Gathering Stalker teeth can be a problem for newer players. Issue not because this guide will teach girlfriend everything around Stalkers and make life much simpler for you.

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Subnautica is filled with keys that the game doesn’t tell girlfriend about. The player must play through the video game to figure out just how to get particular items and what they need to do next. One of these items is the Stalker Tooth. Today’s guide will emphasis on how to obtain Stalker Teeth in Subnautica.

Much like everything else in Subnautica, you need to carefully arrangement your moves roughly these creatures otherwise they have the right to prove fatal. Lock are generally found in the Kelp woodland – where you should collection up your base to make the collecting procedure easier.

Without further ado, let’s gain right right into the guide about how to get Stalker teeth.

Subnautica Stalker tooth Guide

How to acquire Stalker teeth

Now that we recognize what these teeth are provided for and where girlfriend can find the Stalkers; the next question is how you can obtain their teeth. I’m afraid it no as easy as killing a Stalker and taking the tooth. You have to take a to plan – and also preferably careful – approach. Stealth is your best friend in this matter. Stalkers drop among their teeth once they pick up assorted items. This items usually encompass Titanium or metal Salvage.

You can easily collect loads of metal Salvage appropriate as you start the game at the Crash Site. You have the right to even uncover some in shipwrecks and mobile vehicle bay locations.

Stealthy Approach

Once girlfriend have built up enough materials, find a Stalker hideout and also put under 3 piece of metal Salvage. After putting it down, ns recommend wait patiently at a safe distance so the Stalker i will not ~ spot you. If whatever goes according to plan, the Stalker will pick increase the steel remains and, in the process; hopefully drop the tooth.

Aggressive Approach

You have the right to leave multiple steel Salvages around one Stalker to perhaps get much more than one tooth. There are far better ways to collection these teeth in the future, like using one armored Prawn suit or a Seamoth submarine. The Stalker will certainly slam right into you and drop a tooth while it access time you. You can also shot the aggressive approach and hit the creature v your submarine or shoot it, hoping that it loser a tooth – quite literally.

Tips come Know

No issue which strategy you decision on, there have the right to only it is in a certain variety of teeth reduce by a Stalker. If you space not obtaining lucky and also the Stalker is not dropping the tooth, you must swim about to view if it hasn’t already dropped it somewhere nearby. As soon as you’ve advanced enough in the game, friend will have the ability to locate the teeth by utilizing the Scanner quickly. This will certainly make your life much an ext accessible, however getting come that suggest can take some time.

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The process can take some time gaining used to if girlfriend are brand-new to Subnautica, but once you gain the cave of it, you’ll have actually so numerous Stalker teeth you won’t understand what to do with them. The stealthy technique is encourage for newer players since it have the right to be attention to handle the Stalker head-on. Also, you more than likely won’t have the compelled stuff to walk ahead v the aggressive approach either way.

That around does it for today’s guide about how to obtain Stalker Teeth in Subnautica. Permit me recognize if you found it easy to collect Stalker this in the comment below.