I always cook pasta through the lid the the pot open, due to the fact that otherwise foam start to build up and also eventually boils over, maikng a substantial mess. I would favor to store the lid on for energy saving purposes. Is this possible at all? What renders the foam construct up, why does the not when the lid is open?


Use the pasta neurosoup.org methods in this answer:Pasta: is simmering indistinguishable to roiling boil?

Bring just sufficient water to cover the pasta to a boil, put the lid on and also let that sit.

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Use much less water, less energy, and also it can"t boil over if it"s no boiling.



You can use a larger pot. I constantly use mine 12 qt share pot to boil pasta in. Ns fill it all over from 1/3 come 2/3 full and have no troubles with cook over. I too always use it through the lid on. Granted, you"re going to use much more energy to warmth a bigger quantity that water, yet meh. I"d bet the your refrigerator and also A/C usage gobs much more energy 보다 your range.

As to why the happens? I"m speculating here, however maybe it"s the earlier pressure top top the foam bubbles as soon as the lid is on. Through the lid turn off the bubbles can increase rapidly, and also break. V the lid on, over there is slight ago pressure which can restrict the bubbles capability to increase as quickly.


Once the water will a boil and also you"ve added the pasta friend can also turn down the heat on the burner; this should reduce the production of foam. I do not have actually the problem, though i also add salt and also olive oil to the water and also typically carry out not have actually foam.


You deserve to use a boil over preventer, also known together a milk watcher, among other things. It"s a disk with a raised edge and also a notch in ~ one side, i m sorry you place at the bottom that the pot. It functions by collecting a many the bubbles from the bottom underneath, attached by the elevated edge, and releasing them together fewer, larger bubbles through the notch, so the they don"t cause the foam that leads to boiling over.

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neurosoup.org pasta there is no boiling over is very simple if you have actually a simple little piece of "pottery" called "Boil Master". Ns bought this in a shop somewhere when we to be traveling. The is approx. 2" in Dia. And Approx. 1/2" thick. The little card the came v it said it was called "Boil Master" and was made in new Mexico by hill High Pottery. I have not to be able to find the company or the product. The works favor magic every time. It has never boiled over and also I have actually used it for years.