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Delete a contact classic Hangouts and Google conversation Community

3 hours back You can"t delete contacts from hangout. only hide them. Open Hangouts within Gmail. Float over the contact"s name. Click the 3 period menu. Choose "Hide contact"s name" If the person is …

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I desire to delete someone permanently classic Hangouts

3 hours back Unfortunately, contacts can"t be deleted from hangouts. They can only be hidden. Open Hangouts in ~ Gmail. Float over the contact"s name. Click the 3 dot menu. Pick "Hide contact"s name" If the

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Gmail how to eliminate contacts from my Google Hangouts

7 hours back Does hiding a contact remove the human from Hangouts? i don"t desire these contacts to acquire my IP address. Castle seem choose shady personalities that ns met ~ above a fraudulent dating site.

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How to remove contacts from hangouts? Google Product Forums

7 hours earlier But I desire to remove them from my Hangouts contact list together well. The Hangouts contact perform took every one of my phone contacts, removed the ( ) indigenous the area password and provided it together a new contact. EXAMPLE: (123)4567890 to be also added as 1234567890. Exact same person, exact same number however without the ( ).

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Google + hangoutsHow to delete a contact

3 hours ago 1. Open the Hangout Contact 2. Click the small Gear 3. Click on delete 4. Verify the Delete and also Boom it is gone!!! thanks to every WAers Wishing all lot Success Bill choose This 9 sign up with the conversation Write something… current messages CoachEd Premium 7 years earlier This is an excellent stuff thanks Bill---see-ya shortly !!! Reply favor Bill67 Premium 7 years ago