PoE Chat Commands

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/helpDisplays a list ofmostconsole commands.

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/bug/debugReports a bug and gives you the report reference number. Additional information can be provided with.
/ladderDisplays the top ten characters on the current ladder.
/playedDisplays the length of time the current character has been played.
/ageDisplays how long ago the current character was created.
/passivesDisplays a summary of all passive skill points and theDeal with the Banditsreward the character has gained.
/deathsDisplays how many deaths the current character has incurred.
/remainingDisplays how many monsters remain alive in the current area.
/destroyDestroys the item on cursor.Use with caution!
/recoveroldcraftingbenchitemRecovers an item placed in now inaccessible Masters andHarvestcrafting bench.
/itemlevelDisplays the level of the item on cursor.
/pvpDisplays Win/Loss/Disconnect statistics for 1v1 and 3v3 PvP.
/fixmyhelmetUpdates an existing non-unique helmet to new art.
/oosForces resync.
/dancePerform adance.
/statusChange your status. Status is displayed to all friends as an alert when changed, and is shown to friends in the social window.
/inviteSends a party invite to.
/kickKicksfrom the party.
/party_descriptionChanges the description of the party to.
/tradewithInitiates a trade with. Characters must be in the same town hub instance to trade.
/friendAddsto the friends list.
/unfriendRemovesfrom the friends list.
/acceptAccepts friend request.
/ignore/squelchAdds a player account specified by character name to the ignore list. No messages will be received from ignored players.
/unignore/unsquelchRemoves a player account specified by character name from the ignore list.
/clear_ignore_listRemoves all player accounts from the ignore list.
/whoisDisplays a character’s level, class, league, and whether he is online.
/afkTurns AFK mode on, replying withwhen someone whispers you. A default message will be used if one isn’t specified.
/afkoffTurns off AFK mode
/dnd/donotdisturbTogglesDo Not Disturbmode for chat. When on, no messages including whispers will be received. A custom autoreply message will be used if ais added.
/globalJoins global chat channel.
/tradeJoins trade chat channel.
/cls/clearClears the chat console of text.
/hideoutSends you to your hideout. Only useable while in town.
/hideoutSends you to character’s hideout. Only useable while in town.
/menagerieSends you to yourMenagerie. Only useable while in town.
/exitExits the game to the Character selection screen.
/reset_xpResets the experience-per-hour estimation tool.
/recheck_achievementsForces a recheck of certain achievements.
/autoreplyReplying withwhen someone whispers you.
/delveSends you to yourAzurite Mine. Only useable while in town.
/metamorphSends you toTane’s Laboratory. Only useable while in town.
/nochat/togglenochatChat suppression.
/save_hideoutSaves the current Hideout layout to a file that can be later loaded or shared.
/spectateSpectate a character. Character must be mutual friend or guildmate.

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How to change Chat hotkeys

Click o to open the Options window, then select Input menu, next set Chat value.


Chat Command For Skill Points


Players can use the command /passives in-game to get a list of passives quests they have already received on that character.

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Listed below are all the quests that reward passive tree points. There are 22-24 total, depending on your choices during the Bandit quest.Act 1:The Marooned MarinerAct 1:The Way ForwardAct 3:Piety’s PetsAct 5:Kitava’s TormentsAct 6:The Puppet MistressAct 6:The Cloven OneAct 7:Queen of DespairAct 7:Kishara’s StarAct 8:Reflection of TerrorAct 8:The Gemling LegionAct 9:The Ruler of HighgateAct 10:An End to Hunger(+2)

Chat Command To Leave Party

/kick You can kick the player and leave the party.