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Anonymous asked: Hey, I"ve been trying to animate on firealpaca and I"m having trouble, I wanna recognize if you simply can"t carry out this or if I"m also stupid to figure it out. I drew the initially frame (let"s say, a face), and also for the second one I don"t want to make an additional drawing because the second framework is basically the very same face through the eyes closed. Is tbelow a means to "copy" a drawing and also paste it in other frames so I can modify it? Sorry for negative English, still finding out.

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There are 2 ways to perform this!

1 - Use copy and paste, at the height best corner click modify, under modify click copy, then click edit aacquire and click paste. You’ll have two of the same layer lined up perfectly and you deserve to edit them but you want!

2 - Under your layers (Which are on the bottom appropriate by default) tright here are 4 butloads. The second button from the left (The second one closest to your picture) is a duplicate button. Select the layer you desire duplicated and click the switch, you currently have 2 layers through the same image you can modify however you want.

Anvarious other point I indicate is to have actually onion skin mode on as soon as you animate, it’s really valuable, some people don’t prefer it but it helps me a lot! If you don’t know exactly how to discover and usage it just ask!

I hope this assisted if not I’m sorry I’ll try again!

“I usage onion skin mode, I tried what you shelp and also as soon as I paste it it pastes into another layer aside from the one I wanted to put it on, and that messes up the order of the frames and ends up looking bad. Is tbelow a way to paste it in the layer that I desire and also not a new one? Thanks” -What was asked

my response -

1) When you paste it it’s going to make a new layer, if you desire the layer to be in a specific spot you deserve to drag it up or down.Or you have the right to click the layer you desire the pasted photo over and also it’ll drop right tright here.

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2) But if you want to integrate it through an already existing layer you deserve to usage the merge down button beside the duplicate layer. Before merging make sure the two layers are on peak of each various other.

As far as I understand you can’t paste it on to a layer you’ve currently developed, you have to merge or reattract it. Sorry I didn’t help the first time, if this is useless again let me know! I’ll aid you number out a solution!

“Yeah sorry I’m worn down and also I’m figuring out exactly how to animate rather of resting, thanks!” -What was said

My response - No Problem! I’m glad I might help! Sorry it took a couple of guesses…