Running electricity to her island shouldn’t be also difficult, particularly if you’re acquisition out the currently cabinets.

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Q: We’re remodeling our kitchen and including an island. We’d prefer it to have electric outlets, however the floor is solid timber over a concrete slab. Just how do we route wires with concrete there is no wrecking the floor?—Erica Venaski, miller Place, NY

Just so you know, having actually a receptacle top top a kitchen island is not optional; that actually required by the National electric Code on any type of island v a countertop bigger than 12-by-24 inches. Her wish is their command.

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Running electrical energy to her island do not do it be also difficult, especially if you’re acquisition out the existing cabinets. And also it will just require remove a piece or two of flooring. If you have scraps left over from once the floor was installed, i doubt you’ll have the ability to tell that any work has actually been done.

How to Run electrical energy to a Kitchen Island

You’ll have actually to reduced a trench in the concrete because that a PVC conduit, i beg your pardon will lug the electric cable under the floor. The finest spot for that trench will be underneath a flooring strip that runs perpendicular from the nearest wall to the spot wherein your island will certainly be. Covering the surrounding strips through painter’s ice to defend their finish, then run a circular observed lengthwise down the center of the strip. Do a second cut ½ inch away and also parallel to the first; usage a chisel and also hammer to remove the 3 scrap pieces. Next, cut out the exposed strip of plywood or OSB the covers the slab, yet don’t go all the means through; the concrete will destroy your experienced blade. Instead, complete the cut with a energy knife. Save the piece for later.The next step is to rent an electric concrete-cutting saw with a dry-cut diamond blade. Use it come make 4 parallel kerfs about ½ customs apart in the exposed concrete. This cuts will kick increase clouds the dust, so be certain to wear safety and security glasses and also a dust mask. Having actually a helper host a wet/dry vac hose beside the tongue will help capture several of the cloud.Continue making shallow passes down each kerf till they are all at the very least 2 customs deep. Climate break off the tongues of concrete by knocking lock sideways through a hammer.Vacuum the debris the end of the trench, then lay in a length of 1-inch-diameter PVC conduit through a 90-degree bell-end elbow on every end. The diameter allows you the option of running up to 3 cables to her island if you, or a future owner, decide to download appliances there. Twenty-four hours later, take it the piece of subfloor you reduced out earlier, spread a moisture-cure building adhesive over its bottom side, and also stick the subfloor come the slab. Now you can glue a strip of replacement flooring come the subfloor. Yet first, cut off the tags of wood just listed below the strip’s groove. That will allow you come insert the strip’s tongue in the groove of the surrounding strip and also fit the instead of flush through the existing floor.

Shown: Whenever one island is set up in a kitchen, code needs that it it is in equipped v at least one receptacle. For many islands, 2 is preferable.

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