I"ve gather few of the points that every player should recognize in black Desert. Carry out you think you know it all?


1. did you recognize that you have the right to save your whole custom UI which includes vital binding, skill cooldowns, her character portrait you name it black color desert have the right to save it! simply hit esc and save your settings.

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2. go you understand that you can set other football player in-game name to show up as household or Character surname on chatbox. Everyone prefers to set it to family members so the you can conveniently recognize anyone.



4. Did you know that if you"re experiencing major lag once doing civilization bosses you have the right to press change + F5 to make various other players disappear and also reduce the lag?

5. Did you recognize that if you ever before get stuck in some places you can quickly get yourself unstuck by making use of the ESC feature.


6. did you understand that you can conveniently hotkey an item in her Inventory? just left click and also hold the item climate while hold it push the switch that you desire it to it is in hotkeyed to.

7. walk you understand you can link any items on any chat channel? go to your Inventory and find the item that you desire to attach after the hit enter then shift + Left Click the article you want to link and hit go into again come send it.


8. walk you understand that you have the right to lock her Black spirit Rage by pressing ALT + B and allow Force PVP by pressing ALT + C?

9. walk you recognize you the by pushing F2 girlfriend can access Crafting Notes and also search noþeles you desire to craft..

10. did you understand that anytime you view a ? note on her mini map that method you haven"t speak to that NPC for knowledge. Go talk to those NPC.

11. go you understand that the very first thing you must do when you discover a new grinding region is find and talk come the node manager of that zone?

12. walk you know that over there is an easy method to go to people Boss Karanda if you"re at the EASTERN part of the map?

14. walk you understand that if you acquire lost in the middle of the desert you have the right to ask her friend to form a party v you and also you deserve to follow his arrowhead to guide you back to mainland?

15. did you understand that native Sand grain Bazaar going come Fogans if girlfriend follow whereby the sand meets the dried land it can easily guide you to Fogans? once you check out the palm tree you know you"re in the best direction.

17. go you know that once you come to be a Red Player in Valencia an ar and you acquired killed, you could end up in Jail for 30 mins and also or 1 hour. (NOTE: go TO ARSHA TO protect against GOING come JAIL.)

18. did you understand that fatality as a Red Player external Valencia an ar can destroy your crystals or worst it deserve to downgrade your gears" improvement level.
19. go you know that you can grind disposable alchemy rock to rotate them right into Mystical heart Shard that deserve to restore the to trust of her alchemy stone.

20. go you know that if your watercraft get stuck on rocks or in ~ the shore you have the right to reloggin to reset the boat"s position.

21. Did you know that you deserve to ping the place of any type of player in ~ Velia Inn because that 5 energy and also 10k silver. (NOTE: need to BE AT exact same SERVER, precise CHARACTER NAME, CAN"T track PLAYERS WHO are INSIDE DESERT ZONE.)

22. walk you understand that you deserve to exchange your alt characters" power into power Potion. You have the right to either offer it or usage it on her lifeskiller. Inspect the ratio listed below

23. go you understand that if you"re running out of breath underwater you deserve to go come character an option to reset it and then go back to the very same character and also you will certainly still it is in underwater.

24. walk you recognize that girlfriend can collection a keybind to conveniently place your Naphart Campsite. Just click the arrow on optimal right of the "Install" buton then click "None" to set up a brand-new keybind. I recommend ALT+S or any of the WASD key since girlfriend gonna be moving a many in order to place the campsite on the appropriate spot.

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I have actually been playing black color desert for an ext than a year now as a Dark Knight. It to be a year earlier when ns met this amazingly tremendous player the taught me every little thing I understand in black desert, she offered all she time and effort in share her expertise to me in addition to other friend we"ve met along the way and approximately this minute I"m tho truly thankful to her and also looking back on just how these amazing world I play v have end up being such a component of my day-to-day life of many ups and downs, frustrations, disappoinment, negative decisions, hardwork, dedication, fun, happiness, love, and most of every friendship. Currently as a supporter it"s time for me come return all the favors to other players and help them grow and and gain desert.