BEST FIENDS is one Android video game with a release day of December 10, 2014 from seriously Digital Entertainment. Video game Genre: Casual. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from top players, developer "answers to gamers" questions, guides because that beginners native the main site and also our secrets for pass the game. Attention, the Wise geek website is continuous updated, visit us an ext often.

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Best Fiends: Beginner’s Guide

What is this game? ideal Fiends is a puzzle game in which you need to construct chains of block of the very same color, connecting lock together. A chain deserve to have at the very least 3 blocks at a time, yet the an ext the better. To develop chains, blocks space dragged through the finger on the screen from one block the a certain color to another of the very same color. Ideal Fiends has an additional "combat" aspect - you have actually a team of insects that need aid in their fight against slugs. Every insect describes a specific color. When you construct a chain of yellow blocks, the yellow pest of her team attacks, and also if the the environment-friendly ones, the green pest attacks, and so on.

Level goals and victory. every level has its own goals. Periodically you need to defeat a certain variety of slugs, collect some particular objects (for example, diamonds), or collect a specified number of blocks that a certain kind (for example, yellow). When the goals are achieved, you go with this level and move on to another. The objectives of the level can always be viewed in the upper left corner of the level or on the information display that shows up when you click on the level that you desire to play. For example, goals: defeat 8 slugs, collection 30 yellow flowers, collect 2 diamonds. That looks choose this:


Each insect likewise has special abilities. When you collect enough blocks of pest color, its one-of-a-kind block will end up being available. Such blocks aid to attain level goals, for example, bombs injury slugs fine or break obstacles. Come use special blocks, you require to attach blocks that the same shade with a unique block. Once you complete a level, you acquire various items - normally meteor ticks and also diamonds. They have the right to be supplied to make the team of insects stronger. The more powerful they are, the easier it is to loss slugs.

Obstruction level. You perform not pass the level if the moves space over or there are no feasible chains, also if the blocks room mixed.

Why does passing the levels boost my number of moves? To stop players from obtaining stuck in the game, a gradual enhancement of moves was introduced for your present level. If you perform not require such assist and you want to finish levels on the an obstacle set initially, you have the right to disable this function in menu - Settings. Click "Free extra moves" so the a red X shows up next to it.

When you revolve off free extra moves, the bonus attribute of a collection of victories is likewise disabled.

Why are secrets used in the game? Keys are supplied to open up boxes that you get access to after successfully completing each level or by touching the an essential icon at the bottom the the main video game screen. In the boxes girlfriend can uncover meteor ticks, diamonds, energy and insects - even super rarely insects!

Where come look for keys? in ~ the levels of the key storyline, you will receive 3 keys for winning in ~ each formerly not perfect level, and also 1 an essential if you victory at the Hero world Tour level, and also you can additionally collect keys at the levels themselves. Girlfriend can also win keys when getting to levels 10 and 20 in the travel of insects. The game also hosts special daily events, because that participation in which friend can acquire including keys. Shot to get through the events "Granny-Slug", "Captain Slug", "Boot Camp" and also "Production of command Meadow"!

Is over there a border to the variety of keys you deserve to have? Yes. Currently, you can collect no much more than 999 secrets (referring come the keys derived for completing levels or at the levels themselves). If you uncover yourself pull close this amount, it’s best to exchange a couple of keys because that resources.

Above the following level number is a steel cage. What is it? To open the following level you should go through the ahead one. If the next level is covered with a metal grill (gate) to pass, you need to fulfill specific requirements. Come go v the gate, just touch the level and also either upgrade your insects come the desired level, or pay the required variety of diamonds to continue.


If friend have currently completed every levels and also are wait for new ones, examine in your keep (iOS app Store, Google pat or Amazon) that you room playing the latest variation of ideal Fiends. Brand-new levels are included monthly when updating! If you have actually run the end of levels and also are waiting for an upgrade - you deserve to take earthworm tests, everyday events, finish quests the insects, and also complete levels of the Trophy meadow ball. Gateways on the world map and requirements for your passage:


How can I choose the offered insects? Touch the level for the game and select "Start." You will be required to the level screen. Prior to making a move, you will certainly see 2 buttons: "Raise insects" and "Change insects". You can touch the "Change insects" switch to adjust your team without leaving the level. You can likewise select "Auto-selection of insects", and also insects in her team will certainly be selected automatically. Auto-selection of insects deserve to be turned on or off in the game menu, in the settings section.

After the very first move, the chance to "change insects" and also "raise insects" disappears.

Special features of insects. Each insect is associated with a various color. Because that example, Temper is a green bug. This way that you require to construct chains of blocks of his color until that throws his one-of-a-kind block (green horizontal bomb) top top the play field. These distinct blocks deserve to be used when combining blocks of the same shade with them.

To make a move, you constantly need to collect at the very least 3 block of the exact same color. Friend can discover out the link of insects through flowers through the colored circles under them! The color of the insects: violet - red - eco-friendly - blue - yellow. Insects have countless special blocks that deserve to be separated into several general categories.

The bombs. Bombs room the most common type of distinct blocks, they damage slugs and have various directions. The direction the the explosion have the right to be identified by the icon over the bomb. As soon as a bomb fires, white circles indicate the block it will detonate. Use these "aiming circles" to get into the necessary blocks - because that example, boxes and diamonds - to collection them!

When producing chains, the bomb goes after your finger - this permits you to far better control the area that its explosion.

Converters Insects through converters (for example, Quincy) are good for collecting blocks of their color in bigger quantities. Once the converter is activated, it turns all the bordering blocks into its color. Insects through converters are best used at levels with the score of block colors - such as "collect 50 yellow." lock don’t carry out as much damage to slugs as bombs do.

You cannot begin a chain through a converter. To usage it, you need to have at the very least one block that the same color next to it. Come activate the converter, drag the corresponding block the the same color!

How to defeat slugs? girlfriend inflict damage and defeat slugs when you affix the colored block on the grid. The numbers over the head the the cheese indicate just how much damage your present chain / continuing to be slug health will do. In the following example, the existing chain will inflict 165 units. Damage, and the slug will have actually 1205 systems left. Health. Insects boost the damages that every block that their shade inflicts on the slug. Because that example, if you have a Green an insect with an strike of 200, each green block in the chain will deal 200. Damage to slugs.

If you perform not have actually a an insect of the shade of the block the you encompass in the chain, together blocks will inflict slugs only 55 units. Damage. It is always much better to mix colors once you have a bug of the same color. Also, do not forget to thrive your insects to increase the damage caused by each block! farming insects is really important action in the fight against slugs. To perform even an ext damage, do longer chains to increase the combined damage.

Collect a chain that at the very least 6 blocks to transaction 1.2x damage.Collect a chain the 10 block or more to transaction 1.5x damage.Collect a chain that 15 block or more to carry out 2.0x damage.

Bombs do slugs a many damage and also are very good at fighting slugs. If you have to defeat numerous slugs, use bug insects as a special tool.

Special attacks and also slug capabilities. Slugs also have unique attacks and also abilities! They sometimes use castle to slow your progress.

Teeth - develop a chain beside a tooth to remove it! Teeth autumn like continuous blocks.Slime - develop chains beside the slime to remove it! blocks in the mucus perform not move.Chewers - they like to eat your one-of-a-kind blocks! Munchkins must be fought conveniently by structure chains alongside them.

Persistent slugs. These slugs room resistant to particular colors. If you build a chain with the color indicated top top the shield icon over the slug, that will bring the slug zero damage! To loss such slugs, you require to develop chains through a various color. Return the collected blocks perform not reason damage to persistent slugs, they space taken right into account in terms of colors that can be collection for a certain level. Because that example, if you construct a chain of 10 eco-friendly blocks in the fight against a green-resistant slug, in ~ a level v a goal of 50 environment-friendly blocks, the will move you 10 blocks closer come the target anyway!

How to detonate black color bombs? Black bombs room activated by colored bombs the drop your insects. To explode of a black bomb through the aid of green!


Note that as soon as you drag a fancy bomb, the white outlines (or "sighting circles") show which blocks will certainly explode. Inspect that this sighting one coincide through the black bomb so the it explodes. Once all level blocks room illuminated by sighting circles, the black and also color bombs space aligned correctly.

Black bombs are very powerful and detonate every little thing that can be detonated in ~ this level. Example: feed a green bug - Tempera - with environment-friendly leaves, and also he will drop a environment-friendly bomb. Make a chain that this green bomb and other environment-friendly leaves, and release her finger once the sighting circles coincide with the black bomb.

How to obtain the best items for unbreakable items, because that example, dense snow? Some target items are situated behind hefty snow, a fence and other items that cannot it is in broken. In together cases, you have to use "bombs" - lock will help to gain the objects surprise behind obstacles.


To complete the level I must collect an ext diamonds than there room on the level. Example: level goal - 5 diamonds. Clearly shows diamonds in ~ level - 3. At these levels over there is commonly a border on how many diamonds deserve to be at a level in ~ a time. For an ext diamonds to appear, friend must an initial collect those that currently exist. Brand-new diamonds will begin to fall on the level with the usual blocks! At this levels, the is finest to try to collect diamonds as quickly as feasible so that brand-new ones can appear.

How is power used? To gain to the Thunder Mountain, insects require energy! The power currently obtainable to you and also the maximum power are displayed in the top left edge of the screen. Because that example, if the energy scale reflects 16/20, then you have actually 16 devices of energy easily accessible from the preferably 20. To play at every level, a details amount of energy is required. The is shown under the "Start!" ~ above the display screen with a description of the level.

I’m out of energy. Your power is revitalized over time because that free. So just wait till it it s okay bigger! you can likewise spin a little pest of happy to win some energy if girlfriend don’t have enough. In addition, if you are linked to Facebook, you can ask her friends come send energy as a gift. To do this, click the energy icon in the top left corner of the game display screen to get in the power store, scroll under to the expression "Ask for energy from friends" and tap the "Ask" button.

You have the right to only ask for power if your power scale is not filled come the maximum.

If you want to beat more, you can buy prompt replenishment of power in the energy store. In addition to replenishing your power supply, you have the right to buy an ext maximum energy for diamonds (when friend buy, your energy scale is likewise replenished). And finally, if girlfriend feel the you have the right to play for a lengthy time in one sitting, then buy limitless energy because that 3 hours!

Saving power while winning. after ~ the 20th level, you will certainly save power when pass the nearest new level available to friend on the world map. The quantity of energy returned coincides with what was spent on the level passed. Because that example, come play at level 75, 4 space required. Energy. Upon perfect this level, you will get back 4 units. Energy, if it to be the closest new level obtainable to you. Power does no return once playing at the levels of the human being map already completed earlier, and at the levels of the Trophy meadow ball and the travels of insects.

If friend no longer want to play at part level, friend can leave it without power loss, if no moves have actually been do yet. For example: a level was opened, however then you want to go with Wisper’s journey instead. Then just pause the game and also select "Surrender." yet this will only work-related if no moves have been made! top top exiting the level in this way, the violet and also red bandits will certainly go more on the map (if the most Wanted in Miniature event is active at the time).

I can no longer boost the maximum energy for gold. What is the reason? If the acquisition of "+5 maximum energy increase and complimentary replenishment" is no available, it means that you have actually reached the maximum the you can buy for gold. Power can still be increased past the best by +1 if friend used keys or watched an advertisement to rotate a little pest of luck.

What walk "No moves" and also "No matches" mean? "No moves" and "No matches" are different problems of defeat in ideal Fiends.

In the "No moves" scenario, the video game ends as soon as the player has actually no move left at this level. Easily accessible level moves are shown on the move respond to in the top right corner of the level screen. The level is no passed, because there are no moves left.In the "No coincidence" situation, the video game ends as soon as it is no longer possible to take any kind of actions in ~ the level. Because that example, if the level is closed v too much "mucus" once there is no room left for producing chains, also if you mix the staying blocks.

Why space my blocks mixed up? When at the level there room no feasible chains no much longer than 3 blocks long, the blocks are immediately mixed. After that there will certainly be at least one feasible chain, and also you can continue the game!

What space diamonds? exactly how do ns get an ext diamonds? Diamonds space a valuable source at best Fiends. They space usually supplied to grow insects if over there aren’t enough meteor ticks come raise the level, or come buy tricks that open up the boxes wherein you can find meteor ticks, more diamonds, energy or insects! If you can not raise a an insect due to a shortage of yellow or blue meteor ticks, the video game will ask girlfriend if friend would like to compensate for their shortage by safety diamonds to boost your level.

You can buy diamonds in ~ the Brittle Diamond Store. To obtain there, tap the diamond symbol in the top right corner of the people map. Extr diamonds can be derived for free, collecting castle at certain levels, participating in video game events, the town hall ads, to twist the luck bug, using tricks or receiving castle as presents from friends on Facebook.

What is gold? exactly how do ns get an ext gold?

Gold is a an useful and rare resource in ideal Fiends. It is greatly used in the video game to purchase 5 much more moves if you have actually run the end of move at the level, replenishing energy and increasing the maximum power level, and, the course, because that "epic" insects and their to exclude, styles! You can buy gold at the Quincy gold Store. To gain there, insanity the gold symbol in the upper right corner of the civilization map.

Of course, it’s precious looking in ~ the numerous special offers! Also, gold have the right to be derived by participating in everyday events! Every day, among three occasions is obtainable to you. To advance in together events, you need to complete levels while the daily event is active. And also here is exactly how you can obtain gold in these events:

1. "Slug guards." To win gold in the daily Slug security event, you need to flourish the slug to stage 5. Carry out not forget that, as soon as deciding to raise a slug prior to the next stage, you will certainly not have the ability to pick up the rewards till you reach the following stage. Because that passing each phase of this event, you acquire 100 diamonds, blue meteor ticks (their number counts on the typical level the insects), 5 keys, 5 hrs of VIP status and 10 gold.


2. "Most want in Miniature." To win gold in the most Wanted in Miniature, you need to catch a red or green slug bandit. The reward relies on the variety of bandits caught. Generally you acquire 5 gold (up to 15) for recording green, and also 10 gold (up come 30 gold) for recording red. Many other rewards also rely on the catch of various other slug bandits.

3. "Production commander Meadow." In "Commander of the meadow Loot" you can win yellow if friend find every one of his treasure chests and parts the the amulet to open the last chest. After opening the last chest, you acquire 10 gold, 10 keys and also 10 hrs of VIP status. Together usual, throughout the event you have the right to get numerous other awards (in addition to the final).

In enhancement to daily events, there are additionally seasonal trials, earthworm trials, and also Hero levels. You have the right to win gold in every one of them! Seasonal trials are almost always energetic and become obtainable when you finish level 20. Earthworm Trials space always obtainable to football player who have actually completed level 240. Hero levels are available to the most committed players. These levels open as soon as you have completed all levels of the world map in the game.

Gift giving

Giving gifts at finest Fiends is a good way to get extra meteor ticks, diamonds, and energy in the game.

How to choose up gifts? On the presents page, you have the right to have approximately 20 surprised gifts and up to 5 energy requests that have to be collected. As soon as you touch to choose up gifts, they are picked up all at once. Gift power is not taken away if you do not have actually enough space for it. Gifts permit you to receive extr diamonds, yellow and blue meteor ticks and also energy.

When you pick up a gift indigenous a friend, a gift from you is sent out to the girlfriend at the same time. Friend whose gifts you have already received or taken away cannot receive gifts straight from friend by the finish of the day. Top top the presents page you can have up to 25 presents at a time, so nothing forget to check back often and also collect gifts to make room.

Sending gifts. If you want to provide friends directly, simply tap the "Send Gifts" switch on the presents page. Surprise gifts may contain energy, meteor ticks or diamonds. You can send a surprised gift to her friend as follows:

Select native the perform of friends you want to give (or pick all friends), or find for details friends using the search bar;Tap "Submit";A confirmation window will appear. Simply touch the "Submit" button and also the gift or presents will be sent.

Only girlfriend who already play best Fiends are listed. You have the right to only send presents to friends when a day, for this reason everyone who has currently received presents will not appear on the list. Remember: if you currently took a gift from a friend, he instantly received a gift from you, therefore he will certainly not it is in on the list.

Best Fiends: Leveling Tips


Each level deserve to be completed many thanks to the exactly strategy, as well as, in the situation of levels on the human being map and also Hero levels, a properly selected team the insects. If you’re stuck at any kind of level, shot asking the finest Fiends community for advice. Top top the various other hand, if another player is grounding at the level that you have currently passed, also assist with tips! Pay attention to the objectives of the level and also see whereby the vital objects are. Castle will help you select the right team.

1. Insects v bombs. for levels where you must defeat slugs, and also collect or activate key objects on the field, a team of insects through bombs is normally suitable. When collecting key objects (diamonds, cells, etc.) or activating objects (such together detonators or bombs), look in ~ their ar on the field. For example, part objects have the right to only be got to with the help of horizontal bombs, and others only with the explosion of vertical bombs. And also for some items, you generally need one X-Bomb, pulling out diagonally.

2. Insects with converters. At levels where you must collect a certain variety of blocks of a certain form (green leaves, yellow flowers, etc.), be certain to usage insects through converters. The most daunting thing is to placed the first block converter. ~ that, just make certain that the converters room in areas where castle will rotate as plenty of blocks as feasible into what friend need. In other words:

There need to be as few obstacles as possible;They should be together close come the middle of the level together possible;There should be as numerous blocks as feasible next to them.

You can usually get an additional block converter when developing a chain of "turned" blocks. In addition, if you execute not touch any converted blocks, then, having received a brand-new block converter, friend will instantly find what to integrate it with. You will be able to create chain of numerous turned blocks, rotate by turn.

3. Automatic choice of insects! If you walk to the settings section in the game menu, you deserve to turn top top the automatic selection of insects! after ~ that, as soon as you begin to pass the level, the best collection of insects will certainly be selected because that it. This feature can it is in disabled at any type of time.

4. Raising the level the insects. Need much more power to loss slugs? raising the level of insects will boost the damages done! Need help Leg? Additional turning features from Brittle? If you require to increase the impact of special skills of insects, then their advance is just what girlfriend need. Insects develop at levels 5, 10, 15 and also 20! To increase the level that insects, you deserve to use yellow and blue meteor ticks. If they are over, diamonds can be used instead!

Best Fiends: Seasonal events and progressed Game Modes

Wanted in Miniature. The most notorious slug bandits in Miniature escaped! assist Sheriff Elk lug them to justice! "Most wanted in Miniature" shows up on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. You require to catch bandits that 4 types, and also they usually show up in the complying with order (depending on the continuing to be levels):

Blue - go through 3 levels to record the blue bandit.Violet - finish 2 level in a heat to catch the violet bandit.Green - complete 5 levels to record the green thug.Red - go v 4 levels in a heat to capture a red bandit.

For the catch of bandits, you can earn an excellent rewards! that course, the harder the is to record them, the far better the reward will certainly be. Purple and also red bandits room tricky, yet worth it! because that the very first group of recorded bandits you will obtain one bag of treasures, because that the 2nd - a dual treasure, and for the third ... Yes, it is right! Triple treasure!

Slug You regulated to uncover a slug! Squirrel appears on Tuesdays, Fridays and also Sundays. Your task is to thrive the slug so that it does not come to be harmful! To do this, you must collect carrots in ~ the levels of the people map (small carrots will appear on ordinary blocks, and to collect them, girlfriend will should go through the level). When the carrots are enough, the cheese will prosper a little!

After that, you have the right to either pick up the earn rewards, or proceed to prosper the tiny slug further to obtain even an ext rewards and even gold! However, it is in careful. If time runs out, friend cannot feeding the slug on time and cannot take any kind of rewards in ~ all. Carrots show up only on level of the map the the human being or Hero an ar that have actually not yet been completed.

Treasure Meadows. The crew of the trophy round of the commander Lug relocated the personal chest that Lug and several chests! Go v the level to obtain chests and rewards! This event shows up on Wednesdays. In bespeak to obtain the meadow prey, you need to collect 4 parts of the amulet in the chests top top the map the the key storyline / Hero levels. If the level on the maps the the key storyline are over, Luga’s high-end booty shows up - and it’s not easy to get to her last chest!

Between chests from 2 to four levels, and also you require to gain to every of them conveniently enough. Every chest includes a mini-reward and part of the amulet. If you are unable to get to the next chest, command Meadow will pick up all the staying chests. This occasion is available to players who have actually completed level 40.

What are an insect Jobs? just how to open up them? Tasks the the Insects are different stories in the game, developing approximately a specific insect. Due to the fact that they room not concerned the main story, you carry out not need to complete the Insect quests to continue your journey v Miniature. You need to achieve a details level and requirements for insects. Vital requirements are shown on the display screen of the quest for insects, which appears after you click the button assignments insects in the main map the the game. Keep playing the key story to uncover more pest Jobs! have a an excellent travel!


Meadow Trophy ball Explanations

What is a trophy ball? A trophy round is an alternate game setting in best Fiends. As soon as you have been can not to happen a an overwhelming level for a long time, and you desire to flourish up your insects before brand-new challenges, the Trophy sphere is simply what you need. In Trophy round mode, you have the right to collect much more yellow or blue meteor ticks compared to common levels. Also, the trophy ball enables you to select which meteor ticks to collect - yellow or blue.

How do I begin playing in ~ the levels of the trophy ball? The trophy ball will be obtainable after level 250. ~ passing the 250th level, the meadow trophy ball deserve to be discovered in the list of insects in the lower left corner.

What is a trophy round countdown counter? There space two timers in the trophy ball:

You have 24 hrs to complete each level that the trophy ball. If you were unable to complete it throughout this time, the level is replaced by another. This will certainly not allow you obtain stuck ~ above the daunting level of the trophy ball!30 minutes to "cool" ~ passing the level that the trophy ball. As soon as the level that the trophy round is passed, you should wait 30 minute before starting a new one. Of course, currently you have the right to play the usual levels ~ above the map.

If all the usual levels have currently been completed, you can pass the levels of the Trophy sphere without a break.

Best Fiends: Collecting and also Raising Insects

I watch a "!" in the insects food selection or directly over them. What does this mean? If you see an exclamation mark (!) In the food selection of insects or above your insects, this means that girlfriend have sufficient meteor ticks or meteor ticks and also diamonds in complete to prosper a bug. The sign will disappear if you flourish all the insects friend can, yet until you have sufficient resources because that the next boost in the level of insects.

Why was every one of my meteor ticks used to raise the level the the bug? If in the perform of insects (in the reduced right edge of the main screen of the game) girlfriend touch bug to go to its info page, the variety of meteorite ticks needed to flourish it come the following level is displayed. For example, for Temper to prosper from level 5 come 6, 1250 yellow ticks and 10 blue ticks may be required.

If you execute not have sufficient meteor ticks, girlfriend can include them with diamonds. In this case, the game will questioning "Buy the missing meteor ticks?" In this home window you can see how countless ticks are missing, and also how numerous diamonds you require to give for them. The cost of cultivation a bug is the same. Diamonds simply assist to carry out it faster, there is no collecting the required variety of meteor ticks. Because that this, all accessible meteorites and diamonds can be supplied in the quantity essential to rise the level.

How to flourish insects? What to perform with meteor ticks? Bugs deserve to be increased with meteor ticks. Every level increase requires a different amount of yellow and also / or blue meteor ticks. V each rise in the level that a bug, it increases its strike power. In addition to attack, every fifth level rise to the 20th additionally improves the special abilities of her insects. Yellow meteor ticks show up in the game nearly from the really beginning. Blue show up later. They space rarer and more valuable than yellow meteorites.

To prosper a bug, walk to the list of bugs (the switch in the reduced right edge on the map screen), and also then pick the pest whose level you want to increase. Touch the insect that your an option to watch information about it and also the cost of growing it. To increase the level of a bug, just touch the "Grow" button. If your insect is around to with the 5th, 10th, 15th or 20th level, the switch will to speak "Evolution", which way that the advance of the insect will make it stronger (and boost its one-of-a-kind skills)

If you don’t have enough meteor ticks to level up, you deserve to use diamonds instead of missing ticks. Elevating the level of insects is just one of the finest ways to usage diamonds in ideal Fiends. Cost-free diamonds and meteor ticks can be in the cells the you open up with secrets at the finish of every level or participating in game events.

Where can I uncover the absent insects? Insects are an essential part of best Fiends. The more you advancement in the game, draw close Thunder Mountain, brand-new bugs will sign up with your team. You deserve to find almost all simple insects by opening the cell with tricks at the finish of each level. Once passing levels you will certainly receive complimentary keys. To boost the chances of gaining bugs faster, you can likewise buy extra tricks for diamonds. To find out what is in the cage - a pest or one exclusive layout of a bug - press the "i" button above the cage.

After that, a display will open that speak you if over there is anything else that can be found. You will not discover insects ~ above any particular levels - they begin to show up in the video game randomly once you enter new worlds (Green Glades, ice cream Hills, limitless Desert, Ominous Ocean, etc.) To find insects you need patience, a small intuition, and also a little luck! and of course, the an ext keys you have, the greater the possibilities of finding new insects.

I’m in ~ level 90, and my girlfriend is in ~ level 70. The has currently found Bob’s ladybug, but I haven’t yet - is over there something wrong? This is possible, and this is no a mistake. It looks prefer your girlfriend was a tiny luckier, and he regulated to uncover Bob before you. Play, and you will additionally meet Bob, making use of the keys to open the cells!

Best Fiends: well-known Themes


I lost a saved game, have the right to I reclaim it? If your accomplishments have to be lost and you do not have a backup, contact the developers and they will certainly make every initiative so that you go back to the location where you finished the game. When applying for the concern of lose of achievements, phone call the level that you have reached, the insects the you have actually grown, and also they will gain back all this.

Crashing at ideal Fiends! First check that you are using the latest variation of best Fiends. Verify that your machine has the latest variation of that is operating mechanism (OS). If after updating the game and also the OS the crashes persist, perform the following:

Close ideal Fiends, restart the device, and also then restart the game.Close all background applications and also start the game.If a crash occurs during the launch of the game, start the video game with the "Airplane" setting on.If all of these methods do not settle the problem, call support.

In her message, suggest the following information to assist sort out the problem:

The model of your an equipment (for example, iphone 6, iphone phone X, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Tab 4, etc.);Version of your operating system;Where the difficulty arises in the video game (at launch, at certain levels, in specific menus, when associated to Facebook, etc.).

A brief arrival to the leaderboards! Please keep in mind that this function requires a Facebook link in the game. The very first time a leaderboard button appears after perfect level 35 on a world map. Right here you have the right to see your outcomes in comparison v friends, family members members and even the entirety country! her score top top the leaderboard is the sum of the following:

Passed levels of the world map;Passed level of work insects;Hero area levels.

Earthworm events: in order because that them to it is in counted in her score on the leaderboard, you need to complete each story completely - for example, to get 5 points because that the Granny-Slug test, you have to go through all 5 levels. They can be of any type of level the difficulty, and if extreme testing is no yours, pick the "easy" ones! acquired into the wrong nation or state on the leaderboards? Please carry out support v the exactly information. This have the right to be done through the menu - assistance - call us.

Best fiends freezes! i can’t move blocks! If you have not played ideal Fiends because that a long time, or played one more game, quite frequently the difficulty is the you room trying to integrate blocks incorrectly! In best Fiends, you attract a heat from one block come another, climate to the next, and so ~ above - the much more the better! as soon as you move roughly them, they room highlighted.

What is a Hero civilization Tour? Where can I find him? Hero civilization Tour is a ideal Fiends game mode designed for the finest of the best! It opens after pass the last level the the world map in the game. Once adding new levels, the Hero civilization tour moves, always being accessible only after every the levels of the human being map that are right now available.

Even if girlfriend did no pass the Hero civilization Tour level on your very first attempt ~ the critical update, girlfriend can always continue from wherein you left turn off as shortly as this mode opens again after ~ passing the last level on the human being map. Take a miniature tour and also show the slugs that you space truly a hero!

Friends of best Fiends. now you can include friends in the game without including them as friends ~ above Facebook. This role can be found in menu - support - friends / To gain your girlfriend code, open the tab v the "i" icon and also click "Get her code!". This password will allow others to include you together friends if girlfriend send it to them. If you understand someone else’s code, friend can add it on a tab v a "+" sign. The continuing to be tabs let girlfriend delete friends and view friend requests. The much more friends girlfriend have, the more gifts you deserve to send and also receive!

There are many world on mine friends perform who are not mine friends! They were included by the developers! These space real people who, favor your true friends, will certainly send you gifts and accept them indigenous you. Together "friends" will be included until you have a maximum of 25 friends in the game. If any of lock stops play actively, he will be replaced.

These world will not be added to your on facebook friends list, nor will they be able to see your full name, check out your personal details and also view her profile. The developer hope the players will certainly enjoy additional gifts from brand-new friends, however if for some factor you perform not need this function in the game, you have the right to turn it off (or revolve it top top again later) here: settings - advanced settings - Add an ext friends for the game.

I can not twist the happy bug! The very first thing you should do if you can not twist the lucky of happiness is come reboot your an equipment and then shot to change your net connection, for example, move from Wi-Fi to mobile or angry versa. Also, execute not forget come restart finest Fiends so that the application can affix to the proclaiming service. If you check out only component of the advertisement or the loading display screen freezes, contact support come let the advancement team know and also they will start to fix the problem.

Insect styles

Insect styles are an chance to change the illustration of her insects, and also give castle a "stylish reinforcement" of +50 for each insect layout that you have.

Where to gain these styles of insects? Sometimes insect styles are provided out as a reward because that passed test or other events in the game. Lock can likewise be won for completed jobs of insects. And also you deserve to buy insect styles for gold.

Where come look for them? If you just won, because that example, Howie Pyromancer, uncover the Howie info page. Go to the insects menu, then go to the blue section and tap Howie. Friend will see the complying with page:


Then insanity the T-shirt icon on the right. You will be taken to a similar page:


Now friend can select the look of Howie. Nevertheless of the appearance girlfriend choose, she stylish +50 assault bonus will constantly work. Please keep in mind that if over there is an ext than one format for any insect, bonuses will accumulate. This deserve to be watched in the figure above: Howie has +100 stylish gain, together this player has both Howie Pyromancer and also Holiday Howie in the game.

Best Fiends: In-Game Purchases and also Payment

I have actually not obtained the purchase item. In those rare cases when the transaction is completed, yet you go not get your item, an initial try rebooting your maker and examine for a stable net connection, then open ideal Fiends again. If friend play on one iOS machine (Apple), try going to the video game menu - Support, and also then click "Restore purchases."

If her items are still missing, call support with the menu - assistance - call us. Castle will research your difficulty and, after ~ verification, include the lacking items to your video game account. If developers can’t figure out what happened, send them a screenshot of the digital acquisition receipt. You need to receive the from the save by e-mail (or by SMS, in part cases) automatically after purchase. If you cannot discover the acquisition receipt in her mail, look because that it in the acquisition history.

Why can’t ns make a purchase? Shopping might not succeed with a weak internet connection. An initial try again in a ar with a an excellent and stable web connection. It is also possible that you have reached your everyday spending limit. The is collection so the friends or family members members cannot make numerous purchases v your credit transaction card! simply repeat the purchase the following day, and everything should be in order.

IOS only. On your device, payment limitations may it is in enabled. Girlfriend can check these setups in the basic Information - limitations section.Only for Android. Your payment an approach may have been declined. Examine your email inbox (inbox) for a blog post from Google concerning your last purchase. Friend will additionally be maybe to see your purchase history and standing of failure purchases if you authorize up for Google Wallet.

Apple Payments: I have withdrawn much more than vital for my acquisition / I have not completed (a) the purchase, yet the money has actually been withdrawn native me. This frequently happens with purchases through iTunes or Apple. They delay the sending of the receipt and its processing for up to 2 weeks. This renders it complicated to identify the date of purchase. They likewise combine receipts for purchases for different days together. Because of this, it appears that the payments to be made in ~ the exact same time.

You can examine the actual day of purchase. To execute this, go to the purchase background and click the small arrow on each individual purchase. When viewing an separation, personal, instance purchase, the receipt day will quiet be shown as the date. There have to be another little arrow, once you click on it you will view the real date when you requested a acquisition / items. If girlfriend still doubt what happened, or if you need help, please contact the game support company via food selection - assistance - contact us.

Best Fiends: Installation and also Upgrade


The Play store reports that ideal Fiends is not easily accessible in mine country. This means that best Friends go not have an covenant with the Google Play store in your country, yet it may be in the future. In the meantime, you deserve to download ideal Fiends indigenous the Amazon application Store (available top top the Google pat Store), or native the Apple application Store for iOS devices.

When I shot to upgrade or install finest Fiends, I gain an error message about the USB storage or SD card. To install the game, try this:

Go to device Settings - Memory;Select "Disconnect SD Card";Try installing finest Fiends native the Google beat Store;Return to machine Settings - Memory and reconnect the SD card.

I cannot upgrade or install finest Fiends. If you room unable to update or install finest Fiends on iOS and also Android:

Close the app Store or Google Play save app;Reboot your device;Launch the app store.

On Amazon Kindle Fire / Fire Phone:

Reboot your device;On her computer, open a web browser and go come the Amazon website;Log in come the Amazon website with the very same account that is supplied on the device;Find the finest Fiends application in the store;Select your an equipment in the "Send to" drop-down perform (for example, the name Fire Phone)Click on "Get it currently in 1 click" or "Submit" (depending on what you perform - update best Fiends or download the video game for the an initial time).

How come update ideal Fiends? Follow these actions to upgrade ideal Fiends to the recent version. Top top iOS:

Open the application Store from the home screen of her device;Open the "Updates" section in the app Store menu at the bottom that the screen;Find best Fiends in the perform of updates and tap the Update button next to the ideal Fiends app.

On Android:

Open the Google Play store app;Touch the menu icon in the top left edge of the display (three parallel lines);Select "My Applications";Find finest Fiends in the perform of updates and also tap it;On the ideal Fiends app page, madness the refreshing button.

On the Kindle:

Tap "Shop" in the top left corner of the residence screen;Tap "Applications" in the upper left corner of the first page the the store;Open the side food selection by click the menu symbol (3 lines in the upper left corner);Swipe under to the "More" category and also tap "Application Updates";Locate best Fiends in the list and also tap the update button.

Best Fiends: on facebook and achievement Sync


Can I conserve my achievements without Facebook? Facebook is the many reliable means to ensure the security of your achievements, especially if your phone is lost, stolen, all of sudden breaks, or friend reinstall the game or reset the data ~ above the device. Developers may in some cases find initial data about your achievements, but not all.

To prevent disappointment, it is recommended the you connect to Facebook, however if this is not possible, take a screenshot of your present support identifier to conserve it in the gallery and, relying on your settings, in the cloud. Support ID is here: Settings> Support. If you ever need to reclaim the game, developers will have a much much better chance of finding all the early stage data around your achievements if, by contacting them, you tell lock the support ID.

Benefits that connecting to Facebook. By playing ideal Fiends, girlfriend can connect to Facebook! This will enable you to compete with your on facebook friends top top the map and also brag around completing their level. Likewise for the an initial connection to on facebook you will get a diamond as a reward! through connecting to your facebook account, friend can likewise send presents to friend on Facebook and also receive lock in return.

Gifts may include diamonds, meteor ticks, or even energy if her insects space tired. It will also enable you to save a backup copy the the game to the cloud server - if necessary, you deserve to transfer video game data from one machine to one more or gain back the game progress if that is lost.

Best Fiends will not short article anything to her Facebook wall surface without your permission and will not send spam to your on facebook friends without her knowledge. You can additionally put a "Like" mark on offs. Facebook game page, store up v the latest ideal Fiends news and also chat through other finest Fiends players from roughly the world.

How to conserve / upload my success to the cloud? To use this feature, you need to be linked to the Internet and logged in. Finest Fiends supplies Facebook come save achievements in the cloud and also synchronize data. If friend are connected to Facebook throughout the game, your accomplishments are saved and also uploaded to the cloud automatically. On your mobile device, friend can also choose to have actually your accomplishments saved and also downloaded manually. To carry out this, follow these steps:

Go come Settings.Touch "Sync conserved Game."Tap "Download Saved video game to the Cloud."Select the option to "Download the saved game on the maker to the cloud."

Your video game is currently saved (uploaded) to the cloud. Store up-to-date duplicates of your video game in the cloud - this is the best way to protect yourself from shedding achievements!

Can multiple world play best Fiends ~ above the very same device? Best Fiends supports just one user per maker and one account every user, for this reason it’s not feasible to beat on multiple devices. A attribute that allows you to have multiple game accounts on the same machine may be included sometime in the future.

How come download my success from the cloud? To usage this function, you must be connected to the Internet and also log in. Best Fiends supplies Facebook come save success in the cloud and synchronize data. If friend are associated to Facebook during the game, your success are saved and uploaded to the cloud automatically.

If during the video game you were associated to Facebook and you have to reinstall the game or download the game on a new device, your accomplishments will be downloaded from the cloud automatically. Come download your accomplishments from the cloud manually, do the following:

Go to "Settings";Touch "Sync conserved Game";Touch "Download saved from the cloud";Select "Cloud Saved video game Name".

Can ns sync my success without Facebook? Saving success and syncing are right now only easily accessible via Facebook. Unfortunately, this means that you cannot sync your achievements without a facebook account.

I cannot restore a backup record from the cloud top top a new device. The download button is gray. In rare cases, as soon as transferring game progress from one machine to another, the receiving maker may not identify the backup file available in the cloud. This typically happens after a current installation of ideal Fiends. The difficulty can be solved as follows. To do this, you need the an equipment from i m sorry the backup was made, and also the receiving device.

Verify the the device from which the backup file was created is linked to Facebook and also is all set for this process. As lengthy as your backup record is in order, nothing will occur to the development of the game. Then, on the receiving device, upload the backup paper to the cloud. In this case, the back-up in the cloud will be overwritten with the progression level ~ above the receiving maker (for example, level 1), however, the download button for this an equipment will it is in activated, i m sorry is what we room striving for.

On the receiving device, departure the Sync Saved game menu. This will ensure that the correct saved game is loaded in the last step. Now, ~ above the an equipment with the main saved file, upload this record to the cloud. Finally, walk to the "Synchronize saved Game" menu on the receiving maker and madness "Download conserved from Cloud". Check the button "Level number in the cloud" - the number should complement the level on the machine with the main paper of the conserved game. Touch the switch to restore progression on the receiving device.

Detailed explanation the saving, loading and synchronizing a conserved game

Currently, in order come synchronize accomplishments on multiple devices, you need to log in to Facebook. In general, the always an excellent to have a back-up of the video game on the video game servers so that you can proceed to beat without losing data if something goes wrong. Finest of all, data protection is guarantee by connecting to facebook from the game. That also allows you to obtain game data in the occasion of a breakdown, loss or theft of your device.

For the best gaming experience, it’s recommended the you stay online and also be linked to facebook while playing finest Fiends. In the mobile variation of the game, data can be downloaded to and from the cloud ("save and load") manually. Download and also upload attributes are obtainable here:

Open the game;Go come "Settings" (gear in the lower left corner on the map);Select "Sync conserved Game."

Upload her saved game to the cloud. This function backs increase your existing game to the gaming cloud server. You have the right to have only one back-up file, therefore you will be asked come overwrite the ahead file. To constantly keep the back-up up to date, you have to upload her saved video game to the cloud as often as possible.

Download saved from the cloud. This feature downloads the latest game backup record to your device. Because that example: i play at level 60 ~ above the phone and also want to continue playing on the tablet computer from the level.

Open the game on your phone;Select Download from Phone. A paper with a backup copy the the game will be created on the cloud server;Open the video game on the tablet;Select "Download." The file uploaded come the cloud will be uploaded to the tablet.

Example: ns play in ~ level 60 top top the phone and will reset the settings on it, or I should delete the game and install that again later.

Before resetting your phone or deleting a game: open the video game on the phone;Select Download indigenous Phone. A document with a back-up copy that the game will be developed on the cloud server;Now you have the right to reset your phone or delete the game;After reinstalling the game: start the game again;Select "Download." The record uploaded come the cloud will be downloaded back to the phone.

If something walk wrong or your progression is lost, contact support within the game.

Best Fiends go not connect to Facebook


If the video game gives an error when trying to connect to Facebook, monitor these procedures to shot to acquire it earlier to work. Prior to performing the adhering to troubleshooting steps, verify the following:

Your best Fiends application has to be updated to the latest version. Inspect your application store for an upgrade available.When using the facebook application, check that it is updated come the recent version. Examine your application store for an update available.Verify that you room not making use of a "Disabled" facebook account.

If you are using your device’s internet browser to attach to Facebook, clear the data and also browser cache. Instructions for this procedure are explained below:

Android Select Applications (or applications Manager, relying on the device). Discover your browser application in this menu, tap it and also select "Clear Cache" (or "Clear Data").iOS If you usage Safari, walk to her device’s settings, uncover Safari there and select "Clear website history and data"Chrome Open it, madness the menu button (in the top right edge of the screen, significant with three lines), select "Settings", then "Privacy", and in the "Clear browser data" section, choose "Clear all".

Troubleshoot utilizing Facebook application. If girlfriend haven’t done this before, log the end of on facebook in the best Fiends game (Settings - facebook - Logout).

Close the game;Restart her device;Exit the facebook application and close the application;Launch the Facebook app again and log in come Facebook;Close lift applications (except Facebook);Launch the video game and try the login process;Try logging the end of the video game several times (for example, 5). Occasionally it does not work on the very first try.

Troubleshoot using your device’s web internet browser for Facebook. If girlfriend haven’t done this before, log the end of on facebook in the ideal Fiends game (Settings - on facebook - Logout).

Close the game;Clear your browser’s data / cache as described above;Log in to facebook in her browser;Close every background applications (except your web browser with open up Facebook);Launch the video game and try the login process;Try logging out of the game several times (for example, 5).

If these measures do no work, shot the following:

Using a internet browser, remove permissions for ideal Fiends ~ above Facebook;Log the end of facebook in the game;Log in to Facebook with a net browser and go come Facebook settings (arrow in the upper ideal corner);Click Applications to readjust the settings. (Left menu);Find best Fiends in the list;Click ’x’ to remove permissions;Repeat the "First actions to fix the Problem" above.

If every these steps do no help, call the support service from the game, with a detailed description of the trouble (for example, just how the game behaves: restarts, closes, provides an error message). If possible, send a screenshot that the video game with one error article if you view this.

I transferred my achievements from one machine to another, but the development in the video game on these gadgets is different! To transport or synchronize her achievements, you require to connect to the very same Facebook account in the game on all gadgets on i beg your pardon you want to play. Top top the machine where you went in the video game further:

Go to the "Menu", climate to "Settings";Touch "Sync conserved Game";Select "Download saved game to the cloud";Select the alternative to "Download the saved video game on the maker to the cloud."

Then top top the an equipment where you passed in the game fewer levels:

Go to the "Menu", then to "Settings";Touch "Sync saved Game";Tap Download conserved from Cloud. Select the alternative "Saved from the cloud Name";Now your success will it is in synchronized.

If your development is various on gadgets after synchronization, you may have different versions of ideal Fiends set up on every device. In this case, you need to update the video game on both devices and shot to move the progress of the video game again.

Version numbers may vary by platform. For example: syncing a saved game will occupational between finest Fiends iOS version 4.6.1 and Android variation 4.6.0. It will not work-related correctly in between iOS version 3.4.0 and Android variation 4.7.0.

Best Fiends: Settings

What is the storage optimization function for? If you enable memory optimization, the lot of RAM required to run the game will be reduced, which will reduce the variety of animations the you see in the game. True, you will certainly still see them at the levels. Use this function only if the support business advised you to execute this.

How perform I exit ideal Fiends? To exit ideal Fiends, carry out the following:

Launch the latest apps menu. Relying on the device, it may be easily accessible by double-tapping the home button, or by holding this button for several seconds.Find finest Fiends in the list. Relying on the device, this deserve to be done by scrolling from peak to bottom or from ideal to left.Touch the application and also swipe it to the side (up or right). Now finish exit from ideal Fiends.

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