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Pricing: Buy native a keep for 30000 Coins. High Alch: 0 Coins; low Alch: 0 Coins.

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Weapon StatsDamageAccuracy
Combat BonusesStrengthMagicRanged
AttributesArmourLife BonusPrayer Bonus
StylesClassAttack StyleAttack Speed

Player made during Lunar Diplomacy quest (See Notes); Purchased from the Oneiromancer after perfect the quest.
Equipped to go into Zanaris via the Lumbridge Swamp shed; fitted to usage the Fairy ring network; equipped to cast spells.
This item is developed by enchanting the Dramen employee at each elemental altar; watch the quest guide for more details. If lost or destroyed after the quest, you can only buy the from the Oneiromancer. Just one deserve to be own at a time.After completing A Fairy Tale component III - battle at Orks Rift this staff will certainly no much longer be compelled to accessibility the Fairy ring or beginning Zanaris from the melted in Lumbridge Swamp.

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