In this article for building canjos, you"ll learn exactly how to eliminate the optimal from a beverage have the right to in under a minute there is no a single tool!

Making your very own canjo is among the many uncomplicated and satisfying musical instrument-building tasks you have the right to undertake. To construct one requires little much more than a neck, a tuner, a string, and also a can.

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As a toast to the canjo"s simplicity, Ben "Gitty" Baker taped a short video clip demonstrating how to remove a beverage can-top using no tools. And that procedure to prepare the deserve to for use in making a canjo is done in under a minute!

Watch that video clip here.



To begin this quick and also easy canjo building hack, Ben acquired a host of an empty beverage can.

Ben currently knew that he could use a sanding an equipment or associated hand device to eliminate the can-top. The sanding procedure abrades the in salt holding the top of the can to the body. As soon as done lengthy enough, the rim is sanded off, and also the peak is made prepared to remove.

Gitty also knew there had to it is in a method to prep a have the right to to be supplied in making a canjo without having to use any special tools. And so, honoring the DIY tradition of building folk instruments, that sought a cheap and also easy way to prep beverage cans. What he uncovered is that by merely dragging the can throughout a rough surface, such together a slab the concrete, he could replicate the sanding procedure without a single tool. As an added bonus, the entire can-top removal process took less than a minute.

So, with a phone in hand and also someone to document the video, Ben stepped external the Gitty shop and onto a concrete walkway to record the quick builder"s hack above.

Ready to prepare the can

Fear naught! The contents of that deserve to did not go to waste.


The procedure begins

While holding the can firmly to the walkway, Gitty drags it throughout the concrete with consistent and deliberate strokes.


Twist the can

To ensure the the rim is same abraded, Ben periodically twisted the have the right to throughout the process.


Insert finger right into pour-spout and also pull top

To examine if the rim has actually been sufficiently abraded, Gitty inserts his finger right into the pour-spout and gives the can-top a tug. If the optimal doesn"t release by utilizing a little pressure, the resumes the process.


Process complete (in less than a minute)

With just a tiny time and also elbow grease, Ben sands the rim sufficient for it to release the can-top. With just a little smoothing that the stormy rim-edges, this beverage can is canjo-ready!


How"s the for DIY?

Keep analysis for extr resources and also ideas to build your very own canjo.


A finish How-To construct A Canjo guide

Do you choose how-to publications filled with handy advice and insights for enjoyable building? well then, you"ll love Ben Gitty"sHow To build A Canjo book!


This 120-page manual contains every one of the canjo-building how-to information that Ben has actually gleaned over practically a te of structure these fun, easy-to-play instruments.

The overview walks you step-by-step through building a one-string fretted soup can canjo, and likewise discusses several other topics including:

Using alternative species of can be ~ (beer cans, level tins, oil cans & more)Electrifying her CanjoFretless canjosThe secret of removed Soda and Beer deserve to TopsMulti-can CanjosMuch More!

Click below to obtain your copy the Ben Gitty"s exactly how To develop A Canjo book.

Fully-fretted diatonic one-string canjo neck

Want to lull the canjo-building discovering curve and also get a pre-made canjo neck?


Gitty"s canjo necks space handmade in the C. B. Gitty workshops in the state of brand-new Hampshire, USA. The Gitty crew works tough to make sure they room a high-quality product and use these very same necks top top theirvarious perfect canjos as well as in theComplete One-String Canjo Kit.

Complete one-string canjo kit

How around a finish canjo structure kit to make your very own one-string musical instrument or to provide as a wonderful DIY gift?


This is an acoustic canjo kit, offered under the American Canjo Company(tm) brand by C. B. Gitty. Every of these instrument kits include a fretted neck that is handmade in the Gitty workshop. They space fun and also easy come build. Plus, they"re even less complicated to play, and look great!

Also consisted of with the kit are:

a 5-page assembly bookleta complimentary 2-page "How-to-Play" overview written by Ben Gittytwo picksa preventive string!

Also be sure to check out theCanjo song Tablature section that the knowledgebase end at for an ever-growing list of popular and also traditional songs you can play on these instruments!

Finished American Canjo agency canjos indigenous C. B. Gitty

Looking for a high-quality, perfect canjo make in the joined States? this American-made canjos space fun and also easy to play there is no having had to rest a sweat to develop one.


Just favor the finish one-string canjo kit mentioned above, these handcrafted canjos likewise include:

two picksa preventive stringGitty"s complimentary 2-page "How-to-Play" guide

For more free canjo tablature to learn how to beat both popular and also traditional songs, head end

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Canjo songbooks

Grab your canjo and also get picking v thislibrary that songbooks pack with famous songs!


With your trusty canjo, play these songs is less complicated than you ever imagined. Simply follow the numbers over the native in the easy-to-play canjo tablature style used inBen Gitty"s self-published canjo songbooks.