Hello everyone!We receive a large number of queries relating come username changes, and also when they have the right to next it is in performed. If you have forgotten when you last changed your username, or would choose a reminder of when it deserve to next be changed, please reply to this thread and an agent will certainly advise you.If friend need assistance with updating your username, or if you have any requests pertaining come your an individual account information, this requests should be taken on privately. You deserve to reach the end to united state in the following ways because that these requests:- support Case- Live Chat- Facebook- TwitterAny inquiry that execute not autumn within the topic boundaries of this thread will certainly be removed, and any threads posted independently will be combined here to store these request together.Thank girlfriend for her understanding and co-operation.

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Hey BonkIsPoggers!You last changed your username ~ above the 26th the June; this way your next username change will be obtainable on the 26th the July.
Hey Einharjar.AU - I confirm your account, and can see you"ve updated her username previously today. This need to reflect ~ above the forums soon.As such, you can next change it in 30 days, on respectable 13th.
,You last changed your name on June 18th - you have the right to update it again ~ above July 18th.
I141IJohnPrice: indigenous checking her account, it looks like you"ve currently been maybe to update your username her forum username need to follow suit shortly to match.fadedseil: hello there, fadedseil! i can absolutely assist you with that! have the right to you phone call me if friend have produced a assistance ticket here? If so, providing me with the case number would be an extremely helpful!

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: hello there! thanks for coming to the thread around this! i don"t have any kind of information in ~ this time, yet I"ll reach the end to our team about that because that you. In the meantime, it looks favor you must be may be to change your username on: September 29, 2020.