plunder the soffits and also fascias ~ above your house with prefinished aluminum and you"ll never need to scrape, element or repaint those roof edge again. Brand-new aluminum soffits (the underside that eaves) and also fascias (the upright trim at the roof edge) won"t peel or rot, therefore they"ll last for decades with no maintenance.

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Tools Required

12-in trim nail punch4-in-1 screwdriverChalk lineCircular sawCombination squareFascia folding toolFraming squareHammerJigsawplywood-cutting circular observed bladePry barSafety glassesSawhorsesTape measureTin snipsUtility knife

Materials Required

1-1/2-in. Trim nailsDrip edgeFasciaJ-channelSoffit panels

How to download Soffits Project: overview and also materials

Aluminum is a great solution for timber soffits and fascias in dreadful shape. It’ll take less time to ask them behind aluminum trim 보다 to repair, scrape and repaint the old wood. This post will call you every little thing you require to know to execute it yourself, including how to do an cheap soffit-cutting table that functions every bit and the pricey devices the pros use.

Do that yourself and also save big bucks. If you’re not afraid that heights and you have simple hand tool know-how, you’re perfectly capable of cladding the fascias and soffits on your home. As you’ll see, the thin, light aluminum trim is simple to bend and also cut with inexpensive tools. Various other special pre-bent parts make surroundings a snap. Functioning alone, you can clad the soffits and fascias ~ above a 1,200-sq.-ft. Residence in around five days. Get a volunteer come cut and also hand you increase materials and you’ll really relocate along. The products are expensive, but you’ll conserve a lot an ext than the by doing it yourself fairly than rental a pro.

Fix the roof first. If girlfriend hide problems, they’ll only obtain worse! chances are, if her soffits or roof framing is water damaged, you have actually serious roof difficulties that you have to solve before beginning this project. Also though water won’t damages the new aluminum, you may actually accelerate underlying wood degeneration by burying evidence of leaks. Common problems are ice dams, shingle edges the are broken off or the don’t project far enough, and even sagging shingles that kind a trough just behind the fascia. Friend may even need a brand-new roof. If you’re no sure, have a pro make the call prior to you start.

Just figuring the end what every little thing is called is half the battle! Soffit panels are easily accessible in 12-ft. Lengths, 12- or 16-in. Widths and also vented or unvented. Vented soffit has thousands that perforations that permit air to circulation through but keep insects out. Solid (unvented) soffit has no perforations. Most installers use only vented material, even in areas that don’t need venting, such as gable ends (the peaks at the ends of roofs). Make your life easy—stick through 16-in. Large ventilated panels to leveling ordering and also to cover big areas faster.

To calculation quantity, multiply broad by size (in feet) of each soffit surface, add them all up to get total square footage and divide by 16 (the square clip of one 16-in. Panel). Include 5 percent extra for waste and overlaps.

Fascia: Aluminum fascia goes straight over the lumber fascia and has a lip in ~ the bottom the laps over the external edge that the installed aluminum soffit. It come in two standard widths: 6 and 8 in. Measure the broad of your lumber fascia to recognize which broad to buy. Measure up the entire length the the present fascia in straight feet, and divide by 12 to develop the quantity of 12-ft. Fascia and J-channel sections needed. Then add 5 percent.

J-channel: J-channel is a (surprise!) J-shaped size of aluminum the the soffit fits into versus the house. Use it to anchor any edges the soffit not extended by aluminum fascia.

Drip edge: steel drip edge may already be on her home. It jobs from under the shingles and also directs water far from the surface of the fascia. You can reuse existing drip sheet if it’s in good shape and you’re happy v the color.

To calculate the number of pieces the drip edge, division the total linear footage of the outer perimeter of the roof sheet by 10. Then add 5 percent.

Easy does it. Don’t bother climbing around on ladders to measure her soffits and also fascia (you’ll get sufficient of the later). Measure the walls and “guesstimate” overhang lengths to get an approximate total. ~ above gable ends, organize a tape measure up at the almost right roof angle, in ~ the halfway point of the wall (directly under the peak), to gain lengths for gable trim.

Figure A: Aluminum Soffit and also Fascia Parts

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Shop for these standard parts. Other special parts are also available.

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Note: You have the right to download and print figure A indigenous the extr Information section below.