There to be a time when activity tracking in Premiere pro was completely inapplicable simply because it to be non-existent. If you wanted to track things by attaching it to a topic in the old days, even if it is it it is in to blur someone’s face or have actually text move along with someone running, you had actually to send her clips come After Effects.

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While the said workflow is quite straightforward, it deserve to quickly end up being time-consuming and even take a toll on your timeline performance. Fortunately, Adobe has already addressed this concern with the introduction of auto movement tracking for masks in Premiere agree CC. Nevertheless, if you want to monitor anything that doesn’t use a mask, there’s quiet no way to perform it automatically.

Thankfully, Nathaniel Todson has developed a tutorial the shows how to manually track objects within of Premiere Pro, and how to obtain the many out of the auto-tracking feature for layers when using a mask.

For the hands-on tracking, the an initial thing you need to do is income the thing you want to attach to her subject. The graphics might be a message layer, a shape, image, 3D animation, for this reason on and also so forth. Whatever the case, make sure that the beat head is in ~ the begin of your timeline. Then choose the object that you desire to it is in tracked and also under the Position properties, click on the little stopwatch icon. This action will create a keyframe for the place of the tracked object.

Next, uncover a point in her footage where the newly added element to be anchored come the subject. This will certainly be the suggest of recommendation as you need to manually adjust the position of the tracked thing afterward. Instances of recommendation points because that tracking might include a absent on the ground, one exterior mirror of a moving vehicle, someone’s face, etc.


Now, move one framework forward in the timeline. You’ll view that the thing has adjusted its position and also it’s out of place. Adjust the setting so that the visual element is earlier at the reference allude you collection earlier. Proceed the process going framework by structure to ensure precise tracking. This workflow will certainly take part time depending on how facility or long the shooting is.

Optionally, if you room planning to usage a mask that requirements to be tracked (i.e., blurring someone’s face), Premiere pro CC actually does administer the capacity to monitor the subject for friend as presented in the video above.


The first step is to produce an adjustment great and set right its expression in the timeline so the it spans the length of your clip. Next, include the mosaic impact to the mediate layer. Tweak the Horizontal and also Vertical blocks of the filter to counting to 100. Then create an elliptical (circular) mask by clicking the circle icon which can be discovered at the really top of the Mosaic impact properties. Change the mask so that it consist of the topic you’re trying come follow.

Finally, through ensuring the your pat head is set to the beginning of the convey layer, click the “Play” switch located in the Mask course property. Premiere agree will begin to immediately track the subject in her footage so the in the finish both elements to it is in in perfect sync.

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If at any allude the movement tracking did not work-related as planned (object doesn’t fully cover the subject), you deserve to go earlier and manually change the place of the mask. This workaround will certainly not only save you a ton of time and effort but will also eliminate the requirement of sending out your task to After impacts to pull turn off this otherwise fairly simple compositing task.