I really like to take electronics apart and put them ago together again. I don’t generally tinker v working electronics, yet when something is broken, I enjoy the make the efforts to settle it. This little project took a some net searching, a new set the tools, and some on-the-fly trouble solving. Ns didn’t find a complete answer anywhere else online, so ns posting my solution for the benefit of anyone else might be searching for a fix.1

The problem

Last fall, mine mother-in-law lugged us her Garmin nüvi 1450 gps box, asking if we could remove a microSD card that was grounding in the card leader slot. She had put the card in the wrong means around, however then she couldn’t obtain it back out. She had actually apparently tried to use tweezers or pliers—and ultimately a table knife—to traction or pry the card the end of the slot. The result was a card the wasn’t just stuck, but fully jammed into the slot, through a broken-off end. Only a short nub grounding out, hardly sufficient to grab onto. The opening to the card reader slot is slightly recessed in the body, so even tweezers had actually a difficult time reaching sufficient of the nub to get a an excellent pull. I chose to take the instance off to obtain a better reach.

Searching because that help

I did a Google find for the Garmin nüvi 1450 and also came across this website and video that had instructions for replacing the battery and also two forum short articles with a variety of principles for removing broken microSD cards from other devices.


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I provided a pretty lengthy list of devices while troubleshooting, yet what lastly worked is listed below. Despite I have a nice extensive set of tools, i didn’t have any kind of Torx drivers, so i ordered a collection from iFixit. The a really great kit that i will most likely use for numerous other fix jobs.

rubber bandsmall straight pick (from a choose & hook set)tweezersshallow bins because that storing screws (I dug with the recycling and used something prefer a cream cheese tub)

Disassembling the device



To pry up the black frame, insert the spudger vertically to start. Don"t worry around the situation bending a little. Simply make certain you"ve gotten rid of the screws first. (The lower screw displayed here is totally loosened, but I hadn"t gotten rid of it before taking the photo.)


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Use the spudger come pry increase the silver- plastic edge about the screen. There room six hidden clips that you have to pry up: one every on the quick sides, and two each on the long sides. It will take much more force 보다 you are more than likely expecting. Don’t use a driver for this if you desire it come look nice once you’re done; the spudger is much less likely to bend or crack the plastic.Use the spudger again to pry increase the black color plastic edge about the screen. There are an ext clips ~ above this piece than on the silver one, however I didn’t discover them as difficult.Gently background the screen. One side is attached come the circuit board underneath by a coppery ribbon. Friend don’t want to break the ribbon (it will certainly kill the screen).Tip the display screen on among its lengthy sides. Use the Torx driver come unscrew the screw beneath.Tip the display onto the other lengthy side. Use the Torx driver come unscrew the second screw top top the circuit board.Gently lift the screen and also circuit plank together. The circuit board is attached to the battery and speaker adhered come the back of the case. Unplug the two sets that wires to eliminate the circuit board and also screen totally from the case. (You could not discover this action necessary, but I found it much easier to obtain to the card reader slot without the back case on. It likewise kept me native accidentally turning the display screen on every couple of minutes when I’d bump the strength switch.)