What is associated between mine 3-Day fundraising page and also my on facebook Fundraiser? once you produce a on facebook Fundraiser, your personal story and fundraising goal will be lived in in Facebook. A cover photo and also fundraiser name space also detailed automatically lived in when you create the facebook Fundraiser. You re welcome note: her 3-Day an individual page photo will no be pulled into your on facebook Fundraiser automatically. Following production of your on facebook Fundraiser, every donations will sync, definition all donations received either on facebook or v your personal page will be contained in your development thermometer in both places. I updated my goal with my Participant Center. Will certainly it readjust on my facebook Fundraiser as well? Yes. As soon as you update your fundraising goal on your an individual page, your goal will additionally be to update on your on facebook Fundraiser. However, if you update your goal in facebook it will not upgrade the goal on your an individual page. Because that consistency, we recommend the you do not update your goal on Facebook. I updated my story or photo through my Participant Center. Will certainly it adjust on my on facebook Fundraiser together well? No. Following the development of your facebook Fundraiser, to update to her story ~ above your personal page will not be reflect on your facebook Fundraiser. Your picture is never automatically pulled into your on facebook Fundraiser, one of two people at the start or later. This permits you to tailor content as necessary in one of two people location. How carry out I change my cover photo or description for my on facebook Fundraiser? from your on facebook Fundraiser, click “…More” under the invite button, then click “Edit Fundraiser”. Transforms that you do to her cover photograph or summary on Facebook will certainly not be reflect on your an individual page. This enables you come tailor content accordingly in one of two people location.

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My on facebook fundraiser complete is not showing the very same fundraising total as my Participant Center.If you finished a facebook fundraiser and also then started a new one, your new Facebook fundraiser total will not reflect any kind of donations accumulated through her old facebook fundraiser. Rest assured, those donations are still safely in your fundraising account. Her Participant center will reflect the correct total amount. But due to the fact that of Facebook use that is beyond our control, the facebook fundraiser total does not display donations gathered via a previous fundraiser. We recognize this issue affects entrants who carry from one 3-Day occasion to another, consisting of those who were moved from a 2021 3-Day occasion to 3-Day Nation, and it"s frustrating and also disappointing.

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Us will proceed to occupational with on facebook so hope they can adjust their functionality. In the meantime, thank you for understanding that this is out of our hands.