Drawstring ponytails are right now one of the biggest trends in the natural hair world. It"s among the easiest ways to include length and volume to brief to medium size curls, kinks, and also coils. Because that the mrs who’s top top the go and also needs to readjust her look because that the the atmosphere or occasion, a drawstring ponytail provides sense for she lifestyle. Therefore if it method getting all set for the following wedding or practice one priority is the same: to do the ponytail watch as organic as possible. Here are 3 key tips on just how to do just that.

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1. Usage Your True Texture.



Finding her true texture match is the very first (and most likely most important ) reminder in making your drawstring ponytail look at natural. Making use of a ponytail the matches your herbal curl pattern saves you the trouble of manipulating your own hair to blend v your extensions. A true texture complement will additionally eliminate currently of demarcation so nobody will be able to tell where your organic hair ends and also your expansions begin. Take it our True friend Quiz to uncover your distinctive texture match!

 2. Moisturize.


Moisturizing and also detangling both your hair and also your extensions can position you for much better blending. Once both are correctly hydrated (washed, deep conditioned, etc.), you create cohesion in between how castle look and feel. Moisturizing her hair can also help with molding and also nailing that “sleek pony” down.

3. Secure your Bun.

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Before attaching her drawstring ponytail, it’s vital that your herbal hair is in a small and for sure bun. This matters once styling a drawstring ponytail since if your herbal hair is in a full bun, it can emphasize the line of demarcation in between your hair and also your faux ponytail. The score is to create a seamless silhouette and also a small bun have the right to do that. Because that those with longer or fuller hair, a great trick to shot is separating your organic ponytail into two braids or twists. Then wrap them roughly each other to create a little tight bun. See how
jori.chioma formats hers here.

 4. That A Wrap!


Last yet not least, wrapping a ar of your extensions approximately your drawstring ponytail is the last step in making that look natural. When doing so, take it a section of hair closestly to your nape ( just enough to cover her drawstring) and also wrap it approximately to get full coverage over wherein the drawstring appears. As soon as this is done properly, for sure the hair through a bobby pin and you’re all done!