If you have a discord server v users across multiple countries and time zones then this is the bot for you! with Friend Time girlfriend can easily coordinate times between users. Friend Time will immediately convert any type of times discussed in conversation to the times of various other users.

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Friend Time will immediately react with a clock emoji come times mentioned in chat:


By also reacting, you will be private messaged with the moment converted to your time zone:



Help Command

-ft - display the aid menu.

Core Commands

-ft set - collection yourself come a time zone.-ft map - see a map of obtainable time zones.-ft clear - Clear your time zone.-ft time - obtain the present time.-ft time - get the current time that a user.-ft time - obtain the present time that a time zone.-ft layout - set your time format, 12 or 24 hours.-ft config - adjust server settings, for admins.-ft details - more information around Friend Time.

Config Commands

-ft config setting - adjust the mode that is offered for convert times.-ft config layout - adjust the servers time format, 12 or 24 hours.-ft config inform - permit or disable reminders for individuals who don't have a time zone set.

Info Commands

-ft invite - Invite friend Time to her server.-ft assistance - Get assist or report one issue.-ft donate - Donate to keep Friend Time running!

Finding your Time Zone

Visit the following link to view a map of obtainable time zones:


Simply click your ar on the map, and use the name shown in "Selected Time Zone" together your time zone.

You have the right to then take her time region name and run the set command like so:-ft set America/New_York


Friend Time will then know your time zone and use this to instantly convert any type of times you point out in chat, and convert other users times to your time zone.


Friend Time requires the following permissions:

Read MessagesSend MessagesEmbed LinksRead article HistoryAdd Reactions

When you invite friend Time to her server, by default every one of these permissions need to be given to girlfriend Time. If you'd favor to disable girlfriend Time for particular channels, feel free to eliminate these permissions in the channels you'd favor to disable. If you room experiencing permissions issues, feel totally free to kick and reinvite friend Time.

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If you'd choose to operation your own copy of girlfriend Time for advance or an individual reasons, view the following guide.