A step-by-step indict on addressing mistakes when knitting garter stitch. Just how to choose up dropped stitches and fix holes.

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I start by assuming you simply dropped a stitch, you space in complete panic mode, and also you space afraid that you just damaged all your difficult work. Nonsense! there is an easy method to rescue your job and this accuse will display you precisely how to deal with a reduce stitch in garter stitch.


If you have a stitch marker, then you have the right to use that. A spare needle, a safety and security pin, or maybe also a pencil will all do the job. Just uncover something you can slip the stitch on. It yes, really doesn’t matter. It’s simply an interim equipment if things currently unraveled for number of rows. If it’s just one row, you deserve to usually lift that on her left or best needle (scroll all the method down to see that).

Now, before I present you just how to resolve the dropped stitch, we must talk around the anatomy the this knit stitch pattern. Together you probably understand you create the towel by knit a straightforward knit stitch across all rows. And a knit stitch will appear like a purl stitch indigenous the not correct side. That’s why girlfriend can also purl all stitches to create the same cloth (often called reverse garter stitch), and you need to switch in between purl and knit stitches as soon as you knit garter stitch in the round.

Why is this important? Well, due to the fact that whenever you desire to deal with a to reduce stitch, you will certainly be functioning from one side. And this method you need to re-create a knit stitch because that every best side row and a purl stitch for every wrong side row.

Let’s display how to perform that.

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