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So her PS3 is no overheating Slim, you need to regularly clean the fan. Us will explain you exactly how to execute this.

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The playstation 3 has actually a surprise feature, v which you can test even if it is your fan is functioning properly. By the way, you blow away come the dust:
To begin the fan Test, disconnect the power cable of her PS3 Slim.Now, press the eject switch on the former of the an equipment and store it pressed.Now, you have the right to plug the strength cord ago in. The eject button keep it pressed.After a brief time the fan have to turn on because that a Moment. You have the right to release the eject switch now.The coarsest dust must now be removed.Unplug the strength cable native the an equipment and climate plug it ago in. Currently you can use the PS3 together usual.

You desire the pan to conserve and not ~ above a constant basis come strongly rotate on, you have the right to clean the by Hand:
First, you have to unplug every one of the cables, to reason no damage.With a vacuum cleaner, you deserve to remove the fan carefully. You take it a weak unit or you collection the vacuum cleaner come the shortest level.Hold the vacuum cleaner to start at a distance and also approach the pan slowly.Depending top top the device, and the suction you don"t have to strength up to the pan to clean it. To prevent potential damage to the vacuum cleaner.Stubborn dust deserve to be eliminated with compressed air. Buy you yourself a spray can.If girlfriend spray when courageously through every one of the Openings right into the device, loosening old dust and, in ~ the latest, in ~ the next fan usage far.Also noodle swabs and a brush have the right to help, if you want to badly fix to-reach and stubborn Dirt.
If the fan in her PlayStation native dust once, that does it, more than likely again and also again. You can increase the life of your console, therefore,, by tackling the problem in principle:
When you lie under on the playstations 3, instead of vertically, the waiting circulation is poor. Less complicated to dust off. You may want to think about the make PS3 Slim upright.Alternatively, girlfriend can collection your console to Support, an ext space in front of the fan free. For empty beverage cans, for example, offer.If you store your console in a bookcase or various other confined space, affects additionally the waiting supply. Location the PS3 Slim on ideal as totally free as possible.If lot dust accumulation on the PS3 around, a dust, the fan quickly. You should because of this keep the area around the console cost-free of dust, climate you have to clean the pan of rare and also protect the device.

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If the pan is clean and also the console is up and also running again, check out next, here"s what you have the right to do if the game stations 3 does not recognize.