While tools and also armor sets tend to hog the limelight, shields additionally have actually their provides in Lothric. Here are the best shields in Dark Souls 3.

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One of the great points around FromSoftware's Dark Souls franchise is they carry out players through the freedom to technique encounters in their very own desired means. Shields are naturally not as amazing as weapons, especially given that their importance is reduced in the later Dark Souls games. For some, the correct way to play Dark Souls 3 is to not use a shield at all; however, that is not due to a lack of options.

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Including the DLC, Dark Souls 3 has over 60 shields, which are mainly break-up into three categories: Small, traditional, and also great. Each shield comes through a Weapon Art, some have actually auxiliary effects, and it is mostly wise to swap out shields depending on the enemy or boss fight. Many importantly, while the majority of shields are serviceable, the finest of the bunch render the lesser items obsolete. What are the ideal shields in Dark Souls 3?

Updated August 2fourth, 2021 by Mark Sammut: Dark Souls never grows old. As hype develops roughly the upcoming dehowever of Elden Ring, players seeking a helping of FromSoftware goodness have the right to look earlier at the studio's defining franchise. Dark Souls 3 is a brilliant game and, if no sequel is forthcoming, a worthy last entry for the IP. The title's durable selection of tools and also shields is a large factor why Dark Souls 3 has such legs, as tright here are almost countless builds that players deserve to attempt. Shields can not be as interesting as a Claymore or staff, however they tend to be the difference between survival and also death. To provide an extra all-rounded look into these items, their stats have actually been offered.

Stats Summary

The adhering to stats and also their percentperiods will certainly be provided for each shield:

Physical Defense – The percentage dictates just how much physical damages the shield will negate. Magic Defense – The portion dictates exactly how much magic damage the shield will certainly negate. Fire Defense – The percentage dictates exactly how a lot fire damage the shield will negate. Lightning Defense – The portion dictates just how much lightning damage the shield will certainly negate. Dark Defense – The percentage dictates exactly how much dark damage the shield will negate. Stability – This determines exactly how a lot Stamina is drained as soon as the shield blocks an assault. The better the portion, the better. Durability – The leastern vital stat, this one describes the weapon's longevity as they can eventually break. Shields can be repaired by visiting the Fireattach Shrine's Blacksmith or casting Repair. The last can be purchased from Orbeck of Vinheim in the Road of Sacrifices.

15 Warrior’s Round Shield

Warrior’s Round Shield Dark Souls 3
Physical Defense62%
Magic Defense68%
Fire Defense45%
Lightning Defense46%
Dark Defense36%
Naturally, the Ashen One does not simply start via the finest weapons, armor pieces, and shields. He has to job-related for them, and also that means picking up lesser items along the method. Available to purchase from the Shrine Handmhelp at the Fireconnect Shrine, the Warrior's Round Shield will become obsolete fairly conveniently. Some could argue its poor stcapacity and incapacity to parry means it is never a viable candiday even among tiny shields.

While much from great, the Warrior's Round Shield has one thing in its favor: It can activate the right-hand also weapon's skill. Not just is this practically unheard of for tiny shields, yet this also suggests the Warrior's Round Shield weighs far much less than the items that typically market this option.

Dark Souls 3 gigantic door shield
Physical Defense100%
Magic Defense75%
Fire Defense45%
Lightning Defense80%
Dark Defense75%
Dark Souls 3 has its share of borderline joke items, through the Porcine Shield being a prime instance. On the surconfront, the Giant Door Shield seems favor just one more instance of FromSoftware's feeling of humor, yet this DLC enhancement quantities to much even more than simply a gag. The Giant Door Shield is discovered on a cliff close to the Earthen Peak Ruins bonfire in The Ringed City.

Permitting someone does not lug a flamethrower to the party, the Giant Door Shield will certainly carry out an incredible defense tailor-made for tank builds. Its 45 Strength necessity is a hefty investment and tbelow are much better greatshields in Dark Souls 3, but the Giant Door Shield still earns its area in the game's roster.

Dark Souls 3 Silver Eagle Kite Shield
Physical Defense100%
Magic Defense44%
Fire Defense45%
Lightning Defense33%
Dark Defense43%
The Silver Eagle Kite Shield has a small window of relevancy as it just stands out due to being obtainable quite early on in the game. Found in High Wall of Lothric, the Silver Eagle Kite Shield comes through a low Strength necessity of just 11, which is fantastic for a conventional shield that blocks all physical damage.

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Once any of the Crest Shields are gained, tright here is really no point in using the Silver Eagle Kite Shield. Nonetheless, it serves a purpose for a couple of hours.

Physical Defense68%
Magic Defense69%
Fire Defense63%
Lightning Defense44%
Dark Defense61%
Small shields are not particularly viable in Dark Souls 3, yet they have actually their offers in the early game and also benefit from having actually extremely low weight. Out of the base game, the Llewellyn Shield is the best, even if it is not rather as excellent as the version in Dark Souls 2. This shield deserve to be obtained from Horace the Hushed, an NPC discovered close to the Road of Sacrifices' Halfmethod Fortress Bonfire.

The Llewellyn Shield has actually the "Parry" Weapon Art, which permits assaults to be deflected and also an important hit to be inflicted. It have the right to additionally be infused with Gems to carry out a protective increase against Magic assaults, a room this shield is already premium to most of its similarly-sized brethren.

Physical Defense70%
Magic Defense65%
Fire Defense90%
Lightning Defense35%
Dark Defense55%
Any shield that spits out fire is automatically remarkable, and also that is hardly the just positive in this item's favor. Included in Dark Souls 3's The Ringed City DLC and uncovered close to the Purging Monument, the Dragonhead Shield has the highest resistance to fire out of all the shields in the game. This is particularly superior considering it is a tiny shield.

Due to it dropping in the DLC, the Dragonhead Shield deals with an uphill fight as players will already own plenty of Dark Souls 3's finest shields. However before, when used for its offensive capabilities, this tool have the right to be very advantageous.

Physical Defense100%
Magic Defense74%
Fire Defense76%
Lightning Defense63%
Dark Defense74%
Greatshields are an obtained taste. They not only need high stats to use but they additionally limit a player's movcapability. That shelp, tank builds will certainly find a lot to love in these enormous protective wall surfaces. Yhorm's Greatshield's best asset is that it boosts Poise by 15, permitting more hits to be taken before the player staggers. Unfortunately, Poise is rather unpredictable and tough to track, so this advantage has actually a ceiling.

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Yhorm's Greatshield is an all-around solid alternative for those seeking a greatshield, as it provides above-average resistance to magic and elemental attacks while normally having actually 100% resistance to physical hits. Naturally, gaining this shield involves obtaining Yhorm the Giant's Soul.

Physical Defense100%
Magic Defense83%
Fire Defense83%
Lightning Defense82%
Dark Defense83%
Located in Archdragon Peak and obtained as a drop from a Havel Knight, the Havel's Greatshield provides stellar stats at a lofty cost. As it is far heavier than any type of various other shield in Dark Souls 3, the Havel's Greatshield either demands to be left for New Video Game + or be the focal point of a construct. Permitting someone deserve to bring the thing, this greatshield supplies excellent resistance throughout the board, making it a one-speak shop for every one of the game's boss fights.

Havel's Greatshield's Weapon Art, Stone Flesh, is a defensive ability that needs some gaining provided to, yet it can be a lifesaver in the right instances.

Physical Defense100%
Magic Defense58%
Fire Defense52%
Lightning Defense53%
Dark Defense57%
If a player decides to use a shield, they are many most likely to gravitate towards mid-level ones. Usually, they carry out great security while additionally not requiring absurdly high stats to use. The Stone Parma is uncovered fairly beforehand in the project, as it is situated close by to the Farron Keep bonfire, and also has solid but unspectacular stats.

What really enables the Stone Parma to shine is that it deserve to be infprovided, unprefer some of the better mid-level shields. When completely maxed out, it has actually a respectable stcapacity stat of 63, which determines the toughness that is consumed as soon as an strike is blocked.

Physical Defense100%
Magic Defense68%
Fire Defense65%
Lightning Defense52%
Dark Defense68%
The Wolf Knight's Greatshield is a challenger for the finest of its bracket, and that comes dvery own to a couple of different components. It needs a Strength stat of 30 to be wielded, which is reasonably low for a greatshield that is actually decent.

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Furthermore, the Wolf Knight's Greatshield is not only one of the lightest greatshields in the game yet it is also one of a pick few to come via the "Weapon Skill" Weapon Art. This permits the primary weapon's ability attack to be offered without the shield having to be put amethod. It likewise gives a resistance increase to status results. To obtain this shield, reach Rank 2 in the Watchdogs of Farron Covenant.

Physical Defense100%
Magic Defense67%
Fire Defense89%
Lightning Defense43%
Dark Defense53%
While every one of the Weapon Arts have actually their provides, "Parry" is the most desirable. Once a player concerns grips through the timing forced to execute parries, it deserve to be an absolutely damaging tool to have actually at one's disposal. The small shields would be nearly totally pointmuch less if it were not for the truth most of them have the "Parry" ability.

All of the Crest shields are worth using, but the Dragon Crest Shield has actually an edge as a result of possessing the greatest fire resistance in the base game. While The Ringed City DLC would take this crown amethod from the Dragon Crest Shield, the last is still a premium all-roughly option than the Dragonhead Shield. To discover this shield, head to the Old Wolf of Farron bonfire and also take the lift upstairs.

Physical Defense100%
Magic Defense61%
Fire Defense63%
Lightning Defense43%
Dark Defense61%
Located at Smouldering Lake, the Shield Of Want is not just a cool artifact as a result of its link to Dark Souls 2's King Vendrick however it additionally increases gathered souls by 20%. While this feature is not quite as appealing throughout the endgame or succeeding playthroughs, it have the right to be exceptionally useful during an initial run.

However before, the Shield of Want's usefulness does not start and also finish through its auxiliary capacity. It counters a fairly high Strength need of 18 to equip via low weight, decent stability, and also above-average damage reduction to many strike kinds besides fire.

Physical Defense100%
Magic Defense65%
Fire Defense35%
Lightning Defense70%
Dark Defense60%
Dark Souls 3's DLC packages introduced 5 brand-new shields. The Giant Door Shield standouts as one of the much better (and also most ridiculous) greatshields in the entire game, while both Dragonhead variants must acquire the task done. However, out of all the DLC's choices, the Etheactual Oak Shield is the ideal shield. This item calls for heading to a tower in the Millhardwood Ruins in the Painted World of Ariandel.

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The Ethegenuine Oak Shield is perfect for a lot of scenarios, providing even more than acceptable resistance to magic, lightning, and dark strikes. Its stcapability of 50 can be better and also it should be swapped out against a fire boss; however, these shortcomings are made acceptable because of its auxiliary ability that regeneprices health and wellness.

Physical Defense100%
Magic Defense70%
Fire Defense65%
Lightning Defense52%
Dark Defense63%
In fact, the finest shield in Dark Souls 3 is situational. For tank characters through a propensity for magic, the Greatshield of Glory is unbeatable. This all comes dvery own to the fact that it has the highest possible stcapability in the game, including the two DLC packeras. Now, this does come at a price, as the Greatshield of Glory slows dvery own stamina renewal by 20%, making it the only shield in Dark Souls 3 via an adverse auxiliary effect.

However, this is rendered moot by spreading Magic Shield, which increases stcapability by 18. As such, as soon as the Greatshield of Glory is upgraded twice, this spell increases the shield's stability to 100. Consequently, blocking stops reducing stamina. Prior to entering Yhorm the Giant's boss area, players need to enrespond to a Mimic that will certainly drop the Greatshield of Glory.

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Physical Defense100%
Magic Defense59%
Fire Defense53%
Lightning Defense87%
Dark Defense51%
The Lothric Knight Shield is almost perfect. It is a mid-level shield that has the "Parry" skill, have the right to be obtained reasonably early from the Lothric Knights at the High Wevery one of Lothric, and has an outstanding stability rating of 66 as soon as fully upgraded. It is also highly resistant to lightning attacks, making it a suitable weapon against bosses like Dragonslayer Armour and Nameless King.

The Lothric Knight Shield deserve to additionally be infused. This is not a specifically vital feature for shields, but infusing a Blessed or Simple Gem would carry out some HP or FP renewal respectively.

Physical Defense100%
Magic Defense65%
Fire Defense85%
Lightning Defense52%
Dark Defense63%
The Black Knight Shield has stats befitting of a greatshield at the price of a mid-level one. Once totally upgraded, it has a stcapacity rating of 69. This is not just the greatest of all the standard shields yet it is just a couple of points brief of the Wolf Knight's Greatshield and the Lothric Knight Greatshield. Unchoose the last two, the Black Knight Shield can be equipped through 18 Strength and also just adds 7.5 to the player's tools fill.

While it does not have actually "Parry," the Black Knight Shield does not should be put amethod for the primary weapon's skill to be supplied. Lastly, it has remarkable resistance to fire strikes while being acceptable in every various other location. This is the form of shield that does not must be reput. As its name implies, this shield have the right to be built up from Black Knights, which are found in the multipole areas like Farron Keep and the Untended Graves.