3.1) deserve to you usage create application folders in Galaxy S6 home screen? execute you have actually question top top using application folders in Galaxy S6 residence screen?

Why friend need app folders ~ above Galaxy S6 residence screen?

With more and an ext features in Android phones, and many apps with assorted functions easily accessible in Google play store and Galaxy Apps, you may install a most apps in your Galaxy S6.

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To access these apps conveniently without going with Galaxy S6 Apps screen, you need put these apps top top the house screen.

You may also put a most widgets top top the residence screen as well to access some info quickly without opening the app.

So, the home display is yes, really cluttered. It i do not care a pain to uncover an app ~ above the residence screen.

How to resolve this problem?  You can use app folders to save your Galaxy S6 home display screen well organized.

Using app folders in Galaxy S6 home display screen can aid you:

reduce the number of home display panels. This will make it quick to scroll with the home screen panels and also therefore to accessibility the apps faster.organize apps in app folders per her preference. This way you can quickly discover the apps which you do not use daily. Because that example, you may not use Google Drive application daily, but if you put the app in the Google folder or cloud folder, girlfriend can easily locate it and also launch it, instead of fiddling approximately the home display screen panels.

Step by step guide on exactly how to create app folders in Galaxy S6 house screen

Please note, creating app folders in Galaxy S6 home screen is not an option in home display editing mode. You have the right to only create application folders:

when both apps that are to be contained in the app folder are currently on the residence screen,

To create application folders in Galaxy S6 residence screen, you may follow this steps.

Step 1: Tap and also hold one app and drag it come the target app.

For example, you want to develop a folder because that the email app and also Play save app. The target app is Play keep app.

In the house screen, tap and hold email app and drag it come Play store application as presented below.


Step 2: Drop the application to the target app.

When you drag the Email application over Play save app, girlfriend will notification an app folder frame shows up around the apps as shown above.

Now fall the Email app to the beat store application by releasing her finger native the screen.

In this means you deserve to create a brand-new app folder comprise the selected apps that exist on the home display screen already.

Step 3 : name the application folder in Galaxy S6 residence screen

Tap Enter folder name and enter a name for this app folder.

To adjust the color of this application folder, insanity the color palette and also select a color for this freshly created app folder in Galaxy S6 residence screen.

Another method to create app folders in Galaxy S6 home display screen is come drop the application folders from app screen to home screen. You deserve to tap and also hold application folder in application screen, climate drop it come the residence screen. In this way, a shortcut of the app folder is developed in the house screen.

How to manage app folders in Galaxy S6 home screen

After girlfriend create application folders in Galaxy S6 home screen, you can add more apps come app folders.

To add apps which space on the home display to the application folders, tap and hold the app and also drag the application to the folder, then relax your finger (drop the app). Girlfriend can additionally use this technique to move apps from one application folder to another app folder in Galaxy S6 residence screen.

To add apps from application screen (app drawer) to app folders in Galaxy S6 home screen, you can press and also hold the application in application screen, then drop the application into the application folder.

Please note, Galaxy S6 home display screen does not support nested app folders, i.e., application folders in application folder. Application folders in Galaxy S6 home screen can just include application shortcuts, not app folders.

If you desire to remove app folders native Galaxy S6 house screen, tap and hold the app folder, then drop it to Remove in the top.

Can you use create app folders in Galaxy S6 house screen? execute you have question on using application folders in Galaxy S6 house screen?

Please let us know in the comment crate below, if you have any type of questions or encounter any type of problems on producing or using app folders in Galaxy S6 home screen.

We will try to help you.

Please note, this guide likewise applies come Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, although only Galaxy S6 is used in the page.

For other features of Galaxy S6, please inspect Galaxy S6 digital manual page.

For thorough guides on just how to use Samsung Galaxy S6, please examine Galaxy S6 how-to guidespage.

For detailed guides on just how to use Galaxy S6 camera, please examine Galaxy S6 camera guide page.

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Michelle says

May 23, 2015 at 8:04 pm

How execute you relocate an app folder from the home screen to the app screen? I’ve moved an application folder ~ above accident from the application screens come the home screen and also can’t acquire it back.


Charlene Guzman says

May 30, 2015 at 4:44 am

On the application display screen there are default folders and some of my apps are in a folder i didn’t create. Is over there a method to gain it the end if the folder and into the consistent application ar

And the old menu switch on the left is now the application closing button is over there a method make it the menu switch again, i cannot switch between tabs on my chrome due to the fact that of it


Koh Mui Tee says

June 1, 2015 in ~ 5:02 pm

Why go you do it so difficult to develop a folder in s6? It to be so straightforward in mine note3