Hopping in and also out of a voice channel in Discord is rather straightforward. Tright here are no magic tips and tricks to pulling it off, just knowledge which icons are for what and where to find them.

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If you’re having actually worries jumping out of a voice channel or would like to continue to be in the channel but have actually it muted, I’ve acquired you. Let’s take a look at just how to leave a voice channel in Discord.

How to Leave a Voice Channel on Discord

Depfinishing on the platcreate you’re making use of, you can leave a Discord channel utilizing the desktop or mobile app. I’ll walk you through exactly how to leave a voice channel using either strategy below.

Let’s begin with how to leave a Discord voice channel using the desktop application.

Discord Deskoptimal Application

To leave a Discord voice channel making use of the desktop computer app, follow these steps:

Just below where the channel names are presented, you must view a box similar to this one:While still associated to the voice server, you can swap freely in between all voice networks. By left-clicking one of the channels, you will be instantly relocated from your present channel to the brand-new one.

As you can view, leaving a voice channel on Discord is as basic as adhering to a few straightforward steps.

Using a Smartphone or Tablet

So now that you know exactly how to leave a voice channel on the Discord desktop computer app, you might want to know how to execute the very same on your phone or tablet.

Follow these actions to do so:

Tap the voice channel you are currently engaged with.

How to Mute a Channel in Discord

Sometimes you’re doing points in a voice channel that may prevent you from leaving, yet you still don’t desire to talk or listen to others talk. This is wright here the options to mute or deafen come in handy.

From a voice channel:

By clicking your avatar, you deserve to display screen your availcapability by picking in between among 4 options: Microphone (this will certainly enable you to mute and unmute your microphone).Headphones (this will certainly mute both your microphone and your speakers so that you hear no one and no one hears you).User Settings (a plethora of options that have nothing to perform via the topic of this article). To mute or unmute your mic, left-click the Microphone icon. To deafen yourself, click the Headphones icon.

If you’d prefer to mute or deafen the channel itself, and also you have the proper pergoals to execute so:

Right-click the channel name and also select Edit Channel.In the home window to the ideal, scroll to the Voice Permissions area and also click the green checkmark to the right of Mute Members to mute the channel, or to the ideal of Deafen Members to deafen the channel.

To unmute (or undeafen) the channel, you’ll desire to click on either the red ‘X’ or gray ‘/’ icon.

How to Delete a Discord Channel

Sometimes you just don’t want to be bothered through every one of crazy and would instead choose to do away via the channel altogether. Easy deal with, so long as you are the owner or a server administrator.

To totally delete a voice channel and forego the have to leave it, just:

Right-click the channel you wish to remove.A popup dialog will ask if you’re sure. Click Delete Channel when even more to confirm.

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