It have the right to be quite expensive to purchase a ball joint press or separator tool. For this reason knowing just how to eliminate ball joint without device in your automobile is among the essential car DIY an abilities you should acquire. Through this knowledge, you execute not require to additionally stress about building a homemade round joint press. You simply need some straightforward tools you have actually in your garage to assist you out v this process.

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Your sphere joints room essential contents of the front suspension on nearly every car manufactured. This component gives easy movement between your vehicle’s manage arms and steering knuckles therefore you can have a smooth and safe ride, permitting you to manage your vehicle’s wheels effectively.

You can read our previous post on the symptom of a bad ball share to know when the sphere joints of your automobile are faulty. This short article will display you some sphere joint removal tip to assist you replace your upper and lower sphere joint without having actually to walk to the mechanic or spend your money ~ above buying any kind of joint press tool.

How To eliminate Ball share Without device (Upper and Lower)

Strictly monitor these steps to pull turn off this fix successfully. The is rather technical, specifically when you space not using any type of upper or reduced ball share removal tool. Therefore, you need to know just how to carry out this properly to prevent damaging other parts the your vehicle – or directly giving an impact to on her camber.


Phase One

Put top top your safety wears. Choose we constantly say in ours previous articles, this is a critical step if you are around to perform any kind of automobile repairs. If you don’t own any type of safety wear in ~ all, climate you require to get one. In fact, any type of person that does not have these have to stop and also not continue at all. Constantly Get your mechanics toolbox close throughout repairs to permit you come grab the tools you require quickly.

Phase Two

Next, you have to lift your vehicle. Make certain the automobile is resting on an also surface, and additionally remove any type of object on top of your vehicle. Take-off the axle nut and also lug nuts holding her wheels; the axle seed of some vehicle models is enclosed, so you could need any screwdriver species to pry the covering open. Please execute this carefully. Removing lug nuts have the right to prove difficult, specifically when they are all rusty. Offer the lug nuts a quarter revolve each; carry out not fully remove it.

If you space using a jack, then you must properly collection your jack at a solid point in your vehicle. Making use of a soft part can damages your auto parts. If you room not sure around where to place the jack, inform us. We would present you the best and also safest position to collection your jack, and also jack stands based upon your vehicle’s model. ~ lifting your auto with her jacks, location your jack was standing at solid positions under your car.

Ensure your jack stands space well placed, therefore the jack stands will evenly distribute her vehicle’s weight. Now completely take-off the lug nuts of your wheels so girlfriend will be able to remove the wheel from your car. The is not advisable to use a auto lift because that this procedure due come the method we should use to obtain this done. However when utilizing a round joint separator, girlfriend can take into consideration lifting your car with a vehicle lift.

Phase Three

Now your car is every lifted and held by your jack stands.

For ball joints in the lower manage arm. Place your jack directly underneath your axle hub whereby the ball joint walk down. You have the right to put a piece of hardwood in between your axle hub and also the jack. Then gently progressive the hub a bit. Currently you should have the ability to use a hammer to separate the bottom part of the share from the top.

Always be aware of where you space hitting. It will certainly take some time and also a bunch of different angles to get your ball joint to break loose, however you will certainly see and also hear the sound once it ultimately does rest loose. Take care while making use of your hammer come hit the housing.

Phase Four

Now that you have everything apart, that is terrific time to double-check your various other joints. Research if you have a poor CV joint or other faulty components. If any fault is found, you have the right to use this chance to replace them. Clean increase any part covered in debris or dust.

Make certain your threads, if you space using it, space nice and clean together with the nuts due to the fact that now that it is loose, you might have a hard time obtaining the seed tight and also getting the to seat the means it should. Also, once you walk to placed the hub back on and the transport for her brake caliper. Make certain you a lock to host them to make certain that castle don’t come apart on you.

Phase Five

Use your hammer to completely take-off your negative ball joint. Girlfriend might also need some various other tools to assist you out through this. If not, your sphere joint won’t press out. Acquire your brand-new joint prepared to it is in installed. Before installing the joint, thoroughly clean area the share is to it is in seated. Girlfriend can also apply lubricant in ~ the inner part.

A ball joint has a item of tube that matches the diameter of the sphere joint’s chair surface. So when you drive the joint, that’s wherein it stops. Now use pressure on her jack come lift the pipe so friend can pressure your sphere joint into place. Friend can likewise use a hammer to help in the joint’s seating process by hitting the top of her joint’s sit area, but you will have to do this carefully. Make sure you carry out not hit various other regions. Proceed lifting the tube and using your hammer until your round joint is seated correctly.

Phase Six

For how to remove upper ball joint there is no tool, you need to find the upper regulate arm, which the manufacturers usually fix at the height of your vehicle’s former suspension system. Friend will view a circular cap and also a thread the leads come the arm. The lid encloses her upper sphere joint. Usage your drilling device to drill through your rivets provided in holding increase your ball joint. You can take-off the remaining part of her rivet pieces with a hammer. Currently use the stud to map your cotter pin. It constantly surrounds the stud.

You have the right to unwrap her cotter pin from your vehicle’s stud by utilizing nose pliers. Then continue with the same technique used in removing your reduced ball share for her upper ball joint. As soon as your upper round joint is out, closely use her hammer to place the brand-new joint in its appropriate position.We constantly advise no to usage so much effort while making use of a hammer. Simply use the nice and also gentle. As soon as your joints space well seated, you can let your jack down and also finish coupling every little thing up, placing the be separate components back together.

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See that! You have actually been efficiently replaced your ball joint in the upper and lower manage arm without using any kind of unique tool prefer the round joint press tool, for instance. Please note that we are not implying that using special tools is no good, yet if you can’t or don’t desire to acquisition those tools. Use this an approach to change your ball joint. You deserve to read other write-ups that will present you how to make a homemade round joint push to do this process even an ext comfortable.