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Watching Sling TV on your computer, phone, or tablet is nice, yet watching Sling TV through Chromecast on a huge TV is also much better. Your TV is your biggest display and also is probably attached to your finest speakers, so you"ll gain the best Sling TV experience tright here. With Chromecast, watching the Sling TV streaming business on your TV is a issue of just a couple of taps.


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How to Setup Sling TV on Chromecast

To watch Sling TV on Chromecast, follow these initial procedures to acquire collection up:

Chromecast supports iOS devices running iOS 11 and up, and Android devices running Android 5.0 and up. On Macs and also PCs, usage Google Chrome and you don"t need to install any other software program. It has integrated Chromecast support.

Make certain the gadget that you want to actors Sling TV from to your Chomecast is associated to the same Wi-Fi netoccupational as the Chromecast.

Install the Sling TV app on your smartphone or tablet and also sign right into your account. On a Mac or COMPUTER, you don"t should install anything.

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How to Watch Sling TV on Chromecast on iOS and also Android

To start watching Sling TV via Chromeactors from your mobile, follow these steps:

Make sure your Chromeactors and also TV are both turned on and also the TV"s input is set to the exact same HDMI the Chromeactors is plugged right into.

On a smartphone, tap the Cast symbol, and also then tap the name of your Chromecast to send Sling TV to it.


If that does not work, you may desire to try troubleshooting your Chromecast and also link to obtain everything is working effectively, and also then you have the right to attempt aacquire.

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How to Watch Sling TV on Chromeactors Using a Browser

Make certain your Chromeactors and TV are both turned on and also the TV"s input is set to the same HDMI the Chromeactors is plugged right into.