Since a user have the right to have an ext than one Roku maker with them, to know of the devices ended up being a little tough. To combat this issue, Roku provided the individuals the ability to rename your Roku device. This renaming can be excellent from the mobile application also. Girlfriend can choose the ar where a Roku maker will be put and administer a name for it.You can name her Roku machine to conveniently identify it in your Roku account or the Roku mobile app. This will be helpful especially as soon as you have an ext than one device. If you desire to rename your device after the setup process, friend will be able to rename the machine name from her Roku account or the Roku cell phone app. Here’s how you deserve to rename her Roku streaming device. From your Roku account action 1Go come from your computer system or the smartphone.

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step 2
If prompted, sign in to your Roku account v your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’. Shot the forget password choice if you had actually forgotten her password.


This will present all your attached devices, their present name, serial number and also other detailsIf you have not named your Roku device, you can uncover it just through the serial number. Friend can find the serial variety of your Roku machine by choosing around option from settings. Step 4
Select the ‘Rename’ connect to rename her Roku device.

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Here you can rename her Roku an equipment by choosing the room wherein the machine is located and also enter the name of her choice.

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