I desire to carry out a rough-in for a brand-new bathroom in the basement and also would prefer to know just how to discover which way the PVC waste Pipe runs under the concrete floor.The main stack waste pipeline is in the center of the basement and also leads the end to my septic tank. Must I break up the concrete around the key stack to see which method the pipe runs or is there any type of tricks that the profession in finding the end from the clean the end just above the floor on the 3.5" PVC garbage pipe.If I put my ear on the concrete floor and also run water through the rubbish pipe carry out you think I might hear the water running in the pipe?Many Thanks,Duke

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A trickle of hot water for a size of time would certainly be straightforward to pick up with an infrared camera. Possibly also a an easy laser temperature meter, although I have never make the efforts the temp meter. Infrared cameras are regularly used to locate hidden or hidden pipes as lengthy as they deserve to be boil or cooled.Also, plumbing usually prevents unnecessary twists and turns. Visualize the straightest path from what you view to wherein it goes.Bud

Instead of her ear..try putting a length of rubber hose (like automobile heater hose..but garden hose will certainly work) over a funnel spout and also put the funnel on the floor.Might be able to use a metal detector if you operation a snake down the line and also leave it.Just some suggestions.

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I"ll provide you 3 ways to situate the pipe, native no expense to kind of expensive however 99% reliable:1. Utilizing 2 copper or other steel wire, type an "L" v each one, take them in ~ the quick side softly through your hands, they have to be about 6" long, walk roughly your basement v the wires pointing forward, castle will move inwards when you space on peak of a pipe (or water), come be kind of safe shot it various times at various locations. That has operated for me a few times. A male from the water district offered me this info. At an initial I assumed he to be BSing me but it yes, really works.2. Like among the other guys said, you can run a steel wire or a snake and use a line locator, its accurate.3. "seesnake" / sewer video with a locator. 99% accurate and you get to view the problem of her pipe. It even tells you exactly how deep the line is. Im no sure just how much a plumber will charge you because that this yet the prices in mine area walk from $150 to $400.Also sewers deserve to be very tricky on exactly how they run, they commonly run straight yet you have no idea how numerous times plumbers call me to locate the sewer since they couldn"t discover it wherein it to be "supposed to be". Its yes, really frustating to destruction a 6" ditch and also miss the sewage system by 5".I repair/replace sewers on a day-to-day basis, and also from my over 1000 sewers located I"ve missed the ar twice through the seesnake/locator. Missed half the time with the 2 L cable trick however found various other pipes!!