Dreadlocks commonly come v a particular attitude, a specific idea of how one wants to live their life and also that often contains the wish to adjust hair colour. Countless dreadheads want to use organic products and hair dyes favor a henna dye. However, in this short article we will introduce you come both natural and chemical methods of dyeing her hair and also will present you why we clearly prefer a chemistry approach.

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Chemical alternative (permanent dye): 

Dyeing your hair chemically is fairly easy. Most products you have the right to buy in the supermarket will encompass two packages. The first is the hydrogen peroxide, the second is the dye itself. Those two acquire mixed together and also are then used to each strand that the hair. The dye will certainly then pass through the hair structure and will stay in there. The is practically impossible to reverse this process, therefore the colour will normally stick and also can be hard to change again. However, there can be part fading impacts after a couple of months.

Natural option:

The natural based method can it is in done with henna, chamomile or reng. Please keep in mind that each one of those is only able to achieve a limited range that colour. Henna for instance will usually offer the hair a nutty brown tint, whilst chamomile will revolve it more yellow or blonde.

When must you dye your hair?

The finest time would actually be before you acquire your dreadlocks since once you have actually locks, dyeing the knotted hair will be lot harder and having evenly and properly dyed hair will be lot harder.

If you want to dye her dreadlocks, you have to be much an ext careful. Dyeing her hair is rather damaging and the procedure of making dreads and also felting them end months currently put a huge strain on the hair. If you’re pertained to that the tips might break and that your hair will be damaged past repair, you best stay away from hair dye. If you’re in any doubt, feel complimentary to call us and also we will take a look because that you.

What to pay attention to

If you’re looking for a great hair dye you finest take a watch at barber accessories and equipment. Here, you will find a wide selection of high high quality dyes in plenty of different colours. Friend will additionally have the alternative of choosing the concentration of had hydrogen peroxide in each dye. Together a dominance of thumb you can pick the concentration by just how much lighter your hair have to be: The lighter, the greater the percentage.

However, a high concentration that hydrogen peroxide will additionally damage your hair much much more and you need to never bleach her hair much more than once. See as just how 18% would even be too lot for healthy and balanced hair and also isn’t available on the German market, us recommend that you don’t exceed a concentration of 6%.

We additionally recommend that you leaving at the very least a week pause in between dyeing her hair and also taking treatment of your roots.

Dreadlocks and also hair colours

First the all, if you have actually dark hair however want to have a lighter tone favor ginger or blonde, girlfriend will have to bleach her hair. If girlfriend don’t have locks yet, take it a few weeks time to bleach the hair properly.

After girlfriend did that, dyeing your dreadlocks is nice easy and also you can have any type of colour available on the market. That can additionally be fun to dye locks in various colours or use unexplained colours choose blue, pink or green. Because that those, we deserve to recommend the brand Directions, however please no that extreme colours prefer these will fade after a while.

Dreadlocks and henna dyes

We perform not introduce dyeing her hair with natural products, particularly not henna. Henna is in reality a mix made of dried and also pulverised leaves. Dyeing your hair v henna is very much a possibility, yet the tiny piece are nearly impossible to acquire out of her hair after. This deserve to lead to her hair to smell intensely and you will even be at danger of mould. Your hair itself will of course not moulder, but if you placed in various other substances favor wax or leaves, those space prone to execute so.

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So, if you do currently have locks please stick to chemistry dyes and also be careful with the concentration that hydrogen peroxide as well as with bleaching in general. A bleaching excellent properly as soon as might assist with felting, yet once you execute it, you can find your locks no longer on your head however falling off.