Discord is one amazing application with a bundle of powerful features prefer Discord server, channels, and gaming collections.

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There come a time once we feel to make some transforms in the discord server and channel. Like, ns got countless comments top top my facebook where people ask me how come lock a voice channel in discord.

What walk a lock top top a discord channel mean?

In the voice channel, you can lock human being whom you don’t desire to speak or listenYou can provide permission to them who can communicateUsers deserve to view Discord channel but cannot click on itYou can make a read-only text channel v discord roles and you can learn how to do a discord channel read-only.

NOTE: – You must have actually Administrator rights to lock the channel top top Discord

Follow this 7 measures to learn how to lock a Discord channel ~ above PC

Step 1:- open up Discord dashboard, you deserve to open with the app or web by accessing www.discord.com/new.

Step 2:- click on the server in i m sorry you have actually a channel come lock, girlfriend can find the server top top the left-hand panel in the Discord dashboard.

Step 3:- locate to the setup icon the the channel i m sorry you desire to lock and click top top it. Channels are detailed just below the server.

Discord channel settings

Step 3:- when you click Channel settings, a new window the Discord will certainly appear. Click on Permission from the left-hand side.

Step 4:- choose
i beg your pardon you deserve to find below ROLES/MEMBERS.

Step 5:- Click the X i beg your pardon is alongside every permission, X will certainly turn right into glowing red and scroll under to the bottom to make sure you clicked X on every permission.

Permissions top top the discord channel

Step 6:- when done it will certainly ask to save transforms at the bottom, click conserve Changes.

Step 7:- your channel is now fully locked, and also nobody top top the server can access it.

Now here we locked ours channel completely, yet if you desire a few of her channel members to be active only so that only permitted people can communicate or watch the channel, then follow the instruction.

Step1:- open up Discord dashboard and click top top the server whereby you have your channel.

Step 2:- click the setting icon of the discord channel.

Step3:- click on Permissions

Step 4:- Look because that + authorize which is beside ROLES/MEMBERS


Step 5:- when you click on + it will certainly ask the member to ADD

Step 6:- kind the user surname of the member to whom you desire to approve permission and include them, you have to do this manually for all the members to whom you want to grant permission.

Step 7:- Now click on the green tick√ bar for permission you desire to grant, carry out it for every member friend added.

Step 8:- Now click on Save changes and now this discord channel is open up for this members.

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How come lock a channel ~ above Discord | Android

Follow below 10 actions to learn just how to lock a channel in Discord Android


Step 1:- open Discord application on her phone.

Step 2:- Tap top top ≡ icon which looks prefer 3 minus sign at the really left-hand height of the discord.

Step 3:- girlfriend will now see every the servers top top the left-hand side

Step 4:- Tap ~ above the server whereby you have a channel come lock.

Step 5:- Now click on the … 3 dots that are on the right-hand next of the server name and also then click on server settings.


Step 6:- Tap on Channels and also then choose the channel i beg your pardon you desire to lock. 


Step 7:- Tap top top Permissions below the user management.

Discord channel permission ~ above android

Step 8:- Select add a Role, and then

Step 9:- friend will view all the permission now, tap on the red X for every the permission.

how to lock a channel ~ above discord

Step 10:- now tap on the blue disk icon ~ above the really right-hand bottom to save the changes.

Through the above steps, you can lock your Discord channel, if you want a few of the individuals to be active and want to unlock then add them through the roles and also grant permission as per your need.

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How to do a Discord channel read-only

Read-only networks are good for merging info like the simple rules the the server, raid information’s as soon as it’s pertained to gaming, future events, announcement, and many more.

You learned how to lock a channel top top Discord by clicking X on all the permissions that the Discord channel. If you desire to simply make a Discord channel read-only then follow the instructions

Open Discord dashboardChoose the server native the left-hand side where you should make her discord channel read-only.Click top top the setting icon in former of the discord text channel.Click ~ above Permissions and make sure box below ROLES/MEMBERS is collection to
Now in the permission click the green tick√ in former of Read messages.
How to do a discord channel read-onlyClick on X in prior of Send messages and Send TTS messages.You can deny the permission by clicking on X in former of every the permissions. This counts on you what limitation you want to make.Click on save Changes box below.

Now you have successfully produced a Discord text read-only channel.

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Frequently asked concern by Discord users

How come lock a channel in discord which can be seen yet can’t it is in clicked?

If you desire to lock a discord channel which can be viewed by everyone however no one can click it, then continue reading and follow the steps.


Your channel should be a Voice discord channel and also you should have Admin rights.

Open Discord server wherein you have your voice channelClick setting icon which will be in front of the discord voice channelClick top top Permissions and set ROLE/ MEMBER come
everyoneScroll under to uncover Connect permission and click ~ above X in prior of Connect and also then conserve changesSo currently everyone deserve to see your channel but cannot click on it.

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How to unlock a channel in discord?

You need to be an admin come unlock a channel in discord, walk to her discord channel settings > permissions, and also make certain it’s selected to

Now click the green tick bar√ that every permission and then on conserve changes. You deserve to leave a couple of of the permission depending on you.


You learned how to lock a channel on discord and I am an extremely sure girlfriend learned many more things if girlfriend went with the whole article.

If still there is anything you room looking for, which to be not covered in this write-up or no working, you re welcome leave her comment.

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