After producing multiple class for various objects, now it’s time to polishing them and work top top the details. Be cautious here, you could be drawing, erasing, relocating around, or using effects on the dorn layers.

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In summer 2017, ns took a an innovative Illustrator course in Barcelona. For many of the projects, I had to send a digital version, so i would usage the pen or pencil tool to map my work and also then use a brush or fill device to color it.

So I produced layers for the summary strokes, comprehensive sketch lines, and color parts. It’s difficult to draw perfect lines, for this reason I had actually to erase and also redo rather often. Unfortunately, i didn’t lock any kind of layers, for this reason it gained quite messy. I erased some finished outlines by accident.

Believe me, the no fun! Actually, it have the right to be a disaster. So, lock the layers that you’re not functioning on! This an easy step conserves you time and energy.

Lock it and rock it.

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When to use Layers

Working on great in Adobe Illustrator can only lug you benefits. That keeps her artwork more organized and permits you to modify a specific component of picture without affect the rest.

Layers are also useful for manipulating many objects in ~ the layer. Such as changing colors and also moving objects. For example, you want to change all message colors to red, simply click the circle next to the great to pick all, and change colors or move roughly the entirety layer.

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That’s every for Today

Layers are essential for any type of design workflow. Create layers come organize her work and say bye come unnecessary mess and rework. Oh! nothing forget come lock her finished creative work while functioning on various layers.