You're in search of blood kelp zones. There's one in a trench southern westish of the lifepod, and also another one north of the island with the alien structure. If you see the gangly white branches the blood kelp you currently did many of the work, girlfriend just have actually to be able to dive deeper 보다 200 meter to acquire to their roots.

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Directions space pseudo accurate.

Thanks, I regulated to discover it. Got some currently in a growbed. Ns assume I can just knife them for seeds each time?

I'm at this 2nd stage in the game maybe? wherein I have found a the majority of blueprints and I can't construct them, but so far I've never really do a complete on base since I haven't found a place I like. I've just only ever before made the bare minimum to be me sufficient. The is clear though I require a appropriate base somewhere and also I have to farm and also find materials because I have the right to not enhance otherwise. I have actually read a lot around the starting zone being good because that center. Think I'll look because that a spot there.

Also, posesthe you silver ore you Where's Wally wannabe bag of shit.

If you're speak you can't discover the plant which yields blood oil and don't mental it gift spoiled, then you'll want to execute two things:

1 - go to the Subnautica wiki (a.k.a. "spoiler central"; connected in the sidebar) and also search for blood oil to find out the name of the tree you'll be seeking, what that looks like, and which region it's situated in.

2 - discover a subnautica map digital to assist you locate the important zone. This will most likely spoil more than simply blood oil locations, fyi. (An example map)

Once you uncover it, lug some earlier to your base and slap that in an exterior growbed. Ns didn't establish it was plantable at first.

The only method I deserve to reliably remember exactly how to acquire to some off the top of my head is to walk southwest native the lifepod till I struggle the cool reef, then just keep going down. Eventually you'll pass the deep reef and also the struggle blood kelp and the shed river.The great news is, when you gain one sample, friend don't need any type of more, cause you can plant it back at her base.

The great news is, once you gain one sample, friend don't need any kind of more, cause you deserve to plant it earlier at her base.

Exterior prosper Beds FTW!!

I'm in reality amazed at exactly how many people over look being able to prosper your very own Creepvines/Blood Kelps/Gel Sacks/Koosh/Acid Mushrooms/Deep Mushrooms/Sea Crowns(...rarestplantwhat?) at your base. It's simply so cursed handy not having to take trip halfway across the map because that a couple of seed clusters. You have the right to even collection up "defense turrets" through planting Tiger Plants! just how cool is that?

You must go to the Blood Kelp Forest, which sit in a trench in the Barrens. Blood oil ford take up four squares for this reason be sure you have actually inventory room for them as soon as harvesting.

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Subnautica and also Subnautica: below Zero room open civilization underwater exploration and construction games emerged by Unknown people Entertainment.