And so it is through Periscope… Twitter is speak farewell come Periscope together of in march 2021.

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Have questions? This could help.

RIP, Periscope!

What is Periscope?

Periscope is a live streaming app, own by Twitter, that enables you come share and also watch live video broadcasts from your mobile gadget of choice.

Periscope is a ‘visual pulse of those happening best now‘. It lets you ‘discover the people through who else’s eyes‘.

And it’s the new hottest society media platform that just could be right here to stay.

In this tutorial, you’ll uncover everything you require to recognize on how to usage Periscope – for organization or pleasure.

Periscope: transfer vs Watch

There space two straightforward things you can do top top Periscope:

broadcast orwatch rather broadcast.

For broadcasters, Periscope is a good opportunity to share your experiences v others.

Press a button and you space live. Not only that, however your followers will certainly be instantly notified you space broadcasting, for this reason you’ll be directly connected to your audience.

For viewers, Periscope will provide you an opportunity to discover the civilization the method you never can on her own.

And you are not just a passive viewer either. Friend can interact with the broadcaster, ask questions, and encourage lock by tapping the display to send hearts.

Whether you choose to clock or broadcast, this Periscope indict has gained you covered.

How to gain Started through Periscope

1. Download Periscope application from iTunes

Here’s her download link on iTunes.

And… drumroll!… Periscope is finally obtainable on Android!

Here’s her download link on Google Play.

Also, here’s whatever you should know around Periscope ~ above Android (the core attributes are the same as iOS app, but there room a few differences together well).

How to use Periscope for Android: your A come Z Tutorial

I am sorry to say, Android users have actually run the end of forgiveness of why lock haven’t yet confirm Periscope out for themselves…

At the an extremely least, I’d extremely recommend you register your name because that now, if nothing else – especially, if you are planning on using Periscope for business.

Register your name top top Periscope prior to someone rather does.

2. Log in in with Twitter or your phone number

When you open your Periscope app, you’ll have two options: log in in with Twitter or her phone number.

It’s pretty to have a choice, however why would certainly you desire to sacrifice integration through Twitter?

I don’t think that’s smart, so uneven you are an anti-Twitter fanatic, I certainly recommend creating your account v Twitter login.


What if you have several Twitter accounts?


SIDE NOTE: similar to on Twitter, friend can choose to have as numerous Periscope accounts as you have actually Twitter accounts.

Switching between your Periscope account is easy.Sign out of your present Twitter account (as lengthy as you room signed right into Twitter, Periscope will proceed to automatically log girlfriend in under that account).Log right into Periscope under preferred Twitter account

And, if you really insist on it, here’s exactly how to authorize up for Periscope v your phone call number:

Once you’re top top the login screen, tap Sign Up through Phone Number.Enter the required info and tap Send confirmation Code.You’ll obtain an SMS through your check code. Pop the in the prompt.If you have actually problems, madness Resend confirmation Code.You’ll go earlier to the login screen, wait because that a few, and also then you’ll it is in redirected to create your profile.

3. Produce your Periscope username

Just due to the fact that you sign in to Periscope through Twitter, it doesn’t typical you have to keep your Twitter username.

For instance, mine Twitter username is AnaTrafficCafe – miscellaneous I had actually to come increase with since all various other variations to be too lengthy or taken.

If you space not happy with your Twitter username, you CAN and also should create a brand-new username for her Periscope account.

Should you walk for your very own name or your firm name?

Personally, I’ll walk for my name every time. Doesn’t mean you can’t produce a different account for your brand, however bringing ‘personal’ into your brand is extremely important.

I highly recommend you check out this excellent short article by mark Traphagen at stone Temple Consulting top top the subject:

The strength of the Personal: If You favored It then You Shoulda put Your name on It

Whichever means you pick to go, necessary thing to remember is:


And another quick pointer on your Periscope username:


Once you produce your Periscope username, you space in!


Periscope Newbie: Meet Periscope on iOS

Allow me to offer you a rapid Periscope tour.

Here’s what you’ll see very first thing after you log right into Periscope:


Well, since this is your an initial time on Periscope, this is more like what you’ll see:


Your Periscope ‘Home Page’

There space three an easy things you can do top top Periscope:

WatchBroadcastFind people


Periscope’s Watch Tab (the TV icon in the bottom left corner) is your default Periscope home page.

I think it could be a an excellent idea to do sure your Periscope file is complete before doing anything rather on Periscope.

Let’s head over to Periscope’s People Tab (in the bottom best corner) and also I’ll present you whereby to uncover your profile.

How to manage Your Periscope top top iOS Profile

First things an initial – where is her Periscope profile?


Here’s how to readjust your profile info:


Of course, you can incorporate a attach into your Periscope profile. Yet remember:


What else can you carry out under her profile tab?

Manage her Periscope Followers/People girlfriend Follow/Blocked List


Under her profile, girlfriend can likewise see:

your pendant (and monitor them back)people girlfriend are complying with (and unfollow them)people you’ve clogged (and unblock them)your broadcast replays (and watch them or delete them; naught else)

How go Blocking Users occupational on Periscope?

When you block a user top top Periscope, the user will certainly not have the ability to follow girlfriend or view any type of of your broadcasts, chats, or hearts in the app.

You will also be can not to monitor or view that user’s broadcasts, chats or hearts.

To block a Periscope user:Tap the username you’d favor to block.Tap ‘Block User.’


You have the right to unblock a user at any time, via your Profile.

To unblock a user:

Tap ‘Blocked’ in your Profile to view the list of individuals you have actually previously blocked.Select the user friend would choose to unblock by clicking right into their profile.Tap “Blocked” to carry up the option to “Unblock User.” madness this option.

Change Your press Notifications Settings

By default, you will obtain a push notice when:

Someone starts following you: “Captain Ahab (
CptAhab) started following you.
”Someone you monitor starts a public broadcast: “Captain Ahab is live: watch from Pequod.”Someone you follow invites you to a private broadcast: “Captain Ahab invite you to a private broadcast: we just gained engaged.”Someone you monitor shares another person’s live broadcast. “
Melville wants you to watch: Captain
Ahan is live: check out from Pequod.”When someone you monitor on Twitter live broadcasts because that the an initial time.

How perform you fine-tune this vomit plethora that Periscope notifications?


You deserve to turn turn off notifications for when a new user follows you in your Periscope profile (screenshot above).You deserve to unfollow people whom friend no much longer want come see any push notifications indigenous (there’s no shame in unfollowing loud culprits!)You have the right to turn off all press notifications because that Periscope – period.Go to your device settings.Scroll under to find Periscope.Click top top Notifications.Toggle Allow Notifications to off.

Now What? uncover Someone to Follow

As with any social media platform, what you gain from Periscope will certainly definitely depend on who you pick to follow.

When you monitor someone top top Periscope:

You will certainly be invited to sign up with their public broadcasts via press notifications, if your press notifications room enabled.Their broadcasts will show up in your Watch Tab for 24 hours.They deserve to invite you come watch other people’s public broadcasts.You deserve to chat in their limited broadcasts.Anyone friend follow can invite you come their private broadcasts.

How execute you understand whom to monitor on Periscope?

Ideally, human being you follow should:

do Periscope broadcastsIf they don’t broadcast, there’s really no reason to monitor them.share comparable interestsGoes without saying, right?1. Monitor

What?… had to take it my chance as soon as I saw it… lol

2. Follow civilization others room following

The best means to find human being to follow is to inspect out who others follow.

For instance, if you are into marketing, find a marketer you already like and also see who they space following.

Let’s to speak you begin with me. Here’s what girlfriend do:

While in ‘People’ ar of Periscope, find for Ana Hoffman.Follow me.Tap on my surname to view my profile.Tap top top the world I am following.Follow everyone you’d like.


3. Follow civilization you already follow on Twitter

Periscope will tell you once they join.

When someone you follow on Twitter joins Periscope, the application will educate you – you’ll see their surname pop up at the top of ‘People’ section.


You’ll see how countless Periscope pendant they have actually (it’s a level playing ar out there! – because that now), their Twitter bio, and also you’ll be able to follow them right there and then must you pick to.

4. Follow broadcast commentators

When city hall a broadcast (yours or various other broadcasters’), you’ll see other people authorized in and/or commenting ~ above it.

If you check out anyone you want to take a closer look at, you deserve to tap on your name best from the broadcast and also you’ll see the following on your display screen (no worries, the broadcast will proceed to run in the background.)


You can pick to block that human right there and also then. (This is a brand-new feature in an answer to too plenty of comment trolls spoiling everyone’s fun; great for Periscope team for being so responsive to user feedback!)

Blocking a user will block their visibility come you throughout Periscope.

You can likewise choose come tap top top ‘View Profile’ to… yes, check out that person’s complete profile and follow them. When again, your profile will open up as an overlay v the broadcast still running in the background.

4. Follow world on Periscope ‘Most Loved’ list

Periscope ‘Most Loved’ list is the first thing girlfriend see when you click ‘People’ icon.

People who earn the many hearts (explained below) land on that list.

Can you monitor those people? ns wouldn’t recommend it. Yet you can.

What are Periscope ‘Hearts’?

The means Periscope ‘measures’ popularity is through the number of ‘hearts’ (likes) any kind of given Periscope user has.

The more hearts you have, the higher up you’ll walk on Periscope ‘Most loved’ list.

A few quick pointers about hearts (this is exactly how I believe they work at the time of writing):

You can earn mind on both live broadcasts and replays;Hearts have the right to be given during private broadcasts together well, but they won’t count in the direction of your total;There seems to be a limit of 500 hearts per account per live and also replay broadcast.

We’ll talk more about understanding a bit later on in the post.

Periscope ‘Broadcast’


Periscope lets you broadcast live come anyone who wants to watch.

Once you start a live broadcast, Periscope will certainly instantly notify your followers so they can join, comment, and send you hearts in actual time.

Let me walk you through points to take into consideration before starting your Periscope broadcast.


Broadcast title

It needs to be short, descriptive, and yes, clickable.

That’s what her potential viewers go by when selecting to watch (or not) her broadcast.

Would you be enticed to click on any type of of the titles below?


Broadcast location

You can choose to share your location (requires her permission in your device Settings).

If you broadcast location-based events, I’d recommend you do permit your viewers to view where you space broadcasting from. (you have the right to see what the looks choose under transfer titles in the screenshot above)

Broadcast privacy

Will your broadcast it is in public or private? exclusive broadcasts don’t display up in the watch table and also only educate those followers whom you select.

If you desire to transfer to certain followers, push the lock icon prior to going live (as displayed in the screenshot above) and also choose that you desire to invite to her broadcast.

Limit who have the right to comment

This is a brand-new feature on Periscope, and it to be designed to help you manage the comment quality throughout your broadcasts.

If you choose to click that icon, only world whom you monitor will have the ability to comment on the broadcast.

Personally, ns haven’t feel the have to use that function yet. As soon as I clogged a couple of users who retained leaving inappropriate comments, my broadcasts have come to be a lot more civilized.

Send transfer to Twitter

Do you desire to share her broadcast ~ above Twitter? click on the Twitter bird before your broadcast and also your Twitter followers will check out a tweet prefer the one below.


Something to save in mind before sharing her broadcast top top Twitter: is it great enough to add value to your Twitter followers or will it be just an ext noise in your Twitter stream?

Consider this:

both #Meerkat & #Periscope many prominent attribute – inundating my Twitter feed v notifications rather of really tweets

— Casey Neistat (
Casey) in march 27, 2015

Do you see how plenty of RTs and Faves that tweet got? due to the fact that it win a chord.

Be responsibility of what you share and also when girlfriend share it.

Save broadcast 

If you want to save ALL your broadcasts because that posterity, you can turn that function on in her profile settings.


You can also save her broadcast come the Camera role on a case-by-case communication – you’ll be offered that option once your broadcast is over.


What else have the right to you do with her Periscope broadcast?

Delete transfer replay 

You’ll find that choice after her broadcast is over.


Double-tap to flip camera

Quickly switch between broadcasting your wonderful self and the world about you.

How to finish broadcast

Simply swipe down and also click on ‘Stop Broadcasting’.

What happens to your Periscope Broadcasts?

Unlike Meerkat, where the livestream is… well, dead as soon as the user stop it, Periscope will save your broadcasts for 24 hours.

Periscope users deserve to replay castle within that time frame.

Viewers can replay her broadcast with comments and also hearts to relive the complete experience or they can choose to hide chat befor the replay.

Just toggle on the chat icon at the bottom the the replay screen prior to hitting that replay button.


Once again, you can choose to save your broadcast to her Camera role or delete it at any kind of time.

You can likewise see your own broadcast background through her Profile View under ‘Broadcasts’. You will not be able to replay broadcasts more than 24 hours.

Periscope ‘Watch’


If you choose to watch, here’s how.

Dive into Periscope Firehose

Each time you open up your Periscope app, you’ll automatically land on the watch section.

You’ll see some of the Live broadcasts in ~ the height (I think they are randomly chosen), then most Recent broadcasts once you scroll past the Live ones.

Once again, those will remain easily accessible for replay for as much as 24 hours, unless the broadcaster chooses to delete lock early.

Tap top top the Periscope transfer and voilà– you room watching the live.

Join Broadcasters You monitor via Notifications

By default, once someone you’re following starts a broadcast, Periscope will send the end a push notification and prompt girlfriend to clock it.


Simply slide any particular notification to watch that broadcast.

Of course, the much more people you follow, the more notifications you get. So perform the math.

Follow world you actually want to hear from.

You have the right to also change Periscope global settings under her iGadget settings to revolve off push notifications altogether. Or at the very least turn turn off the sound. Or everything other options fit girlfriend best.

Go come your device Settings => Periscope => readjust settings.

Here’s the screenshot. Remember i am making use of my 7 year-old daughter’s iPad…


You can turn off notifications for when a brand-new user complies with you by:Tapping the People Tab in your details panel.Tapping the Profile icon on the peak right of her People Tab.Tapping Settings.Toggling ‘User complies with You’ to off in your Profile settings.You have the right to unfollow people who you no longer want to see any push notifications from.You can turn turn off all press notifications for Periscope:Go to her device settings.Scroll under to find Periscope.Click ~ above Notifications.Toggle Allow Notifications to off.

How to connect with Live Broadcasts

When watching a live Periscope broadcast, you deserve to do the following to communicate with it.

Comment on the live stream – you’ll see the dialogue box at the bottom that the broadcast.

By the way, turns out there’s together a point as ‘too many viewers’; simply look at this broadcast from Mashable:


So present up early!

‘Meet’ various other Periscopers – tap on the bottom right human being icon to watch who rather is the town hall the broadcast.

Remember, you deserve to follow anyone you favor or also block anyone you prefer by double-tapping ~ above the surname (screenshot above).

Share broadcast with others – when you tap top top the person icon, friend can likewise share the broadcast v your followers.

Here’s just how that works:

Tap ~ above the human being icon in the bottom right corner.Click on re-superstructure the Broadcast.Choose come share with particular followers or all.This is what a notification will look like to your followers.


It seems prefer there’s another way of share a broadcast with a friend now – swipe the display sideways to bring up the alternative to re-superstructure (just scroll down the display screen to view it). Thanks for sharing the tip with me top top Twitter, mark Alves!

You can additionally share the link to a transfer you’re the town hall on Twitter for iOS: swipe up and tap Share. You’ll then have the ability to tweet the end a connect to the broadcast.

Give the broadcaster “hearts” to present them you choose what you see – simply tap the screen to view the hearts to rise up.

Periscope hearts are like and unlike ‘Likes’.

Yes, you give a broadcaster a heart to present them you prefer what you see, but you don’t need to stop in ~ one. You can keep tapping the screen to provide them more and an ext hearts and also the much more you give, the greater they flutter on the screen.

Hearts are an ext similar come applause in that way.

Plus, remember – the an ext hearts her favorite broadcasters have, the an ext likely they space to present up in the many Loved section and also be uncovered by others.

Periscope Good-to-Know’s

Here room a few more resources around Periscope – just how to learn much more about the or whereby to get help.

Periscope terms of service (ToS)

If you absolutely need to call Periscope team, email contact

You can also submit a Periscope assistance ticket with this link.

You can additionally send feedback straight through the app by tapping Send Feedback on her profile page. (Navigate come the profile web page by tapping the Profile icon in the peak right corner of the People Tab). 

You have the right to report an inappropriate broadcast that violates the Periscope community Guidelines straight through the app. When watching a broadcast, role to the bottom that the details panel and tap the Report icon. Tap to confirm.

If you check out a user posting abusive comments in a broadcast, you re welcome take a screenshot and email safety

If you’d choose to learn more about Periscope, facebook Live, Blab, and live streaming in general, ns recommend exploring Brian Fanzo’s Flipboard magazine Live Video.

Periscope: your To-Do

I’ll be adding much more to this accuse as brand-new Periscope functions are released/discovered.

But because that now, you’ve got enough to work with.

Here’s a fast Periscope checklist for you come follow:

 1. Set up your Periscope account.

 2. Find world to monitor (start with me –

 3. Explore the features.

 4. Execute a rapid broadcast to see just how it’s excellent (I’d indicate you do it private so you space not under pressure to ‘do that right’.)

 5. Watch some broadcasts. Leaving comments. Provide away hearts.

 6. Come back to thisPeriscope tutorial to find out more.

 7. Have actually questions? asking me in comments. If i don’t the answer, I’ll uncover out.

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 8. (optional, however much appreciated) Share this Periscope tutorial with others please.