Discord servers room a great way to interact with other members. However if the server doesn’t meet your expectations, friend might think about leaving it. However, finding the option to carry out so isn’t constantly intuitive.

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Select “Server Settings.”Confirm you want to delete the server.Head end to the top-left that the screen and also click ~ above the down-arrow alongside your server’s name.Click ~ above “Members” native the side menu on the left.
Hover over your name and tap top top the three-dots beside it.

Note: Think carefully around whether you really want to transport the ownership. As soon as you carry out so, it’ll it is in virtually impossible to gain back the civil liberties to it uneven the other individual decides to deliver them back.

Unfortunately, girlfriend cannot move ownership come a bot or placeholder account. If friend have any type of trouble perfect the process, girlfriend can finish a compelled transfer by contacting the Discord support team.

How to leave a Discord Server ~ above PC and also Mac

Most Discord members use a pc or Mac to access Discord. If you’re among them and also want to leaving the server, here’s what you must do:

Launch Discord on your computer.Click on the to display a drop-down menu.

When customers leave servers, lock don’t see them in the sidebar. Moreover, lock can’t write or review messages from the server.

How to leave a Discord Server ~ above Desktop

Now that you know just how to leaving a server ~ above PC and Mac, it might be a good idea to find out whether there are distinctions in the actions if you use a desktop computer or a laptop. The good news is that the measures are the same. Moreover, there aren’t differences based upon the operation system. Here’s exactly how to leave a server on desktop:

Open the browser to start Discord or a Discord app.Find the server top top the left i m sorry you desire to leave.Confirm that you want to proceed.
Choose the server from the left in the side menu.
Choose “Leave Server.”

How to leave a Discord Server top top Android

Leaving a Discord server follows the exact same steps, whether you’re one Android or iOS user. Even if you change phones, you i will not ~ have problems following the procedure. Here’s what to execute if you right now use Discord on Android:

Open Discord on her Android phone.Tap on the three dots beside the server’s name.Tap “Yes” to check the action.

• Head over to the bottom-left component of the display to uncover “Voice Connected.”


To leave a Discord speak to on your smartphone, follow this steps:

• open the Discord app on your phone.

• click on it come launch the settings.

• Tap top top the red disconnect icon. The on the bottom-right of the screen.

• click the drop-down arrow on the left that the screen.

• click “Roles” from the sidebar menu on the left.

• examine 28 permissions and also toggle the buttons to select which people you desire to allow.

• madness “Save Changes.”

• Tap on the drop-down arrow next to your server’s name.

• click “Roles” and choose which duty you desire to delete.


How execute I Delete a Channel in Discord?

Do you really desire to delete a channel in Discord? If so, carry out the following:

• beginning Discord.

• confirm you want to delete the channel.

• hover over your conversation top top the left side of the panel.

It’s also feasible to delete message from the Discord channel:

• open up the channel indigenous which you want to delete the messages.

• float over the message. Doing for this reason will display the 3 dots next to the message. Click on the icon.

• pick “Delete.”

• confirm you want to delete the messages.

Leave a Discord Server through a couple of Clicks

Sometimes Discord customers get tired of a certain server and wish to leaving it. If it is the case with you, currently you know how to execute it.

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Have you already tried leaving a server or carrying the ownership of your server to another individual? how did the go? and what were your reasons for selecting to leaving a server? Share your thoughts with the community in the comments ar below; they’d love to hear more.