Some of you guys have been waiting for this- And I finnaly finished to do this! I had a lot of work with school, commissions, my edits for my AU, writing my AU, ... :skull: . So yeah sorry that I kept some of you waiting!

So now we are going to start with the tutorial. I use IbisPaintX for my drawings and fake screenshots.

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Step 1:

Choose a anime screenshot (easy right? You can get one of google but I personnaly get my screenshots from a anime app called 4anime. Like that it"s good quality-)

Step 2:

Open the image on IbisPaintX


Step 3:

So yeah, here is where everything starts. You click on the canvas section, then you click on resize.



^ You will get this

You must stay on the pixel option. And then you need to edit that canvas, here is the thing where I let you choose. I personnaly pick 1920 for width, but that will cause the whole thing to go a bit slower, the quality for the result though is what I like. But other take 1080 for width, I took that option for the start of my editing, it goes at your speed but the quality can be a bit less.

Step 4: line art


Yep so I didn"t show what happened before :,). Basicly I clicked on the layer option and I put the opacity of the first layer to 50% so that it would be easier for the lineart. Now what you do- You click on the little "+" and it will give you a second layer. On that second layer you will do your lineart, you keep the 50 % opacity and you click on the second layer to be there. You go to your brush option and for the lineart you MUST use the dip pen (hard).

Then you start- But a little advice; Start with the chin.


This is a little trick from spiritual raven- You test on what size you brush needs to be for the fake screenshot. For my 1920 option, I picked 1.5 for then face lineart- I always need to use this trick because it would be a bit messy if you used thick lineart :,)

And now you start your lineart!

This is my result. I didn"t do the eyes yet because I will handle those on a other layer.

If you wonder "Hey Niko how is your background white?" Well dear, I got back to the layer option, clicked on the first layer and did the opacity on 0%, like that I could see if my lineart didn"t look weird.

Step 5: Eyes

Diabolik lover eyes are pretty complicated but they are my favourite part, I always start with coloring those and editing them. You can even create your own type of eye! So I"ll leave that option to you.

For getting the original yui eye style. I put my 1rst layer on 60% for oppacity to see how it is created clearly. Now- We don"t put the "+" option on the second layer with the lineart. We will make a new layer, so like before how we used the trick for the lineart layer, we are staying on the first layer, we click "+" and then we have the new second layer! We click there and start the eye coloring.

This is my finished result. I also coloured the lashes and the eye surroundings by using a yui reference of that same screenshot that I used- Now I beg you, for your own mental sake, don"t put the references on that same layer, I had that STRUGGLE many times- :broken_heart:

So what you do- You make another layer, ya know- Same trick blablabla. And if you don"t want to see your references anymore then there is the "eye" option. And If you want to have references, like- You want to get them there to use, then click on the camera icon.

Click on that eye so that the references aren"t visible anymore, and oop magic-

Step 6: Coloring

FLAT COLOURS EEEE. Okay don"t judge me- I"m happy that I got there and that I kinda could explain the best I could-

I start with the hair.

So you can spend a lot of time with coloring with your brush or you can use the bucket option! I personnaly use the bucket option and then colour the details with the brush that the bucket didn"t select.

And yet again, I do this on ANOTHER layer. So you know how it goes uwu.

And now, what do we do? This is gonna be different than the usual layer 1 and then +.

Now this will be, I stay on that hair flat color layer and then I click +. You go on the layer that you made and there is where the magic begins.

We pick the option "magic wand" become fairies and click it on the hair, like select all the coloured hair.

Then we go to brushes after that all your coloured hair has been selected.

In brushes you need to choose "airbrush (Trapezoid 60%) I usually use it on the maximum so that I can get a good fade result.

And then when you are finished with that go to the little icon next to the hand, click on it and then go to "remove selection area.

Step 7: Shading

So now we add another layer, so we stay on that same layer and click +.

We go on that new layer and start the work. Diabolik lovers type of shading is special so with you guys as beginners, use a yui reference (I repeat, not on that same layer, Use a different layer to put the references on).

You see those types of V and W shapes? You need to recreate those on your edit.

Like how I do on mine right now.

And you do that for the whole hair thing.

Then after finishing the hair, you can edit the clothing, create, keep a school uniform, whatever you want, it"s your edit.

Also don"t forget to do the face. Like the shadows and such.

And now once that you are done with the hair. Go to layer 1 and do the "+". And like that you can color the accessoires and clothing.

But don"t forget, each time that you start a new thing, do the layer 1 and "+" trick, never forget that or you WILL struggle.

There, here is my result, I did the skin color and the shadows. I used the example of the original image that I was using.

"But niko- Yui"s hair is bothering" Don"t worry child, I use the airbrush to blurr that part and hide it.

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Sadly I didn"t use that trick on this edit, I used a different background. So you know the song-

LaYer 1

AnD thEn "+"

I then used the camera icon and picked a dl anime background to use.

My finished result:

Ah right- If you wonder how to make the skin look smooth-

Go to the layer that you want to have blurred (choose the lineart one) you go to this icon

It will give you three options. You pick the "Duplicate layer" one. You get the same layer- After that, you go to the filter icon. Then you click on there. You go to section "blur", you then pick "Gaussian blur", and then you go as blurry as you wish!

And if you are finished with choosing, click on the red cross. And there you go! Finished ♡

So I hope that this post helped and that I explainned good enough qwq- This is why I"m scared to ever become a teacher-

Have fun! And trust me, fake screenshots/editing takes practise.. So if you aren"t proud of your first one, don"t give up!

Now aight imma head out- Follow me on instagram or devianart