It’s to be a week since Genshin affect released for the PS4 and from the looks of it, countless have to be awestruck with the vast open-world that you can explore in Teyvat — a fantasy people where the seven aspects flow and also converge. You have the right to switch between the numerous attainable personalities instantaneously and also navigate across a beautiful, cel-shaded civilization with lush landscape.

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Among the lores, activities, and quests you might get to communicate with space the Statues of The 7 where you take trip through and level up her abilities come explore more parts the the game. In this post, we’ll assist you discover why you require to and also how you deserve to clean any of this Statues of The seven in Genshin influence and what happens as soon as you get it done. Let’s gain started.

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What are the Statues of The seven in Genshin Impact


Around every one of Teyvat, girlfriend will discover just around seven monumental rock statues that watch over the world. These seven statues to be sculpted after the seven aspects that sustain the world and also legends say that the statues room anticipating the arrival of a noble soul. No traveler passes through any kind of of these statues without praying because that the statue’s protection.

Why the Statues that The seven are important and why you have to clean them?

All Statues that The 7 have far-reaching purposes in Genshin Impact. It is because:

They will let you view the absent parts that the map when you have resonated themServe together waypoints every throughout the mapCan restore your party’s health and wellness by utilizing a limited resourceGives friend maximum stamina in exchange because that Oculi and some an ext rewardsHelps you change your elemental talents depending on the statue you visit

Blessings indigenous the Statues of The 7 don’t come for totally free as friend will need to offer elemental oculi to give intrepid adventurers strength. The an ext times friend visit the Statues of The Seven, the less complicated it will certainly be come level up your Adventure rank and greater Adventure ranks will gain you much more quests to expropriate and much more areas to explore. That’s why it’s crucial to clean the Statues the The Seven as soon as you visit them.

Which personalities can you usage to clean the Statues that The Seven

According to many who have played Genshin Impact, you can clean the Statues of The seven using characters based on other Anemo or Hydro elements. This method you can use any of the complying with seven characters to clean any type of statue in Teyvat.


How to clean the Statues the The seven in Genshin Impact


Before you collection forward come clean the Statues of The Seven, you need to make sure you have any one that the over characters in your 4-character team roster. You can change the team members in your roster by summoning Paimon and selecting your wanted character (include any kind of one of them from the list of characters provided above) from the menu.

Now the you have chosen your collection of characters to team up in your roster, the time to select the Anemo or Hydro character from the table above. In the screenshot below, we’re selecting Barbara, a Hydro female personality from Mondstadt.


At any suggest during the game, you can adjust between characters in her team roster by:

On PC: pushing numbers 1-4 in the num pad on your keyboardOn PS4: utilizing your d-pad buttons – up, right, down, and also left.

After that, you need to acquire close to one of the statues on the map and then activate your abilities by making use of the controls to create “Elemental Skill”.

You deserve to use Elemental ability in Genshin affect by:

On PC: pressing the E keyOn PS4: pushing the Triangle on your DualShock controller

After activating the Elemental skill of your suitable character, relocate in and around the statue making use of the arrowhead keys on your keyboard (on PC) or making use of your left joystick (on PS4). To perfect the action, you have the right to jump and glide top top the statue utilizing the adhering to controls:

On PC: press the Space an essential for jumping; Double-press the Space vital for gliding top top the statueOn PS4: push the ‘X’ an essential on your controller come jump; Double-press the ‘X’ an essential to glide ~ above the statue

Make certain you have covered every or many of the statue v your Elemental skill activated.

How carry out you know if girlfriend have effectively cleaned a statue?

After girlfriend have successfully cleaned one of the Statues that The Seven, Pyro slimes (flame powers!) will spawn close to you. This slimes will certainly bounce towards you and you will should fight them through the character the you had actually selected before (Anemo and Hydro characters work best).

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Pyro slimes will explode once they’re defeated and also in stimulate to defeat them, you deserve to either usage Normal attack or Charged strike or a mix of both. Here’s exactly how to use them:

On PC: press the Left mouse switch once for regular Attack; hold the Left mouse button for fee AttackOn PS4: press the Circle vital once for regular Attack; hold the Circle key for charged Attack

That’s it! you have effectively learned come clean the Statues of The Seven. Go ahead! Clean every one of them to level up your Adventure Rank and explore an ext areas.