How many type of times those stupid referral cards have covered a crucial component at the finish of the video? It occurred to me even more than as soon as and sincedepend, I"m gaining tired of it bereason there"s no alternative on YouTube to disable them, you are required to check out them under any circumstance. In this short article, we"ll define to you 2 helpful philosophies that you can usage to remove the cards that appear at the end of eincredibly YouTube video permanently or whenever you desire.

A. Removing once

If all that you require is to rerelocate the card once, for example, if you are trying to produce a screenswarm of a certain scene in the video that is spanned with the cards, you can inject some JavaScript to remove them from the document. To carry out this, we have to open up the Developer Tools of the web browser, in this instance, we are going to occupational in Google Chrome. To open up the dev tools push F12 or alternatively go to Setups > More Tools > Developer Tools () and also a docked location will certainly appear in the web browser. In this brand-new location, go to the Console tab and inject the adhering to code that will certainly pick every one of those card elements figured out with the CSS selector .ytp-ce-facet and also will rerelocate all of them:

document.querySelectorAll(".ytp-ce-element").forEach((el) => el.remove());Just paste the provided code in the terminal favor this and also press enter:


After injecting the code, the cards will disappear from the existing video:



B. Removing permanently

In instance that you desire to rerelocate permanently the cards from showing up in eextremely YouTube video that you check out, you will certainly have to follow some additional actions. The best solution that exists nowadays is to automatize what we did in the initially step with an expansion that have the right to be set up in the web browser. This extension is uBlock Origin, an efficient blocker that goes easy on CPU and also memory. uBlock Origin is not an "ad blocker", but a wide-spectrum content blocker via CPU and also memory efficiency as a main attribute.

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It functions as well:

uBlock Origin filter listsEasyList (ads)EasyPrivacy (tracking)Peter Lowe’s Ad server list (ads and tracking)Online Malicious URL Blocklist

You can install quickly this extension from the official webwebsite in the browser here:


After installing it, you should include a brand-new filter that will analyze the YouTube doprimary every time you visit it and also will certainly block the card elements from appearing. Visit the YouTube website ( and also open the dashboard of uBlock Origin:


Then go to the My filters tab and also register the following ascendancy in the text editor:

! ##.ytp-ce-elementThen click Apply changes:


and also cshed the tab! Now if you visit any type of video on YouTube that reflects those cards, they won"t appear anymore: