning through herbal resources every time girlfriend grill, you can use the propane, tank the tank back to the store once it’s empty, and also have the exchanged for a new tank. The old tank is climate refilled and given to another customer. This cuts down the cost of propane, and it lowers its influence on the environment.

However, it deserve to be a small confusing to actually install or remove a propane tank properly. If girlfriend don’t carry out it right, you deserve to hurt you yourself or damage your grill. So, you shouldn’t take it lightly.

Luckily, we’ve put together a overview that will teach you how to properly and also safely install a new propane tank, and also we’ve likewise included the procedures you have to take to remove one properly.

6 measures To Hook up A Propane Tank To her Grill

If you’re wondering how to affix propane tank to portable grill safely, there room 6 main steps that you have to take, and also it shouldn’t take you much more than a few minutes to carry out it properly.

However, make sure you follow every step really carefully, and also don’t shot to rush yourself. Propane is efficient, but it have the right to be attention if you carry out it wrong.

1. Prepare The Grill

The most important thing to remember as soon as you’re preparing your grill is open it. Prior to you ever before mess through the propane tanks, open up her grill, and also leave it open up to prevent gas from building up. A closed grill can easily lead come an explosion once you’re hooking up your propane.

After that, all you need to do is:

Remove her empty tank by following the instructions in the direction of the bottom the this article.Make sure that you’ve turned off the gas knob on your grill. Girlfriend don’t want to relax propane the 2nd you hook up your brand-new tank. The knob have to be in the former of her grill.2. Eliminate The Tank’s Cap

If girlfriend look at the top of your propane tank, you’ll discover a blue or red lid that stays clear of leaks when it’s stored. You’ll have to remove the cap before you have the right to hook increase the tank. It shouldn’t be an overwhelming to do, though. They come with tiny cuts in castle to make them basic to tear off.Once you remove the cap, you’ll desire to finish installing the propane tank relatively quickly. Don’t leave it sitting approximately without a lid on it.

3. Just how To attach Propane Tank to Grill Gas Lines

Now, you’ll want to actually attach the grill’s gas line to the propane tank. Over there is a steel attachment peg top top the top of your propane tank. It have to be right next to the component you had actually to eliminate the lid from. To attach it, you should have the ability to simply screw that on. Tighten the tightly, but don’t make it difficult to take it off. Over there shouldn’t be any type of wiggling or gaps in the connection, though.

Your gas line need to look like a long black or translucent tube, and it should have a threaded finish that you screw top top the propane tank.

4. Tighten The Coupler

There is a disc-shaped coupler attachment on the prior of her tank. That controls the flow of gas to your grill. You desire to tighten it by transforming it to the right. However, girlfriend don’t want to end tighten it. Girlfriend should be able to loosen the with relative ease as soon as the tank is empty.

5. Activate The Gas Valve

There’s a valve top top the optimal of the tank that stays clear of gas from flow while it’s stored. To use your propane grill, you’ll need to flip the valve until it’s pointing in ~ the open up position. As soon as you go to eliminate your propane tank, make sure you rotate the valve back off. If girlfriend don’t, you hazard flammable gas escaping indigenous the tank.

6. Double-Check The Gas Lines

Before you revolve your grill on, make certain you take the moment to ensure the the gas present are appropriately connected. Friend should also ensure that there space no holes in the gas line, or it might cause a fire.To do this, gently try to tighten the heat again. If the doesn’t move, her line is an excellent to go. Come test because that holes or other creates of damage, you have the right to run your hand under the line or easy spray it v soapy water.

After you monitor those 6 steps, you’re all set to grill.

How To eliminate A Propane Tank native A Grill

Now that you know just how to hook up propane tank come grill, it’s time come learn just how to properly remove a propane tank indigenous a grill. It’s a very simple process, however it’s essential to follow safety protocols together you do it, and also make sure that you’re an extremely far far from anything flammable or hot.

Turn the Off

You desire to turn off the grill and also the tank’s valve prior to you effort to remove an empty propane tank. The vast bulk of propane grills have a gas knob close to the front of them. To rotate it off, just turn it until it’s in the off position.

After you’ve turned off the gas knob on the grill, you have to close the gas valve ~ above the propane tank itself. If girlfriend don’t, you’ll end up carrying around a leaking propane tank, and that’s likely to cause a fire or explosion.

To rotate it off, just locate the gas valve near the optimal of the tank, and also turn it till it states off. Part models could require you to screw the valve come the best until the tightens up.

Detach The Gas Line

Now, you have the right to safely eliminate the gas line from the propane tank. The gas line will be black color or translucent, and also it have to be attached to the peak of the propane tank.

To eliminate it, you simply have to unscrew that from the tank. Together you’re unscrewing the gas line, make sure that friend don’t damage it. You’ll have to use a little bit of pressure to remove it properly, and it’s fairly easy to kink the heat or damage the threads.

Take it Out

Finally, every you have to do is traction the old tank out. Be cautious not to drop that or knock that over. There might still be little amounts of gas inside of it.

Since there have the right to still it is in gas within of the tank, you don’t desire to keep it beside anything that might capture on fire, and you absolutely don’t desire to keep it beside your grill.

If you get involved in propane exchange programs, never shot to take it the tank right into the keep or close to entrances. There is typically an the end return area, and also an employee will have actually to assist you exchange it.

Final Thoughts

If you’re making use of a propane tank for grill devices, there room several really important steps that you must follow come install and uninstall that properly. If girlfriend fail to monitor the ideal steps, that can result in severe injuries or damages to your grill.

Luckily, you can use this tutorial as a handy reference whenever it comes time because that you to replace your propane tank.

We suggest using correctly filled and stored propane tanks every time that you hook one as much as your grill. They’re much safer to use, and they’re not expensive in ~ all.

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You must also try to execute each action as gently together possible. Propane tanks are made of eggshells, however they perform pose significant risks if you damage them or any of the components that affix them to your grill.