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Dying Light is a an excellent open-world, first-person, survival horror video game by Techland. Its plenty of side quests, engaging storyline, fun gameplay, and interesting civilization make that an addictive and unforgettable gaming experience that many zombie game and open-world game fans alike are continuing to enjoy because its relax in 2015.

One pursuit in the key storyline of Dying Light is ~ you effort to rescue Dr. Zere from Rais' men, only to be captured and thrown right into the Pit, a twisted type of arena whereby Rais forces civilization to struggle zombies and also each various other to the death. Here's how to endure this difficult quest.


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The very first Wave

First that all, this search will be a lot simpler if you have the complying with abilities:


It's likewise useful if you have actually Leg Breaker, however it's not essential.

Completing the very first wave is relatively simple. Unfortunately, Rais and his men have actually stolen every one of your belongings, for this reason you room left v nothing in the Pit.

Climb on optimal of the blue boxes and also use your survival senses to choose up military throwing knives, firecrackers, and gas pipes. For now, don't use the ranged weapons and also firecrackers uneven it's absolutely necessary.

Deal through the zombies together you generally would. To save your weapons from breaking, usage physical attacks such as Leg Breaker as often as friend can. Stomp is beneficial to quickly finish battles and also Camouflage deserve to keep them from complying with you.

There are locations with spikes and nails sticking the end of burn trash cans. Lead the zombies into them and walk into them, impaling themselves and also dying best away, conserving you a lot of work. It likewise saves you time and keeps your tools from breaking.

The 2nd Wave

Next, Rais will certainly throw a machete right into the Pit. There is additionally a huge hammer in the area that you can pick up the is lot stronger. It's up to you i beg your pardon you decision to use, since although the hammer is a many stronger, the machete is lot faster.



For now, remain out that the Demolisher's way and dispose of any type of Virals that come to assault you. Friend can quickly get rid of castle by standing on optimal of the blue boxes and also using Stomp to death them while castle climb up to follow you. Girlfriend can additionally defeat the Virals with firecrackers, army throwing knives, and also any other items you regulated to pick up.

Firecrackers and Camouflage can reason a distraction and also protect you, respectively, when you strike from behind, which will save wellness for the final boss. However, be mindful that you're no in variety of the Demolisher's deadly assault where he throws chunks of rock at you.

The Demolisher

There space a couple of ways you can defeat the Demolisher:

Avoid its attacks using Dodge and also then fight its backMake it run into the spikes and then hit its back

I'd introduce the latter option as it deserve to be daunting to evade its attacks. You don't have any type of medkits in the Pit so if you die, you have the right to lose roughly 2000 Survivor points.

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The machete is quicker, however the Demolisher have the right to be brought down with simply three or four hits v the hammer. It's approximately you, however I introduce the hammer as it can end the fight quite quickly.