Discord servers are an excellent way to interact with other members. But if the server doesn’t accomplish your expectations, you might take into consideration leaving it. However before, finding the alternative to execute so isn’t always intuitive.

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Select “Server Settings.”Confirm you desire to delete the server.Head over to the top-left of the screen and click on the down-arrow beside your server’s name.Click on “Members” from the side food selection on the left.
Hover over their name and tap on the three-dots alongside it.

Note: Think carefully around whether you really want to transport the ownership. Once you perform so, it’ll be basically impossible to regain the civil liberties to it unless the various other individual decides to move them earlier.

Unfortunately, you cannot deliver ownership to a bot or placeholder account. If you have any trouble completing the procedure, you deserve to complete a required carry by contacting the Discord assistance team.

How to Leave a Discord Server on PC and also Mac

Most Discord members use a COMPUTER or Mac to accessibility Discord. If you’re one of them and want to leave the server, here’s what you need to do:

Launch Discord on your computer system.Click on it to show a drop-dvery own food selection.

When customers leave servers, they don’t watch them in the sidebar. Furthermore, they can’t compose or review messeras from that server.

How to Leave a Discord Server on Desktop

Now that you recognize just how to leave a server on PC and Mac, it might be a good concept to learn whether tright here are distinctions in the procedures if you use a desktop computer or a lappeak. The good news is that the procedures are the exact same. In addition, tright here aren’t distinctions based on the operating system. Here’s how to leave a server on desktop:

Open the browser to launch Discord or a Discord app.Find the server on the left which you want to leave.Confirm that you desire to continue.
Choose the server from the left in the side food selection.
Choose “Leave Server.”

How to Leave a Discord Server on Android

Leaving a Discord server complies with the same actions, whether you’re an Android or iOS user. Even if you readjust phones, you won’t have actually concerns adhering to the procedure. Here’s what to perform if you currently usage Discord on Android:

Open Discord on your Android phone.Tap on the 3 dots next to the server’s name.Tap “Yes” to confirm the action.

• Head over to the bottom-left part of the screen to discover “Voice Connected.”


To leave a Discord call on your smartphone, follow these steps:

• Open the Discord app on your phone.

• Click on it to launch the settings.

• Tap on the red disconnect symbol. It’s on the bottom-appropriate of the display.

• Click on the drop-down arrowhead on the left of the screen.

• Click on “Roles” from the sidebar food selection on the left.

• Check 28 perobjectives and toggle the buttons to choose which ones you desire to allow.

• Tap “Save Changes.”

• Tap on the drop-down arrow alongside your server’s name.

• Click on “Roles” and select which role you desire to delete.


How Do I Delete a Channel in Discord?

Do you really desire to delete a channel in Discord? If so, do the following:

• Launch Discord.

• Confirm you want to delete the channel.

• Hover over your conversation on the left side of the panel.

It’s likewise feasible to delete messages from the Discord channel:

• Open the channel from which you desire to delete the messperiods.

• Hover over the message. Doing so will certainly display screen the three dots beside the message. Click on the icon.

• Select “Delete.”

• Confirm you want to delete the messperiods.

Leave a Discord Server via a Couple of Clicks

Sometimes Discord individuals acquire tired of a certain server and also wish to leave it. If that’s the case with you, currently you understand just how to carry out it.

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Have you already tried leaving a server or transferring the ownership of your server to another individual? How did it go? And what were your factors for picking to leave a server? Share your thoughts via the area in the comments section below; they’d love to hear even more.