FNaF civilization wouldn’t be a true 5 Nights in ~ Freddy’s game without some type of secret undertones, and though they’re mainly quashed by zany cartoon graphics below they’re absolutely still current - despite if you favor to mash through text you deserve to miss lock completely.

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While advancing through the game you will certainly periodically run into Fredbear, the you re welcome NPC representative who sends out you on the pursuit in the an initial place. If friend wait because that Fredbear’s dialogue to exhaust itself each time girlfriend will view a big, flashing ‘Done’ switch on the screen. Execute NOT press THIS BUTTON. If you wait for a while Fredbear will certainly transform into a weirder variation of himself, and carry out some cryptic - but valuable - hints.
Each time Fredbear does this he will certainly tell you about a clock. When he walk this a clock will generate somewhere top top the people map. If you find it you can create a small, ten second minigame with strong connections to five Nights at Freddy’s 3. Successfully finish all five of these and also you’ll unlock a warp come an alternative ending that the game. Mystery. (It additionally unlocks a trophy, so, huzzah.)
The very first clock spawn point is triggered by speak to Fredbear in the west of Fazbear Hills. As soon as you’ve viewed his tiny glitch screen, head earlier to the center of Fazbear Hills and also check the woods to the east. The clock is here. Press the Balloon boy silhouette into the box to finish the task.
The 2nd clock spawn suggest is prompted via Fredbear just as you’re beginning Choppy’s Woods. He’ll allude you come Dusting Fields, and also if you continue with the video game normally you’ll find the clock close to a Lolbit’s Byte Store. 4 white boxes appear near you, and you should hit them in the proper order - namely, upper left, lower left, top right, lower right.
The 3rd clock spawn suggest is simply after the 2nd clock, and also just prior to you beat Bouncer. Fredbear will allude you right into Mysterious Mine, the enntrance gate of i m sorry is a short trip west that Bouncer. When inside, head north and also take the second left to uncover the clock. This minigame features four cupcakes; nudge them right into the boxes.
The fourth clock spawn point is on the leaf of Lilygear Lake. As soon as again, Fredbear point out you right into Mysterious Mine, though v a different entrance. Wade into Lilygear, float north, and then head west to uncover the Mine. Once inside, take it a right and head south at the very first intersection to discover the clock. This minigame features three crate that cause codes. You want to stand on the middle box, which screens the password ‘395248’.
The fifth and final clock spawn point is on the sheet of Blacktomb Yard, just as you’re entering. Fredbear points you into Pinwheel Circus, i m sorry requires proceeding through the game and into Deep-Metal Mine. As soon as you’ve reached Pinwheel Circus, enter Pinwheel Funhouse, the final dungeon that the game, and also pop through the first few tents to find the clock. It’s in a grassy area with 3 tents. Once again, it’s a an easy pushing-into-the-box game.

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After navigating v Pinwheel Funhouse you’ll uncover a warp that will take you to a Key. The key allows you to unlock doors discovered throughout the world, including one that seems to cause nothing - the is, uneven you discovered all 5 clocks. It’s situated in the phibìc of Lilygear Lake, along the same path you take it to get to the fourth clock. If you completed the minigames appropriately there will be a warp behind the lock. Step inside to trigger the ending.

I couldnt uncover clock 2 and messed up clock four... Do u recognize if ns cold shot them again? thanks


I have actually A questioni finished the video game on normal v getting any type of clock carry out i have to make one more save to get these clocks?