Horizon: Zero Dawn locks players out of the Mother"s Watch once they"ve clearing it, but there"s a way to get ago in and also grab any type of missed items.

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How come get back into Mother's Watch
Horizon: Zero Dawn has ultimately made its method to pc players, however now countless of those players space repeating the same mistakes i m sorry PS4 individuals made back in 2017. One instance of this is leaving the Mother"s Watch also early, specifically before obtaining the power Cell the is discovered inside.

football player wanting come unlock Horizon: Zero Dawn"s secret armor, the ancient Shield-Weaver Armor, will have to collect five Power cell scattered throughout the map. While most of these deserve to be obtained fairly easily, the one found in the Mother"s watch area is locked turn off if the player doesn"t get it the first time lock enter.

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It"s precious noting that by the finish of Horizon: Zero Dawn the temple will reopen and the player deserve to get ago in to retrieve the power cell. The said, for those no wanting come wait that long, there space some alternative methods of gaining in. This an approach in certain can be done without the usage of any wall breaches.

The video above reflects the specific route players should take if they wish to climb the hill that surrounds Mother"s Watch and also re-enter the temple, yet there are some points to note. First, football player will need one the Horizon: Zero Dawn"s mounts in bespeak to use this method, together there are certain invisible barriers on the course which block Aloy if she"s on foot however not when she"s on a mount for part reason. Second, the path is treacherous, therefore it would certainly be way to save prior to attempting it.

Finally, this method will require wealth of patience, as there are a the majority of portions that call for the player to discover a sweet spot as soon as making a jump. Even in the video clip showing the an approach it takes several tries, so for players that have actually never excellent this before, such as those playing Horizon: Zero Dawn"s computer port, it may finish up taking also longer. The ideal thing to perform is to keep trying and also cross referral the video clip to make certain the player is heading in the exactly direction.

Eventually, the player will job-related their method all the means around the mountain and also enter the city from above and behind, in ~ which allude they have the right to simply walk ago into the temple. When inside, take it the door top top the right and also continue on down the hallway. Make the very first left and that will cause the Power cabinet that enables the player come unlock the Shield-Weaver armor.

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After ~ obtaining it, the only means to leave the town is to fast travel out.